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The Beverly Hillbillies manual

 The Beverly Hillbillies
    Developed by Synergistic Software
Published by Capstone, a division of Intracorp, Inc.

This file is provided to enable the user to walk through The Beverly
Hillbillies computer game.  If you wish to fully enjoy the game, we
suggest that you use this file only to help you through those parts
of the game that you cannot solve on your own. The walk through below
will skip many of the game's cuter elements and dialog, so be sure to
explore the vicinity and talk to everyone you can in addition to just
following the walk-through procedure.

EPISODE 1:		The Ozarks

	The first episode of The Beverly Hillbillies starts the player at
the Clampett shack in the Ozark Mountains.  Jed is just waking from a
nap and Granny suggests that he go fetch something for dinner. The
player's initial goal is to catch a rabbit. The Ozarks part of the game
is composed of 16 scenes (not counting the shack interior), laid out in a
simple 4x4 grid. Label these A-D across the top and 1-4 down the side for
reference. The shack is in scene D2.

	- Go in the shack
	- Pick up rifle and two shells
	- Exit shack and head south
  	 - The rabbit can be found in scene A3. You cannot catch him or shoot
   		him here. He runs away. If you follow, he will continue to run.
		The rabbit runs in the opposite direction that you enter a scene
 		from. You will need to drive him to scene C1 where he will get
 		stuck in the swamp and you can shoot at him and find oil. But,
 		there are obstacles and hazards along the way.

	- Avoid scene C2. The hawk there will take your rabbit.
	 - You must scare off the bear in scene B2 before you can
 		go through there. Enter that scene with gun in hand. Select
   		 a shell and click on Jed to use it. He will shoot in the air
    		to scare the bear off.
	- You must scare off the boar in scene A1. Same as with the bear.
	- You're out of shells. Make your way to scene D1 (the still)
 		to find more shells.
 	- Now, you're ready for the rabbit. Drive him from scene A3 to
 		B3 (enter A3 from A4), to B2 (enter B3 from B4), to B1 (enter
   		 B2 from B3), to C1 (enter B1 from A1).
 	- Here, in the swamp, the rabbit will get stuck and you can shoot
 		at it, find oil, and be ready to move on to Episode 2.

EPISODE 2:				On The Road To Beverly Hills

The goal in this episode is to get to Beverly Hills to begin a new life as
millionaires.  Swimming pools, movie stars. . . .

	- Watch the signs telling the distance to LA. You want to see that
   	distance decrease.
   - Begin the trip in the topmost lane.
   - When the sign changes from "It's a long, long way to LA" to "Long
   	way to go to get to LA", move to the middle lane.
   - When the sign changes to "On the Way to LA", move back to the
   	topmost lane.
   - When the sign changes to "Short way to LA", move to the bottom lane.
   - When you reach LA, you will have to change lanes immediately to avoid
   	a stalled car. If you don't, its back to the Ozarks.
   - Once you enter the LA freeway system, watch for the exit labeled
   	"BMW or better".  This will take you to Beverly Hills itself.  All
      other exits just bring you back to the maze-like LA freeway system.
   - Whenever you hear a horn honk, change lanes immediately. A Porsche will
   	appear and ram into the Clampett-mobile, sending you back to the
     	start of the LA freeways.

EPISODE 3:				Welcome To Beverly Hills

Now that the Clampett clan has reached Beverly Hills, they need only find
their new home. But, where is it? Drive around and visit any mansion you
see. The friendly neighbors will gladly guide you back to the LA freeways
(anything to get you out of their neighborhood). To find the Clampett

	- At any intersection, head north whenever you can go north.
   - When you are at an intersection where you can't go north, go west
   	(to the left). Otherwise, simply follow the twists and turns of current
   - You will eventually come to a road blockade. This is where the Clampett
   	mansion is, but it is blocked by street construction. Remember the
   - Return to where you entered Beverly Hills and head east a little. Visit
   	the tourist stand.
   - Talk to the stand owner until he mentions that the road construction
   	should be done now.
   - Return to the blocked street. It is now open. Continue to Clampett manse.
   - Go around back (to the left).
   - Continue past pool to neighbor's house (Drysdale's).
   - Meet Drysdale and get key to Clampett mansion, get introduced to the bank
   	and to Tyler.

EPISODE 4:				Let's Have A Hoedown

At Drysdale's suggestion, the Clampetts plan a hoedown to meet the neighbors.
Granny wants to whip up a batch of tonic and sends Jethro to fetch some wood.

