Abandonware DOS title

List of DOS and Windows video games publishers

Historically, video game publishers never had much weight in the first creative process of a video game. Publishers are often criticized for making the designer ilfe difficult once the project has begun. Marketing decisions can influence the developement of a video game (often in a negative way), but they are obviously needed for manufacturing, advertising and marketing the final product.

Here a list of all the publishers featured on Abandonware DOS. Click on a name to view a list of games published by the company.

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Here's a list of some of the most popular publishers:
company founded in games published
U.S.A. Accolade 1984 37
U.S.A. Activision 1979 25
U.S.A. Apogee 1987 30
U.S.A. Broderbund 1980 20
U.S.A. Electronic Arts 1982 75
U.S.A. Interplay Productions 1985 27
U.S.A. MicroProse Software 1982 42
U.S.A. Mindscape 37
U.S.A. Sierra On-Line 1979 87
United Kingdom Virgin Interactive 40
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