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Sierra On-Line released Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the fathers in the year 1993. It's a very good adventure game, part of the Gabriel Knight series. Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the fathers is protected, runs on DOS and can be played by 1 player.

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Screenshots and video

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Facts and trivia

The CD-ROM version featured voice talents of such well-known actors as Tim Curry as Gabriel and Robert the butler, Mark Hamill as his friend Detective Mosely and the Jeep driver in Africa, Leah Remini as Grace and Michael Dorn as Dr. John, a proprietor of a voodoo museum in central New Orleans.

At Tulane on the bulletin board in the conference room is a notice of a conference with octagenarian Laura Bow-Dorian, the heroine of the Colonel's Bequest and the Dagger of Amon Ra.

Facts and trivia and collector's notes texts are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. These texts use material from this Wikipedia article.

More technical details

  • system: DOS
  • view: 3rd person, side view
  • multiplayer: single player only
  • input: keyboard, mouse
  • distribution: 3,5 floppy disk, cd-rom
  • graphics: SuperVGA, VGA
  • sound: Adlib, MIDI, Sound Blaster, PC speaker, Roland, Thunderboard, Gravis Ultrasound
  • popularity: 7018 page views
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