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Games part of the Megatraveller series

The Megatraveller video game series is based on the science fiction role-playing game (RPG) universe called Traveller. Traveller was originally created as a tabletop RPG in 1977 by Marc Miller and has since developed a rich lore and fan following. The Megatraveller video game series adapted this expansive universe into digital form, offering players a chance to explore and interact with the setting.

The first game in the series, titled "Megatraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy" was released in 1990 by Paragon Software for various computer platforms of that era, including MS-DOS and Amiga. The game drew heavily from the tabletop RPG source material, featuring an immersive sci-fi world, detailed character creation, and engaging narratives.

In the Megatraveller games, players assume the role of a group of adventurers exploring the vast reaches of space. They undertake missions, solve puzzles, engage in combat encounters, and navigate through complex storylines. The games typically involve a mix of exploration, diplomacy, combat, and decision-making, with a focus on creating a sense of depth and freedom within the game universe.
The series expanded with the release of "Megatraveller 2: Quest for the Ancients" in 1991. This sequel continued to build upon the established universe, introducing new storylines, characters, and challenges. The game maintained the core gameplay elements of its predecessor while offering an enhanced experience.

Both games in the Megatraveller series were well-received by fans of the Traveller tabletop RPG and fans of science fiction RPGs in general. They were known for their attention to detail, complex gameplay mechanics, and fidelity to the source material. The games allowed players to explore a vast universe, encounter various alien species, and engage in a wide range of activities.
While the Megatraveller video game series provided an interactive experience within the Traveller universe, the series did not continue beyond the second installment. However, the Traveller tabletop RPG itself has seen multiple iterations and adaptations over the years, keeping the franchise alive in the gaming community.