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Educational software

Educational software refers to computer programs and applications specifically designed to facilitate learning and enhance educational experiences. Educational software can cover a wide range of subjects, levels of education, and learning styles.

Most popular educational software applications

PC Globe 5
EducAtlas 1993

Educational software applications

  • borland-eureka-1-04
    DOS19873.9/5 Borland Software Corporation

    Borland Eureka: the Solver is an abandoned text-based application developed by Borland Software Corporation and released in 1987 for DOS. The product is designed to solve complex problems, generate tables and plots, and perform what-if analysis. The user writes an equation, sets options, and instructs the software to solve the problem. The pro...

  • educatlas1993-02
  • pc-globe-01
    DOS19874/5 Broderbund
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