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The Dig

The Dig is an old DOS science fiction point & click adventure game developed by LucasArts Entertainment Company in 1995 from an original idea by Sean Clark. The Dig can be enjoyed in single player mode from a side view perspective.
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Additional info

The Dig was originally conceived by Steven Spielberg as an episode of Amazing Stories, and later as a movie. However, it was concluded the concept would be prohibitively expensive to film. As a result, the idea was temporarily shelved. Eventually, it was decided the story could be adapted into the adventure game format.

On February 6, 2007, LucasArts filed a notice of opposition with the US Patent Office against Digg to uphold their trademark for the game, claiming that Digg was "identical or nearly identical to Opposer's mark The Dig." After settling out of court, LucasArts' notice of opposition was dropped on September 19, 2007.

Science fiction author Alan Dean Foster, famous for having written novelizations of movies such as Alien³, wrote a novel based on The Dig. There was also an audiobook version of the novel released.[


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