	- Go to the living room (where the TV is) and pick up the remote. This does
   	not control the TV, it is the garage door opener.
   - Exit mansion and walk towards backyard (to the left).
   - Use garage remote on the partially visible garage door (backyard scene).
   - In the garage, get the ax.
   - Return to backyard scene and use the ax on the telephone pole to make
   	firewood ("This fence is too tall to do any good anyway.")
   - Take the firewood to the kitchen. Use it on the still. You are now ready
   	for the hoedown.
   - Hoedown. Lights go out.  Granny is kidnapped. Talk to Jethro to get clue
   	about Tyler. See ransom note on the Billiard's horn.
   - Take banana peel from kitchen to the bank. Find Tyler in the lobby. Use
   	banana peel. Tyler slips and drops key to his office. Get the key.
   - In the office, find locked vault. Muffled voice says Granny is inside.

EPISODE 5:				Making Granny's Tonic

Now that you know where Granny is, you need to get her out. There is no way to
open the vault. Her muffled voice mentions the tonic. Let's make some tonic.

	- Go to Granny's room and find the recipe book.
   - From the garage, get the bolt cutters.
	- Use bolt cutter on bear skin rug (in upstairs study) to get bear claw.
   - Go to library and get corn.
   - Take corn to kitchen and use it on the trash masher to get corn mash.
   - Get dead squirrel from front yard sidewalk of one of the Beverly
   	Hills estates.
   - Get scissors from bathroom
   - Use scissors to get Brellsbane plant from front yard of Van Housen estate.
   - Put Brellsbane in the sauna on hooks to make dry Brellsbane.
   - Get Spanish-English dictionary from library. Examine the dictionary.
   - Take it to estate with Spanish maid and ask appropriate question to
   	get sugar.
   - Visit Donaldson's estate. Tell her she smells good.
   - Send Elly Mae to Donaldson estate to get perfume (skunk water).
   - Throw all this stuff into the still.

EPISODE 6:				The Weasel Skin Coat

The one remaining item needed to make tonic is hair of the weasel. This is
harder to get. Elly Mae has noticed that everyone in Beverly Hills is wearing
weasel skin coats that they got from some rodeo nearby. You need to go to
Rodeo Drive to get one too.

	- To buy anything, you will need access to the Clampett money. Earlier,
   	Drysdale mentioned his fear of the IRS. There is a house in Beverly
      Hills that was seized by the IRS. Go there and get the note with IRS
      on it and take it to Drysdale. He will faint and drop the combination
      to the Clampett safe.
   - Return to the mansion with the combination and find the safe. It is in
   	the study. Pull/push on the candlestick on the mantle to open the
      secret door behind the painting. Use the combination and the safe opens.
   - Take money.
	- Find Rodeo Drive. From freeway entrance to Beverly Hills, go north until
   	the road dead ends. Turn left. When the road turns north, go north.
      When it bends left again, go left. You will reach Rodeo Drive shortly.
   - Visit some shops and talk to clerks. They will tell you to get a haircut.
   - The shoe shine guy will give you a hint about how to get to "The Carlotti
   	Brothers" for the haircut. Go through shops with similar names (family
      relationships). "Kissing Cousins" -> "Papa Guido's" -> "Madre Mia's"
      -> "Carlotti Brothers".
   - Get haircut. Return to first street (automatic). Now, clerks tell you
   	to get a new suit. Get hint from shoe shine guy. Find "Armani's" via
      shops with similar names.
   - Italian names: "Georgio's" -> "Valentino's" -> "Alfredo's" ->
   	"Rolando's". Get the suit.
   - Back on the first street, now you are told to get a new hat. Shoeshine
   	guy advises "Palomino".  Similar names are horse related.
   - "Colt 45" -> "Italian Stallion" -> "Unicorn" -> "Palomino". Get hat.
   - Now you must get new shoes. Look for "Sunny's Bootery" via shops with
   	double, double letters in their names.
   - "Hillary's Balloons" -> "Natty's Books" -> "Momma Doullins" ->
   	"Sunny's Bootery". Get the shoes.
   - Now, you are presentable. You can buy something. Where is the weasel skin
   	coat?  Return to "Hillary's Balloons" on the first street. It went out
      of business and is now "Hillary's Fine Furs". Buy your coat and take the
      last ingredient back to the still.

EPISODE 7:				Rescuing Granny

You now have all the ingredients for the tonic. Go rescue Granny.

	- Make the tonic.
   - Go to bank.
   - Use tonic. Rip vault door off its hinges.
   - Laura (Tyler's partner in crime) exits, gloats, and tries to escape.
   - Granny whips out her frying pan, bops Laura and all the embezzled
   	money is recovered. Granny is a hero.
	- Big finale, Granny on front page. You have won.


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