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Another world is a very good action game released in 1991 by Interplay Productions. It was developed by Delphine software using the rotoscoping engine. Another world is currently protected, runs on DOS and can be played in a 3rd person, side view perspective.
Awards and accolades:
status: protected game protected
released: 1991
publisher: Interplay Productions
developer: Delphine software
designers: Eric Chahi
keywords: science fiction


Technical details

system: DOS
view: 3rd person, side view
multiplayer: single player only
game engine: rotoscoping
input: joy joystick, key keyboard
graphics: EGA, VGA, Tandy
sound: Adlib, PC speaker, Sound Blaster, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland
popularity: 2773 page views

Facts and trivia

In 1995, a Windows 3.x version was released, which was ported by Alexander Okrug. This version includes MIDI renditions of the intro and ending music.

The Parisian company which produced and distributed Another World, Delphine Software has since gone into administrative receivership. Another World remains one of their most recognised games.

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