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Accursed Toys developed the DOS science fiction puzzle game Boppin in 1994. Boppin is currently freeware, runs on DOS and can be played in a side view perspective in single player, multiplayer (same or split screen) modes. It's available for download.
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Accursed Toys have since re-released a Windows version of Boppin', based on the DOS version but with the Amiga music and sound included, and have given permission for older versions of Boppin' to be freely distributed.

The two heroes are Yeet and Boik, computer game characters, inhabitants of an alternate universe (Arcapaedia) created and maintained by the dreams and belief of their fans.

There are 150 levels in the Amiga version, and 160 levels in the DOS registered version, most of which have completely different graphics.

The game originally featured an Accursed Toys logo which depicted the "Deady Bear", a teddy bear with a knife in its chest, with blood dripping from the wound. When Yeet and Boik would lose their last life, they would graphically commit suicide. Concern from Apogee Software about the violent content led them to include an option to turn off the depictions of suicide in v1.0. Version 1.1 censored the depictions of suicide by default and replaced the Deady Bear with a new splash screen with a note claiming it to be a "politically corrected version". It could, however, be uncensored with the command-line option "blood". All censorship was removed in the re-released version for Windows.

players: single player, multiplayer (same or split screen)

input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

distribution: download

graphics: VGA

sound: Adlib, Sound Blaster, MIDI, Pro Audio Spectrum, Gravis Ultrasound

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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