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Dark Queen of Krynn manual

The Dark Queen of Krynn Adventure Journal
Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION                             1
IMPORTANT FEATURES                       2
CHARACTERS AND PARTIES                   2
PLAYER RACES                             2
ABILITY SCORES                           3
CHARACTER CLASSES                        4
ALIGNMENT                                6
OTHER ATTRIBUTES                         7
COMBAT                                   9
COMBAT MAP                               9
INITIATIVE                               9
COMPUTER CONTROL                         9
COMBAT ABILITY                           9
ATTACKING                                10
COMBAT MOVEMENT                          11
COMBAT STRATEGIES                        11
AFTER COMBAT                             12
MAGIC                                    12
MAGIC USERS                              12
CLERICS                                  13
KNIGHTS AND PALADINS                     14
RANGERS                                  14
TIPS ON MAGIC                            14
MAGICAL TREASURES                        14
SPELL DESCRIPTIONS                       24
JOURNAL ENTRIES                          31
TABLES                                   49



You need a party of adventurer Player Characters (PCs) to play THE DARK QUEEN
OF KRYNN. YOU must choose the following for each character: a race, a class,
and an alignment. After you select these, the computer generates a set of
ability scores that define your new character's natural strengths and
weaknesses. To build a party you must make a mix of characters that have the
range of skills needed for success, and then band them together.

Player Races

There are seven races from which you may construct player characters, each
with different talents and limitations. Tables beginning on page 49 summarize
the racial class limitations and ability score modifiers. The following
describes each race and tells which classes are open to them.

-- Page 2 --

Hill Dwarves are a stubborn and rough race of sturdy workers and craftsmen.
They are especially resistant to magic and poison. During combat, dwarves
receive bonuses when attacking goblins or hobgoblins, and are adept at
dodging the attacks of ogres and giants. Dwarves can be fighters, thieves,
rangers, clerics of Reorx, or mixed classes.

Mountain Dwarves are somewhat clannish and more refined than their Hill Dwarf
cousins, otherwise they are nearly identical. Mountain dwarves may be
fighters, paladins, thieves, clerics of Reorx, or mixed classes.

Silvanesti Elves (High Elves) are a tall, arrogant, and long-lived race. They
are nearly immune to sleep and charm spells, and are adept at finding hidden
doors. During combat, elves receive bonuses when attacking with swords or
bows. They cannot be raised from the dead. Silvanesti elves can be fighters,
paladins, magic-users, clerics, rangers, and mixed classes.

Qualinesti Elves are slightly smaller and friendlier than their Silvanesti
brethren, but they have identical abilities and bonuses. Qualinesti elves can
be fighters, rangers, magic-users, thieves, clerics and mixed classes.

Half-Elves are hybrids, with many of the virtues of both humans and elves.
Like their elf ancestors, they are resistant to sleep and charm spells, and
are adept at finding hidden doors. Half-elves can be fighters, knights,
magic-users, clerics, thieves, rangers, and mixed classes.

Kender are a small people characterized by an absolute lack of fear, and an
insatiable curiosity. They are especially resistant to magic and poison, and
have the special ability to taunt intelligent opponents. When kender
successfully taunt, an opponent will attack in a mindless rage, suffering a
loss of combat effectiveness. The preferred weapon of the kender is the
hoopak, part staff-sling, part metal-shod staff, which only they can use.
Kender receive bonuses to hit with hoopaks, and are deadly accurate shots.
They can be thieves, fighters, rangers, clerics or mixed classes.

Humans are the most common player-race in the world of Krynn. Humans do have
the disability of shorter life-spans than the other races. This may be a
problem if they are subjected to many haste spells, which age the hasted
character one year. They can be fighters, magicusers, clerics, thieves,
paladins, rangers, and knights - but not mixed classes.

Ability Scores

Every character has six randomly generated ability scores as described below.
These scores fall within a range determined by the race and class of the
character. The base values range from 3 (low) to 18 (high). There are tables
of limitations, modifiers, and bonuses starting on page 49.

Depending on the character class, one or more of these abilities will be a
Prime Requisite. A prime requisite is an ability especially valuable to a
given class. For example, strength is key for fighters and wisdom for
clerics. Most characters receive bonus experience points when their prime
requisite scores are 16 or greater. Non-human characters may have modifiers
to the basic ability scores to reflect differences between the races.

-- Page 3 --

Dwarves for instance, get a + I constitution bonus and may have a maximum
constitution of 19 instead of 18. All racial modifiers are calculated
automatically when a character is generated.

Strength (STR) is the measure of a character's physical power, muscle mass,
and stamina. Fighter-type characters (fighters, paladins, and rangers) may
have exceptional strengths greater than 18 that are indicated by a percent
value (01, 02, 03 . . . 98, 99, 00) following the base strength. High
strength increases a character's combat ability with melee weapons, such as
swords or maces. Strength also determines how much a character can carry
without becoming encumbered and slowed in combat.

Intelligence (INT) is the measure of how well a character can learn.
Intelligence level determines the maximum level of spells a magic-user can

Wisdom (WIS) is the measure of a character's ability to understand the ways
of the world and to interact with the world. Clerics receive bonus spells for
high wisdom, and wisdom determines the maximum level of spells a cleric can

Dexterity (DEX) is the measure of a character's manual dexterity and agility.
Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity. Dexterity affects how well a
character can use ranged weapons (bows, dart, etc.), when he moves in a
combat round, and how difficult he is to hit in combat.

Constitution (CON) is the measure of a character's overall health. Characters
receive one extra hit point if their constitution is 15, and two points if it
is 16. Fighter-types (fighters, rangers, knights, and paladins) receive
additional bonuses for constitutions of 17 or 18. A character's constitution
also determines the maximum number of times that character can be raised from
the dead with raise dead or resurrection spells, and the chance of a
resurrection attempt being successful. Every time a character is successfully
resurrected, I point of constitution is lost.

Charisma (CHA) is the measure of how others react to a character.

Charisma is sometimes a factor when encountering NPCs - the higher a
character's charisma, the more that character can persuade others to do what
he wants. The character with the highest charisma should be the active
character when dealing with NPCs.

Character Classes

Classes are the characters' professions. A character must be at least one
character class. Non-human characters can be more than one class at the same
time. These multi-class characters have more playing options, but move up in
levels slowly because experience is divided evenly among all classes.

Characters receive hit points, spells, and abilities based on their class,
level, and (sometimes) ability scores. Refer to the tables at the back of
this journal to find the number and size of hit dice a character receives,
and the number of spells the character can memorize.

Clerics have spells bestowed on them by their deity and can fight wearing
armor and using crushing (no edged or pointed) weapons. After selecting an
alignment, clerics may only choose a deity appropriate to their alignment.
Each of the deities extend special abilities to their followers. For more
information, see the "Deities"

-- Page 4 --

section on page 13. Clerics have the ability to sometimes turn away, or even
destroy undead creatures such as skeletons or zombies. This power increases
as the cleric increases in level. Clerics must memorize their spells just as
magic-users, but they do not use spell books. When clerics gain a new spell
level, they can automatically memorize any of the available spells for that
level. The prime requisite for clerics is wisdom.

Fighters can fight with any armor or weapons, but they cannot cast magic
spells. All fighter-types (fighters, paladins, knights, and rangers) gain
the ability to attack more than one time per round when they reach higher
levels. They can also have exceptional strength, gaining additional hit
point bonuses if they have a constitution of 17+. The prime requisite for
fighters is strength.

Paladins are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or weapons.
They are resistant to spells and poison, and can turn undead creatures as if
they were a cleric two levels below their current paladin level. Paladins
are also always surrounded by the equivalent of a protection from evil 10'
radius spell. Paladins may heal two hit points of damage per level once a
day. They may cure disease once a week for every five levels of experience.
For example, once a week at 1st-5th levels, twice a week at 6th-l0th levels,
etc. They can use cleric spells when they reach 9th level, although they can
never use clerical scrolls. They advance in spell-casting ability until 20th

Paladins must be of lawful good alignment, and they will not knowingly
adventure with any evil characters. They must have ability scores of at
least 9 in intelligence and constitution, at least 12 in strength, at least
13 in wisdom, and at least 17 in charisma. The prime requisites for paladins
are strength and wisdom.

Rangers are a type of fighter, and can fight with any armor or weapons. They
do additional damage when fighting giantclass creatures. Rangers must be of
good alignment and have ability scores of at least 13 in strength and
intelligence, and at least 14 in wisdom and constitution. They can use druid
spells when they reach 8th level, and magic-user spells when they reach 9th
level. Their spellcasting ability advances until 17th level. Rangers can
never use scrolls of any type. The prime requisites for rangers are strength,
intelligence, and wisdom.

Solamnic Knights are the pride of chivalric honor in the world of Krynn. The
knights are divided into three orders: the Knights of the Crown, the Knights
of the Sword, and the prestigious Knights of the Rose. All are renowned for
their bravery and skill at arms. Knights begin the game with Solamnic Plate
Mail, helm +2, long sword +2, and a shield +2.

Knights are valuable for their leadership ability in combat. Whenever a party
with a Knight enters combat, he makes a leadership check. If the check is
successful all NPCs in the party come under your control like regular PCs.
Chance of success increases dramatically as a Knight rises through the three

If a Knight of either of the first two orders (Crown or Sword) is of
sufficient level, and has high enough ability scores, he may petition the
next higher order for admission. When Knights of the Sword or the Rose become
sixth-level, they gain the ability to cast some clerical spells.

-- Page 5 --

Note: Knights receive experience bonuses for doing knightly deeds and not for
meeting prime requisites minimums.

To join the Knights of the Sword a knight must have the following minimum
ability scores: STR 12, INT 9, WIS 13, DEX 9, CON 10.

To join the Knights of the Rose a knight must have the following minimum
ability scores: STR 15, INT 10, WIS 13, DEX 12, CON 15.

Magic-Users have powerful spells, but can use no armor and few weapons.  They
can only memorize those spells available in their personal spell books.
Magic-users may add entries to their spell books whenever they go up in level
or find scrolls with spells of levels that they are able to scribe.  In the
world of Krynn, the power of magic-users are divided into three orders based on
alignment.  A magic-user s power fluctuates with the cycles of the moon that
influences his order.  For more information on the orders and moons see the
Magic section (page 12).  The prime requisite for magic-users is intelligence.

Thieves have special skills for opening locks and removing traps, but are
limited to using swords, short bows, slings, and leather armor.  In combat they
do additional damage by  back stabbing , which is described in the Combat
section.  Starting at 10th level, thieves can decipher some magical writing and
have a chance of casting spells from magic-user scrolls.  The prime requisite
for thieves is dexterity.

Multi-class characters are non-humans who belong to two or more classes at the
same time.  Multi-class characters experience points are divided among each of
the classes, even after they can no longer advance in one or more of those
classes.  Their hit points per level are averaged among their classes.
Multi-class characters gain all the benefits of all their classes with regard
to weapons and equipment.

Alignment is the philosophy a character lives by, and can affect how NPCs and
some magic items react to a character.  The possibilities range from believing
strongly in society and altruism (lawful good) to being anarchistic and
actively unpleasant (chaotic evil).  Alignment is presented in two parts: World
View and Ethics.

