Abandonware DOS title

Collector's notes

I'm a collector of old PC games. I usually don't spend much money, I just lurk on ebay, hunting for old DOS video games which I like and, if the price is not too high, I buy them just to keep them on my shelves and look at them from time to time. I'm not the only one, I know for sure that there's a whole lot of you nostalgic DOS gamers who love to hold in your hands the box of an Infocom adventure, full of feelies, or the cloth map of Ultima 5.

When looking for games on ebay I often ask myself "Is this a complete copy of the game?" or "How do I know what were the original contents of the box?". There are a few sites that could help: some "online video game museum" and, of course, Wikipedia. Year after year, I filled the Abandonware DOS database with notes coming from those sites: lists of box contents, notes about collector's editions, alternate releases, etc. Every bit of information I gathered is available in this very long list. Enjoy!

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