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Donations: why Abandonware DOS needs support

Abandonware DOS is a free service, born from my passion for old PC games. However, there are costs to sustain. If you're asking how to help, well, you can donate a few bucks using PayPal.

I use the money to:

  • pay domain and server costs
  • keep working on the site, tracking bugs, adding features
  • buy recent retro games to review (recent games WILL NEVER be available to download)
  • get help from translators (being italian, sometimes I need a hand...)

To donate any amount (you choose) just click on the donate button and you'll be redirected to PayPal.

Planned features


  • more manuals, walkthroughs, maps to download
  • more rare and popular DOS and Windows games to download
  • more screenshots and box scans


  • a "most popular" games chart
  • rework of the "play DOS games in your browser" functionality


  • a "collector's notes" section with information about collecting old games, box contents, feelies, etc.
  • "order by" functionality in game lists
  • overhaul of the Retro Remakes section
  • overhaul of the company sections: developers, publishers, designers
  • make Abandonware DOS nicer and faster on both desktop and mobile devices
  • open screenshots in modal windows
  • play DOS games in your browser
  • overhaul of the home page: game of the week, featured keyword
  • more than abandonware: recent retro games
  • video games awards pages
  • code overhaul to speed up the whole site
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