World View
Lawful indicates that the character values the structure and rules of society.

Neutral indicates that the character values both the individual and society.

Chaotic indicates that the character values the individual over society.

Good indicates that the character tries to act in a moral and upstanding
Neutral indicates that the character leans towards situational ethics ,
evaluating each set of circumstances.

Evil indicates that the character acts without regard to others, or in an
overly malignant manner.  Player characters cannot be evil.

-- Page 6 --

Other Attributes
Each character also has three important values that change as the game goes on:
hit points, experience points, and levels.

Hit Points measure the amount of damage a character can take before he goes
unconscious.  A character s maximum hit points are based on the hit dice for
the character s class and level, plus any adjustments for constitution.  A
character gains a hit point bonus to each hit die if his constitution is over

Note: Dice (d) is the term used to describe the range for a randomly
generated number.  Dice are referred to by the range they represent.
A d6 has a range from 1 through 6, a d10 has a range from 1 through 10.
Hit dice refers to the base range of hit points a character class may have.  For
example, a 3rd level fighter has a base of 3 d10 hit dice, or 3-30 hit points.

When a character takes enough damage that his hit points reach 0, he is
unconscious.  If the character s hit points drop to anything from -1 to -9, he
will lose 1 hit point per turn from bleeding until he is bandaged or dies.  If
a character has -10 hit points or less, he is dead.  Hit points on the screen
will never be displayed as less than 0.

Experience Points are a measure of what a character has learned while
adventuring.  Characters receive experience points for actions such as fighting
monsters, finding treasures, and successfully completing guests.  The computer
keeps track of experience, and when characters earn enough, they may advance in
levels.  See the Level Advancement Tables beginning on page 55 for experience

New characters start the game with 1,000,001 EXP, which puts most single-class
characters at about 12th level.

Levels are a measure of how much a character has advanced in his class.  When
they have enough experience points, characters may go to a training hall and
receive the training required to increase in level.  Characters may only
advance one level at a time.

If a character has gained enough experience to go up two or more levels since
the last time he has trained, he goes up one level, and lose all experience in
excess of one point below the next level.

    A 9th level thief enters a training hall with 375,000     experience points
(enough for the 11th level).  He will leave as a 10th level thief with 220,000
experience points- one point below 11th level.

Characters cannot train for new levels once they have reached the maximum
levels allowed.

Building a Successful Party

Forming a strong and adaptable party is a key to success in DARK QUEEN OF
KRYNN.  Up to six Player Characters (PCs) may be in a party-a party with fewer
is less powerful and more likely to be eliminated by opponents.

-- Page 7 --

Include a variety of classes in a party to get a good mix of skills.  Here are
two sample parties:

    Sample Party #1:
        1 Human Knight
        1 Human Paladin
        1 Dwarf Ranger
        1 Kender Cleric of Mishakal/Thief
        1 Qualinesti Elf Cleric of Shinare/Fighter/Red Robe Mage
        1 Silvanesti Cleric of Majere/Fighter/White Robe Mage

    Sample Party #2:
        1 Human Knight
        1 Silvanesti Elf Cleric of Mishakal/Fighter/White Robe Mage
        1 Half-Elf Ranger/Cleric of Majere
        1 Qualinesti Elf Cleric of Shinare/Fighter/Red Robe Mage
        1 Kender Cleric of
        1 Qualinesti Elf Fighter/Red Robe Mage

Why These Classes?
Cleric/Fighter/Magic-Users are the ultimate multi-purpose character.  A
cleric/fighter/magic-user can cast both magic-user and cleric spells while
wielding the armor and weapons of a fighter.  The main disadvantage of the
cleric/fighter/magic-user is that, as a triple-class character, they advance in
levels quite slowly.
Fighter/Magic-Users may cast spells while wearing armor.  This split class can
fight as well as a fighter and receives more hit points than a pure magic-user.
Cleric/Thieves have more hit points and a better armor class than pure thieves.
As a cleric, the cleric/thief can cast healing and support spells, allowing the
character to perform double duty as both the party thief and additional healer.
The thief status permits the powerful back stab attach which is described in
the Combat section.
Clerics are essential for healing the party after engagements.  The most
efficient way to heal is to ENCAMP and select FIX (you can issue this command
several times while encamped).  FIX works as follows:

If a cleric is in the party, all available cure spells are cast and
automatically rememorized until all characters are healed.  If the party has
taken more damage than clerics have cure spells, the FIX option may be used
again.  When FIX is used, characters at the top of the list will be healed
before the characters below them.  If a cleric is not in the party, hit points
may be recovered through rest (1HP per 24 hour period), potions or Temple
Rangers normally start the game with more HP than other fighter types.  They do
extra damage versus giant monsters, and receive magic and druidic spells at
high level.
Knights are powerful fighters and there are some items that may only be used by
them.  Knights have special leadership abilities and gain clerical spells at
high levels.
Paladins are great warriors.  In addition to their martial prowess, they have
natural protection from evil 10 radius, healing powers, and they gain clerical

Preparation Tips
Once the party has banded together, camp at the inn, ready equipment, and have
all spellcasters memorize spells.  Finally, save the game before continuing.

-- Page 8 --

Adventurers must battle their way through many dangerous foes to complete the
adventure.  The following sections offer some more information and tips for

Combat Map
Battle takes place on a tactical combat map that is a detailed view of the
terrain that the party was in when the combat began.  This map is set up with
an invisible square grid.

Each round of combat is divided into 10 segments, and every character and foe
acts on a specific segment based on a random initiative number.  Initiative is
generated at the start of each combat round, and is modified by dexterity and
random factors such as surprise.  Characters can act on their initiative
segment, or use the DELAY command to hold action until the end of the round.
Casting spells may take extra time to perform, so often a spellcaster will
begin a spell on his segment, but the spell will not go off until a little

Computer Control
In combat you control the actions of PCs.  The computer controls the actions of
monsters, NPCs and PCs set to computer control with the QUICK command.  If you
have a Knight or paladin in your party, he may take control of NPCs at the
start of combat by making a successful leadership check.  A successful
leadership check puts NPCs under normal control for that combat.

Combat Ability
Each character s ability in combat is defined by AC, THAC0, and Damage.

Armor Class
A character s or monster s difficulty to be hit is represented by armor class
(AC).  The lower the AC, the harder the target is to hit.  AC is based on
readied armor and a dexterity bonus.  Some magic items, such as some bracers,
also help improve AC.

The ability to hit enemies in melee or with missile fire is represented by
THAC0.  THAC0 stands for To Hit Armor Class 0.  This is the number a character
must roll equal to or greater than to do damage on a target with an AC of 0.
The lower the THAC0, the better the chance to hit the target.

NOTE: the generation of a random number is often referred to as a  roll .  In
determining the success of an attack, the number generated is from 1 to 20.

An attack is successful if the random number is greater than or equal to the
attacker s THAC0 minus the target s AC.  THAC0 may be modified by things like
range, attacking from the rear, magic weapons, and magic spells.

A fighter with a THAC0 of 5 attacking a monster with an AC of 3 would need to
roll (THAC05) -(AC3) = 2+

But to hit a monster with an AC of -2 he would need to roll (THAC05) - (AC-2) =

-- Page 9 --

Damage is the range of hit point loss the attacker inflicts and is based on the
attacker s strength, weapon type, and any magic bonuses the weapon has.  The
base damage for each weapon is summarized in the Weapons Table.

Some monsters take only partial or no damage from certain weapon types.
Skeletons, for example, take only half damage from sharp or edged weapons,
while some other monsters may only be damaged by magical weapons.

There are two basic types of attack: Melee and Ranged (or Missile).  The
following describes each type and other rules governing combat.

Melee Combat
Melee combat is face-to-face fighting with weapons such as swords and maces.
Only when using melee weapons can characters receive strength bonuses.
Fighters can sometimes overpower several small foes during melee combat, and
thieves have opportunities to  back stab.

Ranged Combat
Ranged combat is firing at distant enemies with weapons such as bows or darts.
A character with a missile weapon (bow, sling, etc.) may not attack when
adjacent to an enemy.  Two arrows or three darts can be fired per turn.

Multiple Attacks
After seventh-level (eighth for rangers) all fighter-type characters increase
the number of attacks they make with melee weapons.  The first increase is
three attacks every two rounds, then two attacks every round.  See the Bonus
Attacks for High Level Fighters.

All of a character s attacks are taken against his first target.  If the first
target goes down with the first attack, you can aim the remaining attack at
another target.  Fighter-types may also sweep through several weak opponents in
one combat round.  When a character sweeps he automatically attacks all of the
weak opponents.

Back Stabbing
A thief back stabs if he attacks a target from exactly opposite the first
character to attack the target.  The thief may not back stab if he has readied
armor heavier than leather.  A back stab has a better chance of hitting the
defender and does additional damage.

Saving Throws
Attacks such as poison or spells do not automatically have their full effect on
a target.  Victims may get a saving throw to avoid some or all of the effect.
If the saving throw is successful, generally the target suffers either no
effect or only half-damage.  Saving throws improve as characters gain levels.

Note: some monsters have natural magic resistance which decreases the chance
that they will be affected by spells.

-- Page 10 --

Combat Movement
The number of squares a character can move is affected by carried weight,
character strength, and the kind of readied armor.  A character s movement
range is displayed on the View Screen and during the character s segment in
combat.  Combat movement is important for both closing quickly with opponents
(and stopping missile fire) and fleeing from battles that are too tough.

Running Away
A character may flee from the battlefield if he moves faster than all enemies,
but not if he moves slower than any enemies.  A character has a 50% chance to
move off the battlefield if he moves as fast as the fastest foe.

Exception: if a character can reach the edge of the combat map without any of
his opponents being able to see him, he may then flee successfully even though
he is slower than his opponents.

Returning to the Party
A character that moves off the battlefield returns to the party after the
flight is over.  If all active characters flee combat, any dead or unconscious
characters are lost.  Characters that flee a combat receive no experience
points for the battle.

Combat Strategies
To succeed in combat, a skilled player deploys his party well, casts effective
spells before and during combat, maneuvers his characters into advantageous
positions, and attacks using his most powerful characters and weapons.

Deploying the Party
When a battle begins, your party is automatically positioned based on the order
list of the characters.  Characters near the top of the order are in the front
lines and vulnerable to the attack.  To change the starting deployment, change
the party order from the ALT menu while encamped.  Shift the heavily armored
fighters up the list and the vulnerable magic-users and thieves toward the
bottom.  Party order cannot be changed while in combat, although characters are
free to move.

Your party may be placed in a bad position at the start of a battle.  Get an
idea of the situation, and move the characters into better deployment.
Sometimes the best strategy is offensive: charging with fighters to close
ground and stop enemy magic and missile fire.  Other times the best strategy is
defensive: moving your characters to anchor their flanks on an obstacle such as
a wall or tree.  Setting up behind a doorway that your enemies have to move
through also makes for a very strong defensive position.  Always keep
magic-users and missile weapons safe behind the front line.

Wounded Characters
Characters who are seriously injured should be cured or moved out of the front
lines if possible.  Remember: if you move away from an adjacent enemy, he gets
a free attack at your back and has an improved chance to hit.

