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Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager (1994)

DOS > rpg > top-down perspective > Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager
Dark+sun+2%3A+Wake+of+the+ravager 1
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SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. released Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager in the year 1994. Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager is a old fantasy rpg game, part of the Dark Sun series. Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager is abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played by up to 1 player. Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager can be described by the keywords: Dungeons & Dragons, fantasy, party-based, class-based. Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager is available for download.

Dark sun 2: Wake of the ravager downloads


  • Dark+sun+2%3A+Wake+of+the+ravager 1
  • darksun2-1.jpg
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  • Dark+sun+2%3A+Wake+of+the+ravager box cover
All the screenshots were taken by Abandonware DOS.
YouTube video courtesy of

Trivia, facts, etc.

The game has several bugs, some of which result in a crash, others resulting in the game not winnable. For example, due to game engine limitations, graphics for doorways or items may disappear.

It was later re-released in a CD-ROM jewel case form factor, and also as part of the AD&D Masterpiece Collection in 1996.

Based on the campaign "Dark sun" of the pen and paper RPG "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons".

Facts and trivia and collector's notes texts are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. These texts use material from this Wikipedia article.

  • multiplayer:
    single player only
  • input:
    keyboard, mouse
  • distribution:
    3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
  • graphics:
  • sound:
    Ensoniq soundscape, Gravis Ultrasound, PC speaker, Sound Blaster
  • popularity: 11609 page views
  • DOSBox compatibility:
    • v 0.71
      100% - fully supported
    • v 0.70
      100% - fully supported
    • v 0.63
      100% - fully supported
    • v 0.58
      80% - supported


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