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Jetpack is an old DOS science fiction platform action game developed by Adept Software in 1993 from an original idea by Adam Pedersen. Jetpack can be enjoyed in single player mode from a side view perspective. Jetpack includes a level editor. It's available for download.
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All screenshots were taken by Abandonware DOS.
YouTube video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info

The game includes a simple level editor. Numerous levels have been published on Adept Software's website. The registered game features 100 pre-built levels. The developers also released a hintbook containing screenshots and a short piece of advice for every level.

Jetpack was released in several variations, including a Christmas version, where the player became Santa and ran around collecting presents instead of emeralds. The Christmas version was almost exactly the same, with different levels and a few more festive sprites. There was also a version designed for younger children.

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