Stopping Ranged Attacks
Missile weapons cannot be fired if there is an adjacent opponent.  To stop
enemy missile fire, move someone next to the opponent.  If you want to fire
missiles, keep away from the enemy.

-- Page 11 --

Exploiting Enemies Weaknesses
Exploit your opponents weaknesses by directing attacks against helpless,
wounded, or isolated foes.  Concentrate your attacks to eliminate one opponent
rather than injure many (exception: enemy spellcasters).  A foe with one hit
point remaining attacks as powerfully as an uninjured one.

If spellcasters are hit in a round, they lose any spells they are preparing to
cast, and cannot cast for the remainder of that round.  Try to keep enemy
spellcasters under attack every round while protecting your own.
After Combat
If one or more characters survive on the battlefield at the end of combat, the
bodies of unconscious or dead party members state with the party.  If the
entire party flees from combat, all unconscious and dead party members are
permanently lost.  If ALL the party members are slain, go back to your last
saved game and try again from that point.

Magic is integral to THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN.  Magic-users and clerics, as well
as high-level Knights, rangers, and paladins can cast spells.  Magic is
essential to the survival of the party.  Magic-users cast many powerful
offensive and defensive spells.  Clerics cast healing spells to revive wounded
characters as well as both defensive and offensive spells.  A spell can exist
in one of four forms: in a character s memory, in a character s spell book, on
a scroll, or in a wand.  Memorized spells are cast with the CAST command.
Spells are memorized during rest while encamped.  Spells in scrolls or wands
are cast with the USE command.

Memorizing a spell takes 15 minutes of game time per spell level, plus a
preparation period based on spell level:

Spell Level:     1-2         3-4         5-6         7-8         9

Time:         4hrs.         6hrs.         8hrs.         10hrs. 12hrs.

To memorize two 1st level spells, one 2nd level spell, and one 3rd level spell
would take:  (6 hours preparation) + (2 * 15 min) + (1 * 30 min) + (1 * 45 min)=
    7 hours 45 min.

Spells do not automatically have their full effect on their target.  Each
target of a spell may get a saving throw to avoid some or all of the effects of
the spell.
There are two orders of magic-users you can play - White
Robe Mages and Red Robe Mages.  All good alignment magic-users are White Robe
Mages and neutral alignment magic-users are Red Robe Mages.  Evil magic-users
are Black Robe Mages.  The few magic-users in the world who do not enter an
order are called
Rogues and are attacked on sight by all of the other orders.  Magic-users keep
spell information in their personal spell books, and may only memorize spells
that are recorded there.  When a magic-user trains for a new level, he selects
a new spell to add to his spell book.  A magic-user can also scribe spells
from identified scrolls if he is of high enough level to cast them.  A
magic-user must cast a read magic spell or have a scroll identified in a shop
before he can scribe (or cast) from it.  The scroll disappears after it has
been scribed or cast.

-- Page 12 --

The Moons of Krynn
Since the creation of the world, three moons have governed the powers of magic
in Krynn.  As the moons wax and wane, so do the powers of magic aligned to
them.  Each moon has a different group of magic-users.  Magic-users of the
White Robe Mages gain their power from Solinari the white moon, Magic-users of
the Red Robe Mages are governed by Lunitari the red moon.  The evil Magic-users
of the Black Robe Mages are empowered by the dark moon Nuitari.  The current
position of the moons is displayed at the top of your computer screen and their
effects are as follows:


Spheres of Magic
The magic of Krynn operates in spheres, with the different schools of
magic-users only able to manipulate certain of them; spells castable by one
order may not necessarily be cast by another.  The "Spell Parameters List" on
page 52, and the "Spell Descriptions" beginning on page 24 detail which
magic-user orders can cast each spell.

Clerical magic requires no spell books.  All clerical spells of the appropriate
level are always available to a cleric, the character need only memorize them.
Unlike magic-users, clerics can cast spells from scrolls without any
preparation, although clerical scrolls also disappear after being cast.

Since the earliest days of Krynn, the wisdom of the deities has been brought to
all the races through the efforts of the clerics, the mortal messengers of the
will of the heavens.  As a sign of favor, deities bestow upon their clerics
special bonuses or additional spells.  The following is a list of the deities
of Krynn that are available to characters, their alignment, and clerical

Good Aligned Deities

    Powers: None
    Extra Spells: protection from evil 10' radius

    Powers: Turn undead as if cleric is two levels higher
    Extra Spells: silence 15' radius

    Powers: +1 THAC0
    Extra Spells: detect magic

    Powers: +1 die on all healing spells
    Extra Spells: charm person, remove curse, bless

-- Page 13 --

Neutral Aligned Duties

    Powers: None
    Extra Spells: burning hands

    Powers: +1 THAC0 (dwarves only)
    Extra spells: none

    Powers: None
    Extra Spells: charm person

* All dwarven clerics must select Reorx and therefore must be neutral.

Knights and Paladins
Knights and paladins use their clerical spells identically to clerics, except
that they can never use clerical scrolls, even if they may not cast the spells.

Rangers use magic and druidic spells.  They use magic spells identically to
magic-users and the druidic spells as clerics use their magic.  Rangers can
never cast spells from scrolls, even if they can memorize and cast the scroll
spell normally.

Tips on Magic
Both clerics and magic-users may cast spells which assist the party in combat.
Prepatory spells, such as bless or strength, cast just before a tough battle
can protect or strengthen characters.  Combat spells can be cast to damage foes
during combat.  Healing spells can be cast either during or after combat to
revive wounded comrades.

Spells should be rememorized as soon as possible after they are used.  This is
most likely to happen after combat.  When in camp, have your spellcasters
memorize spells and select REST to allow them to imprint the spells for later
use.  Selecting REST without choosing new spells as they have cast since last

Note: Before resting, it is a good idea to save your game-especially after
tough combats.  Also, keep at least two separate saved games at all times and
alternate between them.  This will allow you to go back to a save before that
last, fatal battle or to try different strategies at key points.

As you travel about and encounter the monsters and puzzles that stand between
you and finishing your various guests, you will find magical items to help you
on a treasure by casting a detect magic spell using the DETECT command.  To
find out specifically what an item is, you must take it to a shop and have it
Some magic items are in reality cursed and can do great harm.  When a character
readies a cursed item, a remove curse spell must be cast before the item can be
dropped.  Some magic items, such as wands or scrolls, may be used only by
certain classes.  Others may not work at all if certain other magic items are
also in use.

-- Page 14 --

Here are some descriptions of some items that you may find.  Remember: Some
items are very rare, and you may not find all of them in your adventure.

Wands generally cast a set of number of a given spell (for example, 10
fireballs or 15 magic missiles).  Only experimentation or paying to have them
identified tells what a wand does.  The USE command allows a character to cast
spells with a readied wand.

Potions may heal wounded characters, cause them to become hastened or
invisible, or cause any number of other effects.  The USE command allows a
character to drink a readied potion.

Scrolls carry either clerical or magic-user spells.  A magic-user may use
SCRIBE to permanently transfer a scroll into his spell book if the spell is of
a level that he can memorize.  Magic-users and clerics can both cast spells
directly from scrolls with the USE command, even if they could not otherwise
memorize the spells.  Scrolls disappear after they have been used or scribed.
Magic-users must cast read magic, or have scrolls identified in a shop before
scribing or casting from them.  Also, thieves of 10th level or higher have a
chance of casting spells from magic-user scrolls.

Enchanted Armor and Shields are created by skilled craftsman and then enchanted
with protective spells.  The power of the magic on these items varies a great
deal.  Enchanted armor has the great advantage of offering improved protection
with less encumbrance than the same type of mundane armor.  To use these items,
ready them from the Items Menu.

Enchanted Weapons come in many sizes, shapes, and potencies.  Sometimes a
weapon will add between one and five to your THAC0 and damage.  Some weapons
may have other fantastic magical properties including bonuses against specific
types of creatures.  Once a magic weapon has been readied from the Items Menu,
the character has it for all combats.

Dragonlances are powerful enchanted weapons that were created for the War of
the Lance to combat evil dragons.  They have large bonuses against any foe, but
are deadly when attacking dragons, where they do t he wielder's hit points in
damage to the beast.

Enchanted Adornments such as bracers, necklaces and especially rings are
favorite objects for magical enchantment.  These items may have any number of
magical properties.  Some items will help your AC, others may fire magic
missiles, or offer protection from fire-based attacks.  Once one of these items
has been readied from the Items Menu, a character automatically gains all of
its effects.  The exception to this rule is that certain magical necklaces
require the USE command to work.

Enchanted Clothing can be such commonplace items as gauntlets or cloaks, but
they are imbued with powerful enchantments.  A wide variety of these items are
known to exist.  To use these items, READY them from the Items Menu.

-- Page 15 --


The denizens of these regions are many and varied. Here is a list of monsters
you may encounter in your adventures. Some of these creatures are extremely
rare, and you may never cross paths with them all.

These lizard-men of Taladas are powerful warriors, but they are susceptible
to extra damage from cold attacks. Bakali warlords are the mightiest of their
kind, and they may be accompanied by evil shamans.

Also called "eye tyrants" or spheres of many eyes, these are solitary horrors
of great power. Each of the creature's eyes has a unique magical power.
Beholders are armored with tough chitinous skin.

Black Pudding
Black puddings are lurking horrors of deep caverns and dungeons. They are
immune to damage from weapons, lightning, and cold, but take normal damage
from fire. A black pudding can dissolve armor; nonmagical banded or plate
mail can be dissolved in two rounds, while lesser armor can be dissolved in
a single round. Each magical bonus on a suit of armor takes one additional
round to dissolve.

Boring Beetle

These giant beetles favor rotting wood and similar organic material upon
which to feed. They are usually found inside huge trees or unused underground
tunnel complexes.

Disir are skulking monsters which are perpetually swathed , in layers of
poisonous slime.  The slime protects a disir from damage from fire, and it
also afflicts a person who is hit by a disir with momentarily severe agony,
making it difficult for the victim to attack the disir until the effect of
the toxin is overcome.

Draconians are special troops of the Dragon Highlords. They are created by
corrupting the eggs of good dragons with vile sorceries. Because of their
magical origins, all draconians are somewhat resistant to magic. There are
six types of draconians:

Created from the eggs of gold dragons, they attack with energy bolts,
poisonous gas clouds, or their claws and fangs. When an aurak is slain, it
turns into a blazing ball of attacking energy and then explodes.

-- Page 16 --

Made from brass dragon eggs, they are the most common of the draconians. When
killed, baaz will turn to stone and then crumble into a pile of rubble. The
weapon used to slay a baaz will sometimes be trapped in its crumbling stone
corpse and pulled from the attacker's hand.

These draconians were created from bronze dragon eggs and can cast spells in
addition to attacking with their claws and fangs. Bozaks explode when killed.

These draconians can be distinguished from the others by their poisonous
venom. Frequently kapaks will lick their weapons and coat them with venom.
When a kapak is killed, it dissolves into a pool of dangerous acid.

Sivaks are created from silver dragon eggs and are the only draconians that
can truly fly. They are shapeshifters and are very deadly in combat.

