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Battle of Antietam other

Battle of Antietam Quick Docs

(0) Center Map
(1-8) move unit/cursor
(A)dvance toggle (if enemy retreats)
(B)uild 1 level of fortification
(C)ombat (end move phase)
(D)irection (facing)
(G)o to unit (input unit)
(H)elp Menus
(I)nverse allows access of higher units to give all units fire orders
(L)eader submenu
(M)elee plot
(N)ext unit
(O)ther map
(P)age - second menu
(S)elect formation (in command mode)
(S)top clock formation (in cursor mode)
(SPACE) Access 1st friendly unit in square
(U)nder (get next unit in same hex)
(X) Force March
(Z) abort all orders
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