Help us! Why we need support

Abandonware DOS is a free service, run more my passion than money. However, there are costs to sustain. You can help Abandonware DOS with a small PayPal donation.

We use the money to:

- pay domain and server costs

- keep on working on the site, tracking bugs, adding features

- get help from translators (being italian, sometimes I need help...)

To donate any amount (you choose) just click on the donate button and you'll be redirected to PayPal

People who kindly donated a few dollars, so far:

  • $5.00 Daniel D.
  • $4.00 Roberto T.
  • $15.00 Thada C.
  • $1.00 Arnold M.
  • $3.00 Monica G.
  • $2.00 Thomas R.
  • $5.00 PC&M
  • $2.00 Lisa M.
  • $5.00 Robert R.
  • $5.00 Wayne S.
  • $5.00 William S.
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