Traag (proto-)
The traag draconians are among the first failed attempts to create
draconians, a precursor to the more successful baaz. While not overtly tall,
they are emaciated and gangly. They have sharp taloned hands, and
crocodilelike snouts.

These are some of the most powerful and dangerous monsters a party can
encounter. The older and larger a dragon, the more damage it can do and the
harder it is to kill. In addition to their awesome strength, dragons inspire
an insidious terror called dragon fear. Many times the mere sight of a dragon
will cause opponents to panic and flee:

Amphi dragon
These creatures, a unique crossbreed of a green dragon and a sea dragon, are
vast toadlike inhabitants of swamps and ocean floors. They are most at home
underwater, although they can hop about on land. Amphi dragons can breathe a
jet of deadly acid upon their adversaries.

Black Dragon
These dragons attack by spitting streams of acid and slashing with razor
sharp claws and fangs. Since they are extremely independent and only obey
commands if it suits their purpose, black dragons were rarely used in direct
assaults by the evil Dragon Highlords. They are more highly valued as guards.

Blue Dragon
Highly intelligent and greatly feared, these dragons exhale lightning bolts
and attack in melee with claws and fangs. Blue dragons are more gregarious
than many of their cousins. They obey orders and can act and fight together
as a cohesive unit. They are loyal allies of the evil Dragon Highlords.

-- Page 17 --

Dragon, Death
When some highly magical and intelligent dragons die, they become death
dragons. Their will is so powerful that their dead and rotting bodies remain
animated. They breathe a lethal cloud of gas.

Green Dragon
These dragons are notorious even among the other dragons for their cruel
natures. They attack with a poisonous breath, and their claws and fangs. They
will obey orders, but only from leaders whom they respect. Clever and subtle,
green dragons prefer to use trickery and magic on an enemy rather than an
all-out assault.

Red Dragon
Perhaps the most feared of all the evil dragons, these beasts were the favored
assault force of the Dragon Highlord armies during the War of the Lance. Not
usually inclined to obey orders, red dragons enjoy nothing more than setting
cities ablaze, destroying, and looting. Red dragons can exhale great spouts
of flame, cast magic spells, or attack with their claws and fangs.

Sea Dragon
The fearsome sea dragons resemble giant turtles with a dragon's head and tail.
They travel the deep oceans, occasionally overturning small vessels for
sustenance and entertainment. They can breathe a cloud of boiling steam which
is equally destructive above and below the surface of the sea.

White Dragon
Unique among dragons in their preference for cold climates, these creatures
can attack with their freezing cold breath in addition to razor sharp claws
and fangs. These are one of the smaller and less intelligent of the dragon

These fierce creatures look like giant two-headed orcs. They have great
strength and wield spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in combat.

Eye of the Deep
Eyes of the deep are oceanic cousins of the beholder. From their large
central eyes, they can emit a blinding ray, which will stun all with-in
their path. Even the gaze from one of their smaller eyes can paralyze the
largest creatures of the sea.

Fire Elemental
These elementals are conjured up from their normal habitat on the elemental
plane of fire. They are terrible to behold and can be fierce opponents. They
are immune to both magical and non-magical fire attacks.

Fire Giant
These giants are brutal and ruthless warriors who resemble huge dwarves and
have flaming red or orange hair, and coal black skin. Some fire giants can
use magic.

-- Page 18 --

Fire Minion
These fearsome creatures are composed of living flame, most often taking the
shape of large humanoids. They radiate intense heat and are healed by fire.

These are terrifying creatures of the abyss which are perpetually wreathed in
an aura of pale green fire. They are immune to fire and their flaming green
touch can consume a victim in minutes. They can also cast a ray of oblivion
that instantly disintegrates all in its path.

Gas Spore
These floating spheres resemble beholders, but are actually benign. If a gas
spore is attacked, it often explodes.

These creatures are humans transformed into undead monsters which feed on the
decaying flesh of corpses. Although the transformation from human-form has
deranged and destroyed their minds, they maintain an evil cunning. Their
touch paralyzes humans and they exude a carrion stench which causes retching
and nausea. The ghast is susceptible to cold.

Giant Anemone
These sedentary submarine monsters catch prey in their tentacles, and inject
a paralyzing poison.  They then draw their prey in and devour it.

Giant Squid
The giant squids of the deep ocean can attack their prey with eight tentacles
and a sharp beak. If a giant squid is seriously threatened, it will squirt a
blinding cloud of sepia ink, preventing attackers from hindering it as it
departs for safer quarters.

These are large, carnivorous, bull-like creatures - protected by a metallic
hide.  They can breathe a cloud of petrifying gas on their adversaries.

These creatures are immense reptilian monsters with multiple heads. All of
its heads must be severed before it can be slain.

Iron Golem
Fashioned in the form of stylized armor, iron golems are dangerous, fearless
foes. They are affected only by very powerful magic weapons, magical
electrical attacks (which slow them), and magical fire attacks (which heal

These are undead wizards who have kept their body animated , and their
twisted spirits intact through magic. Liches maintain the magical ability
they possessed in life.

-- Page 19 --

These creatures are part-man and part-bull warriors from the Blood Sea
Islands of Krynn. They are highly intelligent and dangerous opponents.

These creatures are part-man and part-bull warriors from the Blood Sea
islands of Krynn.  The are highly intelligent and dangerous.

These are powerful undead with great strength. The mere sight of one has
been known to paralyze a man in combat. The touch of a mummy causes a
strange rotting disease.

Purple Worm
These are enormous carnivores that burrow straight through solid ground in
search of small (adventurer-sized) morsels.

The sahuagin are half-human, half-fish, and all evil. These marauders of the
deep sea occasionally come ashore for brief raids to wreak havoc upon coastal
dwellers. The mighty warriors and savage priestesses of the Sahuaain are
fearsome foes.

These reptilian creatures are immune to all fire-based attacks. They are
dangerous foes because of their evil nature and their immunity to all but
magical weapons.

Sea Snake
These snakes are venomous marine monsters which like to immobilize their prey
with powerful toxins before swallowing the victim whole.

Shambling Mound
These huge creatures resemble animated piles of moss and slime. They attack
with their club-like arms and can smother opponents in their slime. Their
slimy forms are immune to fire and strengthened by lightning bolts.

Skeleton Warrior
These undead warriors are forced into their nightmarish states by powerful
wizards. They are used by their controllers as bodyguards, servants, or
workers. Clerics have no power over these undead.

Spectral Minion
These undead are the spirits of humans and demi-humans who died before they
could fulfill powerful vows or quests. Spectral minions are often not evil
their unfulfilled obligations are often quite noble. They can only be hit
with magic weapons.

These undead spirits haunt the most desolate and deserted places. They attack
all living creatures with mindless rage, drain life levels, and can only be
hit by magical weapons.

-- Page 19 --

These creatures are aggressive predators even when not hungry, they attack
creatures that disturb them. These are some of the species you may encounter:

Enormous Spider
These spiders are poisonous, quick, and all too common hunters.

Whisper Spider
These spiders use lures and misdirection to capture their prey, slaying them
with a deadly poisonous bite.

Two Headed Troll
Kin to both the troll and the , ettin, these creatures pack twice the punch
of smaller trolls. Luckily, two-headed trolls do not regenerate as fast as
their weaker, single-headed cousins.

Umber Hulk
These subterranean carnivores burrow through the ground with powerful claws.

These undead feed on the blood of the living. Often they are indistinguishable
from humans, and they maintain abilities they possessed in life (This
sometimes includes spellcasting). Vampires can only be hit by magical weapons.

These evil undead spirits feed on adventurers' life essence and can only be
hit by silver or magical weapons.

These are tentacled horrors that lurk in desolate swamps and gloomy forests.
A powerful predator, they can easily devour an entire horse. Few have
survived a firsthand meeting with a wyndlass.

These are mindless, animated ~f undead controlled by evil wizards or clerics.
Although they are more dangerous than skeletons, they move very slowly. These
evil spirits' keening wail strikes fear into the hearts of men. They attack
with a chilling touch.

Zombie Minotaur
These zombies are created from the remains of minotaurs.

-- Page 21 --

New Monsters

(The following creatures are appearing for the first time in an AD&D computer
fantasy role-playing game.)


 AC: Armor Class
 HD: Hit Dice
 Mv: Movement
 Int: Intelligence
 Size: Size (M = Man Size; L = Large)
 Align: Alignment
    (TN = True Neutral, LE = Lawful Evil
    NE = Neutral Evil CE = Chaotic Evil)
 THAC0: To Hit Armor Class 0
 Att: Number of attacks
 Dmg: Damage
 Spec Att: Special Attacks
 Spec Def: Special Defenses
 XP: Expenence Point Value

Enchanted Aurak Draconian
AC: -8;HD: 16; Mv: 15; Int: Genius
Size: M; Align: LE; THAC0: -3
Att: 2; Dmg: 4d8/4d8;
Spec Att: Exploding, Magic; XP:16,000

Enchanted draconians are deadlier forms of the draconians of Ansalon, their
abilities enhanced by powerful sorcery. The enchanted aurak can cast meteor
swarm, otto's irresistible dance, delayed blast fireball, disintegrate, and
flesh to stone, once per day. Enchanted auraks go berserk when slain, like
auraks, and do double damage when they hit while dying. When they finally
explode, enchanted auraks do 16d8 points of damage over the same area as a

Enchanted Baaz Draconian
AC: 0; HD: 9; Mv: 15; Int: High;
Size: M; Align: CE; THAC0: 5;
Att: 2; Dmg: 2d8/2d8;
Spec Def: Trap Weapons; XP: 6,000

Enchanted Baaz can capture weapons by turning portions of their bodies to
stone whenever they are hit, not merely when they are killed.

Enchanted Bozak Draconian
AC: -4; HD: 12; Mv: 15; Int: Genius
Size: M; Align: LE; THAC0: 1
Att: 2; Dmg: 3d8;3d8;
Spec Att: Explosion, Magic; XP: 11,000

Enchanted Bozaks may cast cone of cold, ice storrn, fre shield, lightning
bolt, and slow, once per day. When an enchanted bozak is slain, it explodes
into fragments, with the same effect as an ice storm.

Enchanted Kapak Draconian
AC: -2; HD: 10; Mv: 15; Int: High;
Size: M; Align: LE; THAC0: 3
Att: 1; Dmg: 2d10;
Spec Att: Poison, Acid; XP: 8,000

Enchanted Kapaks coat their weapons with their toxic saliva; anyone hit by a
kapak must save versus poison at -4 or be paralyzed for 3d6 rounds. When an
enchanted kapak is slain, it dissolves into a pool of fuming acid which may
spatter up to 10 feet in any direction.

-- Page 22 --

Enchanted Sivak Draconian
AC: -6;HD: 14; Mv: Y4; Int: Genius;
Size: M; Align: NE; THAC0
Att: 3; Dmg: 2d8/2d8/4d8;
Spec Att: Back stab, Explosion; XP: 13,000

Enchanted sivaks which sneak up behind their adversaries may 'back stab' as
thieves do. When an enchanted sivak is slain, it erupts with the effect of a
meteor swarm.

Enchanted Traag Draconian
AC: 2; HD: 8; Mv: 6; Int: Average;
Size: M; Align: CE; THAC0: 7;
Att: Y; Dmg: 2d6/2d6; XP: 3,000

Enchanted traag draconian are enhanced specimens of the first, experimental
breed of draconians. They have no special powers.

