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Lode runner

Broderbund released Lode runner in the year 1983; it's an old science fiction action game, part of the Lode runner series. Lode runner is abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode. Lode runner includes a level editor. It's available for download.
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Additional info

Computer Gaming World reported that the animated characters in Lode Runner were "borrowed" from Choplifter, an earlier Brøderbund title. Smith claims the characters were not borrowed, but because the characters are only 7x10 pixels, there are inevitable cosmetic similarities.

Brøderbund referred to the game's opponents as members of the Bungeling Empire, enemies common to Choplifter, the Lode Runner series, and Raid on Bungeling Bay.

GameSpot named Lode Runner as one of the "Greatest Games of All Time".

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  • #1 - 28.05.2015 19:43 Dustysilicon
    At the time of it's release, Bill Gates stated it was his favorite game.
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