Greater Disir
AC: O; HD: Y; Mv: 1 2; Int: High;
Size: M; Align: LE; THAC0: 12;
Att: 3; Dmg: 2d6/2d6/3d8;
Spec Att Poison;
Spec Def: Fire Resistance; XP: 7,000

Greater disirs are close relatives of the slime-covered disir, and the two
can frequently be found in the same horrid company.

Greater Otyugh
AC: O; HD: 14; Mv: 6; Int: Average;
Size: L; Align: TN; THAC0: 7
Att; 3; Dmg: 2d10/2d10/1d6;
Spec Def: Immunity to Disease
XP: 10000

Mages in the Realms have found that otyughs provide excellent defense while
disposing of useless offal. Since many mages are dissatisfied with what
already exists, some have improved on the otyugh. Except for their great
size and strength, greater otyughs are identical to the otyugh.

Huge Bat
AC: 2; HD: 9; Mv: 18; Int: Low;
Size: L Align: NE; THAC0: 12;
Att: 3; Dmg: 2d4/2d4/1d8;

These are mighty cousins of the cavedwelling bat. They attack with the claws
on their wings and a vicious bite.

Huge Crocodile
AC: 2; HD: 12; Mv: 12;
Int: Animal; Size: L
Align: TN; THAC0:
Att: 2; Dmg: 5d6/3d10;

The huge crocodiles of the marshes and fens of the Blackwater Glade are the
largest of their kindred upon Krynn. They can attack with their mighty jaws
and by sweeping their powerful tails with the speed of a striking cobra.

-- Page 23 --


First Level Cleric Spells
Bless improves the THAC0 of friendly characters by 1.  Bless cannot affect
characters who are adjacent to monsters when the spell is cast, and the spell
is not cumulative.  This is a good spell to cast before going into combat.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hit points, up to the target's normal maximum hit

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.

Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2
against attackers of evil alignment.  The effects of the spell are not

Resist Cold halves damage from cold attacks and improves saving throws vs. cold
attacks by 3.

Second Level Clerical Spells
Find Traps indicates the presence of traps in the party's path.
Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf, etc.).  You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 3 targets (use the EXIT command to target

Resist Fire halves damage from fire attacks and improves saving throws vs. fire
attacks by 3.

Silence 15" Radius magically dampens all sound in the area around the target.
The target character or monster, and all adjacent, cannot cast spells for the
duration of the spell.
Slow Poison revives a poisoned person for the duration of the spell.

Snake Charm paralyzes as many hit points of snakes as the cleric has hit

Spiritual Hammer creates a temporary magic hammer that is automatically
readied.  It can be thrown and does normal hammer damage.  Spiritual hammers
can hit monsters that may only be struck by magic weapons.

Third Level Cleric Spells
Cure Blindness counters the effects of cause blindness and power word blind

Cure Disease removes the effects of disease caused by some monsters or cause

Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific counter
spells.  This is the cure spell for any characters that have been held, slowed,
or made nauseous.

Prayer improves the THAC0 and saving throws of friendly characters by 1 and
reduces the THAC0 and saving throws of monsters by 1.  This is a good spell to
cast before going into combat, but it is not cumulative.

Remove Curse removes the effects of bestow curse and allows the target to
unready magic items.

-- Page 24 --

Fourth Level Cleric Spells
Cure Serious Wounds heals 3-17 hit points, up to the target's normal maximum
hit points.
Neutralize Poison counteracts all toxins and revives a poisoned person.
Protection from Evil 10' Radius can be cast on a character or a monster and
improves the AC and saving throws of the target and all adjacent friendly
characters by 2 against evil attackers.  The effects of this spell are not
Sticks to Snakes causes a distracting mass of snakes to irritate the target.
The snakes will make movement and spell casting impossible for the duration of
the spell.  Powerful creatures may ignore the created snakes.

Fifth Level Cleric Spells
Cure Critical Wounds heals 6-27 hit points of damage, up to a target's normal
maximum hit points.
Dispel Evil improves the target's AC by 7 versus the summoned evil creatures
for the duration of the spell, or until the target hits a summoned creature.
The creature must make a saving throw when it is hit or be dispelled.
Flame Strike allows the cleric to call a column of fire down from the heavens
onto target.  The spell does 6-48 points of damage to any target that fails its
saving throw.
Raise Dead can bring back to life one (non-elf) character.  The chances for
success are based on the character's constitution and how long the character
has been dead.  The raised character will have 1 hit point and will lose 1
point of constitution.

Sixth Level Cleric Spells
Blade Barrier creates a whirling circle of razor sharp blades.  Any who enter
the circle suffer 8-64 points of damage.

Heal cures all diseases, blindness, feeble mindedness, and all except 1-4 of a
character's full hit points.

Seventh Level Cleric Spells
Resurrection is similar to raise dead, except that it also restores all hit
Restoration returns life energy stolen by energy drain or the attacks of such
undead as weights.

First Level Druid Spells
Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.
Entangle causes plants to grow and entwine around the feet of any creature in
the area of effect.  Be careful not to catch allies in the spell area.
Faerie Fire rings a targeted creature in magical light.  This spell will
outline otherwise invisible targets and give a +2 THAC0 bonus to anyone
attacking an affected creature.

Invisibility to Animals makes the target invisible to non-magical, low, or
non-intelligent animals.  This spell does not offer protection against
intelligent opponents or magical creatures.

Second Level Druid Spells
Barkskin causes the target's skin to become tougher and harder to damage.  The
tough skin improves AC by 1.  This is a good spell to cast before combat.

-- Page 25 --

Charm Person or Mammal changes the target's allegiance in combat so that an
opponent will fight for the caster's side.  It affects character types (human,
dwarf, etc.) and other mammals.

Cure Light Wounds heals 1-8 hit points, up to the target's normal maximum hit

Third Level Druid Spells
Cure Disease removes the effects of diseases caused by some monsters or cause

Hold Animal is similar to the cleric spell hold person, except that only normal
and giant-sized animals are affected.  This spell does not affect monsters or

Neutralize Poison revives a poisoned person.

Protection from Fire has different effects depending on the recipient.  If cast
on the druid, the spell absorbs 12 hit points times the caster's level in fire
damage.  The spell dissipates when the damage limit is reached.  If the cast on
another character, the spell is identical to the clerical resist fire spell.

First Level Magic-User Spells
Burning Hands causes 1 hit point of fire damage per level of the caster.  There
is no saving throw.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Charm Person changes the target's allegiance in combat so that an opponent will
fight for the caster's side.  It only affects character types (human, dwarf,
etc.).  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Detect Magic indicates which equipment or treasure items are magical.  After
casting the spell, view a character's items or take treasure items, and
equipment or treasure preceded by an '*' is magical.  Usable by both Red and
White Robe Mages.

Enlarge makes the recipient larger and stronger.  The higher the caster's
level, the greater the spell effect.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Friends raises the caster's charisma by 2-8 points.  It is best cast just
before dealing with NPCs.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.
Magic Missile does 2-5 hit points per missile with no savings throw.  A
magic-user throws 1 missile for every 2 levels (1 at levels 1-2, 2 at levels
3-4, etc.) This spell damages any single target within its range unless the
target is magic resistant or has magical protection such as a shield spell.
This spell casts instantaneously.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.
Protection from Evil improves the AC and saving throws of the target by 2
against attackers of evil alignment.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages
Read Magic allows a magic-user to ready a scroll and read it.  This is
identical to having a scroll identified in a shop.  After casting read magic, a
magic-user may cast any scroll spells or scribe them if they are appropriate
for his level.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.
Shield negates enemy magic missile spells, improves the magic-user's saving
throw, and may increase his AC.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Shocking Grasp does 1-8 hit points of electrical damage +1 hit point per level
of caster.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

-- Page 26 --

Sleep puts 1-16 targets (depending on the size of the targets) to sleep with no
saving throw.  For example, up to sixteen 1 hit-die targets can be affected.
Targets of 5 or more hit-dice are unaffected.  Usable by both Red and White
Robe Mages.

Second Level Magic-User Spells
Detect Invisibility allows the target to spot invisible creatures.  Usable by
both Red and White Robe Mages.
Invisibility makes the target invisible.  The THAC0 of melee attacks against
invisible targets is reduced by 4, and it is impossible to aim ranged attacks
at them.  Invisibility is dispelled when the target attacks or cast a spell.
Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.
Knock opens locks.  The spell will affect both magically and non-magically
locked doors, chests, etc.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.
Mirror Image creates 1-4 illusionary duplicates of the magic-user to draw off
attacks.  A duplicate user disappears when it is attacked.  Usable by Red Robe
Mages only.
Ray of Enfeeblement reduces the target's strength by 25% +2% per level of the
caster.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.
Stinking Cloud paralyzes those its area of effect for 2-5 rounds.  If the
target saves, it is not paralyzed but its nauseous and has its AC reduced for 2
rounds.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.
Strength raises the target's strength by 1-8 points depending on the class of
the target.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.

Third Level Magic-User Spells
Blink protects the magic-user.  The magic-user 'blinks out' after he acts each
round.  Although the magic-user may by physically attacked before he acts each
round, he may not be attacked after.  Usable by Red Mages only.
Dispel Magic removes the effects of spells that do not have specific counter
spells.  This is a recuperation spell for any characters that have been held,
slowed or made nauseous.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.
Fireball is a magical explosion that does 1-6 hit points of damage per level of
the caster to all targets within its area.  If the target makes its saving
throw, damage is halved.  Fireball is a slow-casting spell, and the spell's
power demands that you target carefully.  Use the CENTER command to determine
who will be in the area of effect - indoors the three squares in each corner
will not be affected by the blast if the spell is targeted in the center of the
screen.  Outdoors, the blast area is slightly smaller.  Usable by both Red and
White Robe Mages.

Haste doubles the target's movement and number of melee attacks per round.
Haste has a short duration, so you should wait until a fight is imminent to
cast it.  Warning: characters age one year each time a haste spell is cast on
them.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.
Hold Person may paralyze targets of character types (human, dwarf, etc.).  You
may aim a hold person spell at up to 4 targets (use the EXIT command to target
fewer).  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Invisibility, 10' Radius makes all targets adjacent to the caster invisible.
The THAC0 of melee attacks against invisible targets is reduced by 4, and it is
impossible to aim ranged attacks at them.  Use this spell to set up a battle
line while your enemies seek you out.  Characters lose invisibility if they do
anything but move.  Remember: some monsters can see invisible creatures.
Usable by Red Robe Mages only.

-- Page 27 --

Lightning Bolt is a magical electrical attack that does 1-6 hit points of
damage per level of the caster to each target along its path.  Damage is halved
if the targets make their saving throw.  A lightning bolt is 8 squares long in
a line away from the caster.  For best results, send the bolt down a row of
opponents.  Lightning bolts also reflect off walls back toward the spellcaster.
Targets adjacent or close to a wall may be hit twice by the same bolt.  Usable
by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Protection from Evil, 10' Radius protects the target and all characters
adjacent to the target.  The spell improves the AC and saving throws of those
it protects by 2 against attackers of evil alignment.  Usable by White Robe
Mages only.

Protection from Normal Missiles makes the target immune to non-magical
missiles.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Slow affects 1 target per level of caster and halves the target's movement and
number of melee attacks per round.  Slow can be used to negate a haste spell
and only affects the side opposing the spellcaster.  Usable by Red Robe Mages

Fourth Level Magic-user Spells
Bestow Curse reduces the targets THAC0 and saving throws by 4.  Usable by White
Robe Mages only.

Charm Monster changes the target's allegiance in combat so it fights on the
side of the magic-user.  The spell will work on most living creatures.  The
spell affects 2-8 one hit-die targets, 1-4 two hit-die targets, 1-2 three
hit-die targets, or 1 target of four or more hit dice.  Usable by White Robe
Mages only.

Confusion affects 2-16 targets, causing them to make a saving throw each round
or stand confused, become enraged, flee in terror, or go berserk.  Confusion is
most effective when used against a large number of enemies.  Usable by White
Robe Mages only.

Dimension Door allows the magic-user to teleport himself to another point on
the battlefield within his line of sight and the range of the spell.
Magic-users can use it for quick escapes.  Fighter/magic-users can use
dimension door to reach enemy spellcasters or ranged weapons.  Usable by Red
Robe Mages only.

Fear causes all within its area to flee terror if they fail their saving
throws.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.

Fire Shield protects the magic-user so that any creature who hits the caster in
melee does normal damage, but takes twice that damage in return.  The shield
may be attuned to heat attacks or cold attacks.  The magic-user takes half
damage (no damage if he makes his saving throw) and has his saving throw from
the opposite type of attack improved by 2.  He takes double damage from the
type of attack the shield is attuned to.  Usable by both Red and White Robe
Fumble causes the target to become clumsy and unable to move or attack.  If the
target makes his saving throw, his attacks and movement are halved.  Usable by
White Robe Mages only.

-- Page 28 --

Ice Storm does 3-30 hit points to all targets within its area.  There is no
saving throw.  This spell will even inflict full damage on opponents protected
by resist cold.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Minor Globe of Invulnerability protects the caster from incoming first, second,
or third level spells.  The globe is very effective when used in combination
with fire shield.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Remove Curse removes the effects of bestow curse and allows the target to
unready cursed magic items.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Fifth Level Magic-user Spells
Cloud Kill is similar to the stinking cloud spell, except that its area of
effect is larger and it kills weaker monsters.  More powerful monsters may be
immune to the spell.  Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Cone of Cold unleashes a withering cone-shaped blast of cold.  The spell's
range and damage increases with the caster's level.  Usable by both Red and
White Robe Mages.

Feeblemind causes targets who fail their saving throw to drop dramatically in
intelligence and wisdom and become unable to cast spells.  A heal spell must be
cast on the victim to recover from the effect.  Usable by White Robe Mages

Fire Touch creates a blazing aura around the recipient.  This aura adds 2-12
points of extra fire damage to all of the recipient attacks.  Usable by Red
Robe Mages Only.

Hold Monster is similar to hold person, except that it affects a wider variety
of creatures.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Iron Skin causes the magic-user's skin to become extremely tough and damage
resistant.  The magic-user's AC is reduced by four.  Usable by Red Robe Mages

Sixth Level Magic-user Spells
Death Spell kills opponents instantly and irrevocably.  The spell will slay a
greater number of weak opponents than strong.  Usable by Red and White Robe

Disintegrate destroys one target.  Some creatures with an innate magic
resistance may avoid the effects of the spell, however must make a saving throw
to survive.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.

Flesh to Stone causes the target to make a saving throw or be turned into
stone.  Usable by Red Robe Mages Only.

Globe of Invulnerability protects against 1st through 4th level spells.  Usable
by White Robe Mages only.

Stone to Flesh counters the effects of such magical creatures as the medusa or
the spell flesh to stone.  When this spell is cast on a character, there is a
possibility that the character will not survive the shock of being restored to
flesh.  System shock survival is based on a character's constitution.  Usable
by Red Robe Mages only.

-- Page 29 --

Seventh Level Magic-user Spells
Delayed Blast Fireball is a more powerful version of the third level spell and
will go through a minor globe of invulnerability.  Usable by both Red and White
Robe Mages.

Mass Invisibility is identical to the invisibility spell, except that it will
effect several targets at once.  This can be a valuable spell to cast before a
known encounter.  Usable by Red Robe Mages only.

Power Word, Stun will cause one creature to be stunned and unable to think or
act effectively.  The weaker the target, the longer it will be stunned.  Usable
by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Eighth Level Magic-User Spells
Mass Charm is similar to the fourth-level spell, except that it affects a much
larger number of targets.  Usable by White Robe Mages only.

Mind Blank is a powerful protective spell that defends the recipient from all
spells that attack a character's will, such as charm or feeblemind.  Usable by
White Robe Mages only.

Otto's Irresistible Dance is an enchantment that causes the target to be
irresistibly compelled to dance a wild and frenzied jig.  The target's AC is
reduced by 4 and it will fail all saving throws against magic.  Usable by White
Robe Mages only.

Power Word, Blind strikes a target instantly blind.  Usable by both Red and
White Robe Mages.

Ninth Level Magic-User Spells
Meteor Swarm is a very powerful and spectacular spell, similar to a fireball.
When cast, four magical spheres fly from the caster's hand toward the target.
Anything in the spell's path receives 10-40 hit points of damage.  Usable by
both Red and White Robe Mages.

Monster Summoning calls forth one or two powerful creatures to fight on the
side of the spell magic-user.  The creatures disappear after the battle.
Usable by both Red and White Robe Mages.

Power Word, Kill will instantly slay one or more creatures within the spell's
range.  The spell affects approximately 120 hit points worth of targets.
Usable by both the Red and White Robe Mages.

-- Page 30 --


Journal Entry 1
The Hag's Problem

"My name is Eshalla.  Not long ago, I was shopping in the Imperial City, just
minding my own business.  All of a sudden, I looked down and saw this coin
purse lying in the street.  I innocently picked it up and this brutish minotaur
grabbed me by the arm and accused me of stealing his purse! I broke free
and called him an ugly cow-faced spawn of a gnome.  It was all I could do! He
took this quite personally, and roared in anger.  He signaled to a mage who was
in attendance, and before I could run away.....poof! I am as you see me, a
withered hag, with bad teeth, and not a friend in the world."

Journal Entry 2
Dragonmen Justice

The elders of the dragonmen finish their council and the eldest approaches you.
"Your talk, no money.  Zarketh, no guide.  No money.  You talk, no money, truth
talk?" His speech is hard to understand, but Zarketh translates for you: "You
may give witness, but you will get no money in return.  And they will not
permit me to be guide, as I swore. 'Let the drylanders flounder and sink,' they

Journal Entry 3
The Guard's Tale

"Eons ago, before the minotaurs arrived on the shores of Kristophan and claimed
the city for their own, my wife and I were members of royalty.  The minotaurs
forced us into slavery, and we labored each day with barely enough food to

"With our children starving, my beloved wife stole some crusts of bread.  An
old cow caught her and we were both quickly sentenced to an eternity of agony.
My wife was locked in this cell, where each day she perishes anew from hunger.
I was condemned to stand guard at her door, lest anyone try to rescue her from
this misery.  The only thing that will break this spell is the Heart-Shaped Key,
which will unlock the door and unite us again.  Alas, the key was hidden ages
ago, somewhere in the depths of the Tomb."

Journal Entry 4

You awake with Baldrich's strange music still playing over and over in your
heads.  All of your money is gone, as are several of your magical items.  Worst
of all, the priceless dragon scale is nowhere to be found.

-- Page 31 --

Journal Entry 5
The Elevator

Looking up, you see jagged pipes and cracked walls as light trickles out of
dozens of hallways every ten feet up.  Before you, where some sort of intricate
platform used to be, sits a huge, hot air bag floating above a large basket.
Two gnomes, dressed in jackets, caps and white gloves, come to attention at
your approach.  They awkwardly raise a hand to their foreheads and bid you
greetings.  Tas says "They're kind of new at this." Other gnomes squeal, "More
people to test the new lift!"

The well dressed gnomes usher you in, then nervously climb in with you.  The
other gnome swings a large pipe over from the wall and sets the end under the
bag floating over your heads.  He yells, "Clear!" and all of the gnomes fall to
the floor of the basket just as hot scalding steam gushes out, blasting you in
the face.  The bag rises, and you bump and crash your way up the shaft.

You hear a voice below saying "................well, if they weren't so tall.."

Journal Entry 6
Tasslehoff Burrfoot

"After the War of the Lance, I was bored and someone told me about the marak
kender, here on the Taladas.  I was curious and made my way over.  There was
this ship and such.  But have you met the marak? They- they're as
uninteresting as life gets.  They worry and complain and it's hard to believe
we're even related.  Then a passing dragon mentioned the old elves here in
Tualtin.  So I came to visit."

Journal Entry 7
Thenol King
"Many come to tell me that my alliance with the draconians is a mistake.  They
rant how the draconians have some dark purpose that will kill us all.
Balderdash! The power of Thenol is on the rise, and they will rush with us to
glory.  See how carefully they guard my own person and Trandamere, my valued
councilor, in Hawkbluff.

"These same peopleused to tell me that the priesthood of Hith was bad for
Thenol.  And see how wrong they were.  Since the Catacalysm, we have been the
most resourceful and adaptable of peoples.  It is the great Thenolian gift."

Journal Entry 8

You followed the monsters that landed ashore.
They killed and they burned, but also found friends.
In the men who bring fact to the dire Sharkmen's lore.

Journal Entry 9

"We have something in common now, travelers.  We are both among the very few to
have foiled the careful plans of Raistlin Majere.  For that you have my
grudging respect, but no less hatred, of course.

-- Page 32 --

"You think you have defeated me, but of course you are quite wrong.  You are
mortals; do not dare to think more than mortal thoughts, lest you join Raistlin.

"One day you will grow old, and weak, or foolish.  Meanwhile my malice goes on
and on, growing stronger, deeper, more subtle.  Which is why I propose this
bargain to you."

Journal Entry 10
Fastillion Speaks

"Hmmm, well then, I suppose it's a good thing you came after all.  There's evil
at work in Thenol to the south, you know.  Or I suppose you don't know and
that's why you're here, isn't it? Well, yes, there's evil at work in Thenol,
and Trandamere's probably behind it.  He's sworn to conquer all Taladas,
actually.  Never was such a nice guy, that Trandamere.  The draconians are up
to no good, and Thenol's involved, no doubt about it.

"The Hulderfolk might help.  Probably would in fact.  You can find them to the
east of Trilloman.  But the price is high; the price is always high.  And you
ought to go find the Oracle of Tengur in the Tombs of Kristophan.  You can't
beat the Oracle for a good augury.  And that's what you need most likely, a
good augury.  I had the keys to the inner chambers of the Tombs here

Journal Entry 11
A Saddened Captain Daenor

"I kept my vow but slew Crysia in its keeping.  My heart is heavy, for she was
all in Krynn that I had.  Forgive me, friends, for there is no greater torment
than failure." The captain's eyes rise darkly. "Let these draconians beware,
for vengeance lurking within my heart!"

Journal Entry 12


-- Page 33 --

No Journal Entry 13

Journal Entry 14

"One of our number spied your ship in distress and summoned others.  We sped
like arrows, but when we arrived the ship was already in pieces.  We pulled all
the landfolk out, cast spells upon them, and brought them to our city Naulidis.
The ship's crew proved to be a superstitious lot, ill-suited to life undersea,
and so we sent them back to Ansalon. 'Tis strange to me that they who spend
their life on the sea should be so fearful of what is underneath it, but so it

Journal Entry 15

In the Thenol state, find a staff

Wield its power, exert its might

Strike down the gnomes and hesitate not,

Steel your nerve, your task is right!

Journal Entry 16

You stand upon a vast undulating plain.  It seems featureless, but as you look
more closely, here and there, a bit of ruins juts above the sand.  Suddenly, on
a wave of despair, all the lore you've ever heard about the Abyss comes
flooding back into your minds.  You remember hearing about how whole houses,
ships, and cities, doomed by pride, hate, or treachery, have been thrown into
the Abyss.  And how those doomed to sojourn here, end up begging others for
death, a boon that is seldom granted.  You recall hearing that the abishai,
minions that dwell here, maniacally claw each other to reach the Red Gate of
Wyrllish, where they are reincarnated as draconians.  You remember the immense
price that the hero Huma made to banish Takhisis, creator of all evil, to this
loathsome plane.  And finally you recall the folk wisdom about the Abyss: "Easy
to get into.  Impossible to leave."

Journal Entry 17

"You may think us cowards, but we are the noblest of creatures, toiling under
our Burden.  Because we chose not to fight Takhisis' battles for her during the
Wars of the Lance, she struck a scale from the chest of Kothar, our leader, and
cursed away our confidence.  Since then, the leader of the red othlorx has had
Kothar's blemish, and our Burden shall remain until the scale is returned.

"But now the puny Thenolites invade our realm! If not for the Burden, we would
drive them back in fear and ruin!" Tremor lowers his head. "It is not just.
Baldranous and the other othlorx defend us, as is only right, but the Burden is
so great, we curse Takhisis every day!" As Tremor turns away, you notice a
scale missing from his chest.

-- Page 34 --

Journal Entry 18
Air Shaft

The sounds echo so much they are barely recognizable.  Noises of machinery
blend with the clash of weapons and the bellow of fire creatures.  Then the
unmistakable shout of a kender taunting his foes reverberates through the
shaft.  Tasslehoff Burrfoot is going into combat!

Journal Entry 19
The Draconian's Scroll

"Commander Barath -

You are hereby granted leave to make any and all arrangements with the
Thenolian government necessary to acquire their full cooperation.  Do not
concern yourself with the particulars of promises made, as we have no intention
of fulfilling them.  Consider the Thenols a tool to be used and discarded when
no longer useful.  Pass this information on as necessary to subordinates, then
destroy this message." At the bottom of the scroll is an impressive seal.

Journal Entry 20
The Black Robed One

The hood falls to the shoulders of the black robed figure.  The pale mage
smiles cruelly, "I see you have received my call.  I am glad to see you, my
fine champions.  I need your help in order to succeed with my plan."
He casually waves a thin hand before you.  Suddenly, your vision begins to blur
and you begin to feel dizzy. "My plan is to stop you before you can interfere
with Her Highness' plan.  I see you will not be a problem.... not a problem at

As you fall to your knees, you see the mage's face twist and stretch into the
hideous countenance of a draconian.  As its coarse laughter fills the chamber,
everything goes black.

Journal Entry 21
The Great Oracle
"Centuries ago, a group of humans marched from Styrillia in search of a home.
Led by the great Kristophus, their trek brought them here, where they began
construction of a city.  But soon, the Minotaurs arrived from far off Ansalon
and claimed this land for their own.

"Eragas the Brutish became the new emperor and at his side was the human Oracle
of Tengur.  The Oracle led the emperor wisely in his conquests, and for this,
some have called him a traitor.  That is a lie! The Oracle used his position to
win rights for the humans and the other conquered races.  In exchange for his
wisdom, the Minotaurs swore to enslave only a fraction of those whose lands
they annexed.  This is a promise that is kept to this day.

"When he died, the Oracle's spirit was hidden somewhere within the city walls,
until it could be put to good use once again."

-- Page 35 --

Journal Entry 22
The Truth

"Don't believe everything you hear," continues Lord Trandamere, puffing on his
pipe as he relaxes on the sofa. "Fastillion's had it in for me since I booted
him out of Thenol for counterfeiting coin of the realm.  He made himself a
sizable fortune passing around fool's gold, before we wised up to his tricks.
Last I heard, he was hanging his hat in a lighthouse up in the League
someplace, mooning after some mermaid doxy.  Anyway, I could use your help,
controlling those dragonmen which are making life miserable for folks around
here.  Interested?"

Journal Entry 23
The Sensitive Minotaur

"Superiority is clearly the right of all minotaurs.  But, do not let this great
gift of work against you! How easy it is to belittle, insult, or even trample
our servants.  It is indeed our right to do so, but it may be in our favor to
show occasional restraint.

"It is natural for other races to be resentful, or even to feel hatred toward
our their betters.  These feelings may lead to inefficiency and sloth.  So next
time, instead of flogging your human slave, try a gentle reprimand, or even a
kind word, like, 'I am not angry at you, only at the result of your actions.'
This will instill more confidence in your slave, which may actually blossom
into affection towards you.  Remember, 'a happy slave is a productive slave.'

"In these modern times, we must be more sensitive to the feelings of those
beneath us.  It may be time to put behind that old adage; 'If you weren't born
with horns, you were born to be scorned.'"

Journal Entry 24

"We had been holding off the Sharkmen for months.  But then the draconians
came.  They were well armed and organized, and the soon killed all who
resisted.  When the fighting was over, they went north.  They said they would
breed more draconians on the shores of the Lava Sea.  It is a dreadful

"After the draconians left, the Sharkman began forcing us to build boats.
Hundreds and hundreds of boats.  I don't know why they want the boats; it makes
no sense.  We might have thrown off the yoke of the Sharkmen, but there are
dragons in the woods to the north, and no one dares to oppose them.

"You must not stay here! Go to the great gnome citadel of Aldinanachru on the
northwest of the Lava Sea.  The gnomes are enemies to the Minions of Hiteh.
Perhaps they can stop the draconians.  I love Bai'or dearly, but what is the
good of fighting Sharkmen if the draconians will soon conquer the lands? Go now
and warn the gnomes.  Do not incite the wrath of dragons to the north, or there
may be no one left when you return.....no one left in Bai'or."

-- Page 36 --


-- Page 37 --

Journal Entry 26
Some Relief

"And the gnomes really want to help, too.  But the King said, 'Help is
completely out of the question at this point in time!'" Tas raises his head and
mimics the King. "'Our own situation is a parliament of importance!'" Captain
Daenor begins to smile and chuckle, then, as Tasslehoff begins stumbling around
the room wiggling his head and crashing into things, Daenor bursts into
hysterical laughter and says, "The good gnome peoples do not appreciate this
unwarranted interruption in their daily schedules!"

All of the past weeks of worry and frustration pour out of Daenor in waves of

Journal Entry 27
Grunschka's Oath
The she-dwarf grins crookedly, as she holds the glowing Grathanitch in her
hand. "My mother once told me, 'Every man for himself!' and my time has come.
The Dark Queen is dead, the draconians are all gone.  You don't need me anymore
or this either."

The stone's power courses through the dwarf, filling her until she begins to
swell. "It's mine! I feel myself growing stronger, bigger.  Soon, I'll be
unbeatable.  I could be King of the World...I mean Queen."

Journal Entry 28

Find the realm where Tremor is lord.

Choose the right present to add to his hoard.

Journal Entry 29
Ritual Words

Limene: 'We will do that instantly.'

Bilbara: 'We politely but firmly decline.'

Shuwara: 'We block our ears to language of that sort.'

Holbani: 'Your humor is your greatest treasure.'

Gebene: 'We have peace in our hearts.'

Journal Entry 30
First Temple

The desolate valley is dominated by a towering pillar of rock-Hawkbluff!
Beneath the crag are assembled the shops, offices, and other buildings that
serve those who visit the abode of Lord Trandamere.  For miles now, there have
been a constant stream of zealous pilgrims traveling to the great Temple of
Hith, high atop Hawkbluff.  And amongst them were rich and well-armed
processions of the Lords and Senators coming to consult with the influential
Trandamere.  But all on the road give wide berth to the undead legions.  Led by
Hith fanatics and necromancers, they patrol here and all over Thenol.

-- Page 38 --

Journal Entry 31
A Word of Warning

"Let's see, here is the village of Vinlans, and to the east are the Sikoni
Mountains.  The vast forest to the east of that is the realm of the Hulderfolk.
As strangers to these lands, you must be wary of them.  Every thief might not
be of the Hulderfolk, but every Hulderfolk is a thief.  They are renowned for
stealing wagons from moving caravans, horses from under riders, and even
children from their mother's bosom.  Stay far away, else these boons I give you
will go for naught.  You must use this key to enter the tombs of New Aurim
through the temple.  Tell the priest that I have sent you and you have come to
receive a special blessing."

Journal Entry 32
The Hideous Cavern

The foul cavern is covered with mounds of filth, decay, and rotting corpses.
Some of these corpses are those of enormous spider and huge bats.  Others are
of humanoid form.  The stench is overwhelming.  Torn and rotting flesh is mixed
with something even fouler.  The only illumination is a pale green light which
comes from all around you.  By the light of this hideous glow, you suddenly see
forms rising from the mounds of filth.

Journal Entry 33

"I woke.  Everyone was gone.  Something was wrong! I hid under the bed.  Soon
some sea-devils came in.  One was swimming around and around the room,
proclaiming to others where he would place his possessions, when he came to
rule.  The others called him Lord Prince Talhook.  Then a sea dragon arrived! I
could not understand his talk, but Talhook could. 'You will get your eggs back
when the elves are under my command,' he said. 'Not before.  Obey me, or I will
cook your progeny.' After the dragon left, the sea-devils all snickered."

Journal Entry 34

A dragon you'll meet, more mighty than all.

To stop its rampage, seek help from three friends:

The black robed, the winged ones, and also the small.

Journal Entry 35
The first thing you notice is that like the rest of New Aurim, the Palace is
decrepit.  Pools of water stain what once were glossy marble floors.  Cracks
web the fine stone walls.  The smell of decay is everywhere.  But ahead you see
something solid and new.  The way is barred by a guard station built of hard
stone and gates of cold steel.

-- Page 39 --

Journal Entry 36
A Letter From Trandamere

"It has come to my attention that the draconians being sent to their encampment
at Hawkbluff have not been arriving.  Your report that younger creatures are
too willful for the Thenol Army is unacceptable.

"I have discussed this with Yanorak and he will accept all returned draconians
for discipline and indoctrination.  In the interim, all of your warehouses,
taverns, and farms should be regularly patrolled to collect these young
draconian recruits and return them to the rear door of the palace.

"In addition, you are to sign a squad of guards to escort each group of
draconians to Hawkbluff to prevent them from wandering off.  Hopefully this
will greatly improve the size of draconian army."

Journal Entry 37

"Travel north, my friends, and soon you will come upon an ancient lighthouse.
For eons, the light has guided sailors through the dangerous shoals of the

"Legend has it that the tower is deserted, except for whatever magic keeps it
glowing .  But I know that there is a keeper, and his wisdom is profound.  Seek
his aid and you will be richly rewarded.  But be warned, strangers are not
welcome in the ancient tower, and reaching its pinnacle may prove to be a
dangerous task."

Journal Entry 38

Davik chatters incessantly through the grill of the locked door. "Betray my
Trandamere, will you? No you won't.  No you won't.  I'll show you what happens
to those who try to betray my Trandamere! I built this place so I should know.
I should.  Yes, I should.  Now Martha here is very old, very nasty when she's
hungry.  And I dare say it's been many years since she last ate.  Yes, I dare
say so.  But that won't be the case long now, will it be Martha dear? No, not
long at all.  Not long at all.  Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Journal Entry 39
Sensilan's Final Words

Choking back tears, Daenor cradles the old man's head. "Sensilan, my old
friend.  It's all right now, it's almost over.  Soon you'll be right back at
the town."
"Daenor, it gives me great pleasure to see your face again.  But, it is too
late for me, I only have a few minutes left.  Oteef and I tried to escape, but
we became lost in the labyrinth.  I pray that he has made it to freedom.
Daenor, have you found Crysia?"
The Captain bows his head in grief. "Yes, we have found her.  She is
Sensilan clutches his hand. "Daenor, Crysia is caught in a powerful charm
spell.  She will flee from you and fight on the side of evil." The old man
begins to cough violently.  He wipes the blood from his lips and continues,
"When you find her, you must break the spell or she will be lost forever."

-- Page 40 --

The old man begins to cough again and then he is still.  His head slumps
against Daenor's chest.  The Captain begins to sob quietly.

Journal Entry 40
The Bard

Your first warning is the tinkling of silver bells.  Then, who should walk up
but a fat, cheery bard, strumming a strident chord on a lyre. "Hello! I am
Balearic.  Pleased to meet you! I was just going out to look for work, but then
I saw you.  Perhaps I can entertain you? Oh, you may wonder how a mere bard can
survive this swamp.  Well, I have some small talent for soothing the ruffled
beast." With this, he strums another cacaphonous chord.

Journal Entry 41

The bright key opens the double door to the crypt.

Within you will find some words you should heed.

Then find the Book that Amrocar wrote.

Within its pages, words you must read.

Journal Entry 42
The War Council

The king's advisors file into the room and take their seats at the enormous
table.  King Telemandarklosminarus IV enters, wrapped from head to toe in
blankets. "It's fr-eep-freezing in here!" Suddenly, the door bursts open and
Baldric storms into the room. "Friends! I come bearing grave news.  The
draconian army is even larger than we had feared!"

Driven by this new information, the Council agrees to a threefold plan.  The
elite corps of gnome warriors, the Company of the Dead, will ride in the
firefleets and attack the lower region of the Tower of Flame.  The gnome army,
accompanied by Baldric, Tremor, and Tasslehoff, will march on the draconian
camp to the south.  Meanwhile, you will ride the windships and infiltrate the
Tower from the top balconies while the Dragons guarantee your safe entrance.

Just then, a gnome bursts into the room. "The clouds over the Lava Sea have
become the face of the dark goddess Erestem." There is no time to lose, the
Dark Queen has descended!

Journal Entry 43
Barber's Gossip

"Ah, your hair is long I see, but not as long as one of my recent customers.
You see, I cut the hair of Temple prisoners, those prestigious enough to get a
last audience with His Lordship Trandamere.  Just the other day, I gave Davik
the 'royal treatment,' so to speak.  You don't know Davik? Why, he's the
architect of the Temple.  Quite a celebrated man until he, well, you know.
Every so often, His Eminent Lordship forgets how to open a secret lock or where
a particular passage goes, and hauls Davik out of the dungeon to demonstrate.
Davik is a good customer; he sits still, and doesn't talk much.  Well, there
you go, fresh as can be!"

-- Page 41 --

Journal Entry 44
Glorius Thenol!

After our army crushed the remains of the Armach invaders were surrounded at
Neul, the famed Thenolite army successfully repulsed the attack by the minotaur
cows and their human toadies from across the Drungar Frontier.  Gathering the
carrion of our enemies, our beloved priests of Hith assembled a massive army of
undead minotaurs and humans.  Together with specially trained servants of Hith,
our forces destroyed two ordines of the League overrun during our advance
through the Spindle Gap.  With the minotaurs in retreat, our armies are again
victorious with the aid of Hith.

Peace is at hand, all give thanks to Hiddukul.  You can help preserve the peace
with a prayer at the Hith Temple.  If you're down on your luck, ask for a
special blessing.  The Church of Hith is always willing to help the less

Journal Entry 45
Eric Strongbond

"Have you seen all the boats in our small harbor? To think that just a few
short months ago, Bai'or was an insignificant little village.  Now just look at
us! Why, it makes a man proud to be part of something like this.  Soon we'll
have a boat fro every man, woman, and child in Bai'or, and the gods will reward
us with great riches.  It just goes to show what can be accomplished when
everyone pulls together and works as a team!"

Journal Entry 46

"One of those opens the inner chambers of the Tombs.  That should help." He
glances down at his models and seems lost in thought.  Then he looks up. "I did
notice that you've been fighting beholders.  I can see the signs of it on your
armor.  There weren't supposed to be evil things in my tower.  The gorgons are
supposed to keep them out.  I bet they were working with the beholders weren't
they? Hmff.  I really should get around to training them.  Oh well, time

Journal Entry 47
The Mayor's Story

"Thank you, thank you, kind champions.  Those monsters destroyed our beautiful
town and then herded us on board a ship like cattle.  They forced Aolan, a
great sailor, to steer the ship, and to sail straight across the ocean.  We
told them there was nothing there, that they were mad.  Then they struck us and
told us not to ask questions.

"While the monsters were busy fighting among themselves, Aolan steered the ship
onto the rocks, hoping to give us a chance to escape.  But fate was cruel, the
ship did not sink immediately.  The monsters were able to drag us ashore and
into these accursed caves.  As for Aolan, they rewarded his brave act by
slitting his throat.  He died a hero.

-- Page 42 --

"These monsters speak freely in front of us.  They constantly complain about
not being able to compete their great journey to the other side of the world.
They say the Dark Queen will be very displeased with them.  I hope she strikes
them all dead!"

"As for that wench, Crysia, I know her well.  The traitor! They chose her from
among us, and soon we saw her caring and grooming these disgusting monsters.
Now they allow her to move around freely, as if she were one of them.  She
deserves to be sent to the Abyss, where she can spend eternity with her

Journal Entry 48
The Tavern Song
There was an old skeleton named Trey.

Who comes to life when they pray.

His handler cut down, while charging a town,

He bounces 'gainst their wall to this day.

Journal Entry 49
Tear Goodbye

You overhear his wife saying, "You're going to get yourself killed! You've
never even flown one of those stupid things before! How am I supposed to raise
our children without you?" Perkelanamord whispers, "If I don't go, our children
may never get the chance to grow up."

On that note, he abruptly turns and crashes headlong into the band drummer, who
falls over, thumping the tuba player in the stomach with his mallet.  With an
echoing "Pphblaaaaat-oofff," the tuba falls forward knocking the band leader
senseless with a thud.  The leader falls, arms flailing for balance, and pokes
the flutist in the eye with his stick.  Grimacing with pain, the woman bites
off the end of her flute and swallows it, gasping and wheezing for air.  The
marching song suddenly turns into a hideous cacophony of groans, wheezes, and

Perkelanamord hurries away muttering, "Oops, sorry, I didn't... sorry," as his
wife falls screaming to the ground, tears blubbering down her round, little

Journal Entry 50
Instructions for Preparation of Black Pudding

Black pudding is considered a delicacy in the Fire Fleet, particularly after
several months on the Boiling Sea.  As black pudding is a ravenous carnivore,
it first must be caught, before being prepared for consumption.  Pages
2,976,341 through 3,123,882 of Volume LXXIII of
Thrapskaddidlogrumpanaciouslaxzitinity's semi-authoritative study of monster
hunting, How People Try to Catch Monsters, contain some 8, 647 methods for
acquiring puddings.  Many of these techniques are not recommended, as they
leave the black pudding in an inedible form.  Black pudding must be kept in
secure ceramic containers prior to cooking, to limit damage to culinary

-- Page 43 --

Special long-handled asbestos ladles are ideal for transporting
black pudding from these containers to the deck of the vessel.  They are used
also for cooking the black pudding.  Black pudding is traditionally cooked by
immersion in boiling lava. (Drikulomengrabaciflatorengulixfreibie, Navigating
the Burning Sea, page 323, column 77), although the breath of a cooperative red
or gold dragon may be substituted in a pinch.  Four to five minutes of
immersion per pint of black pudding is a reasonable cooking time; properly
cooked black pudding will have a syrupy, gelatinous texture.  Extreme care must
be taken not to serve undercooked black pudding; catastrophic cases of
indigestion may result from improper preparation.

After removing the black pudding from the boiling lava, it must be set aside
for about three hours, until the coating of basalt has fully congealed.  After
chipping off the basalt, the black pudding should be seasoned liberally with
celebdil, ground caradhras, and fanuidhol seeds, then served hot.  One quart of
black pudding should serve two to three gnomes, unless they are especially
hungry.  Leftover black pudding may be served for several weeks, although its
consistency will suffer.

Journal Entry 51
The Foethumper

"The Foethumper is the weapon of a minoi warrior," says Benikobawoni, "not as
random or clumsy as a broadsword-a complicated weapon for a complex era."


Journal Entry 53
Caramon's Quest

"If you know where I can find Raistlin, please tell me.  I must find him,
something has happened.  Without his help Tika will die.  I......I couldn't go
on without her, not after everything that has happened.  I'm sure you know
where I can find my brother.  You must tell me!" Tears spring to the big man's
eyes as he slowly unsheathes his sword and steps toward you.

Journal Entry 54
The General

"It has been but a short time since you so valiantly helped us crush the
draconian army.  Yet, such is the nature of these creatures, that to sever the
head from the beast only invites it to grow another.  My emissaries have
reported that some draconian scum may have survived, and we are again gathering
to the south.  We must know if this is true.  Every day we wait is foolhardy,
for the danger may be growing.

-- Page 44 --

"But, the good people of Palanthas deserve the hard-won peace they now enjoy.
From time to time, I still see the shadows of old fears fleeting across their
faces.  I will not add to their troubles by letting this unproven rumor reach
their ears.  That is why I implore you, brave heroes, to hasten to Caergoth,
and discover what truth there is in these fearful reports."

Journal Entry 55
The Strange Dragon
"I am without hope.  Sssuch a thing hasss never been done asss they did to me.
Cursssse them.

"In the Tower of Flame they made my egg, by the Ssstone of Grathanich.  They
wanted a body for Eressstem.  A perfect body for a god to enter the world.
Sssso the draconiansss made me.... but I wasss flawed, a missstake, a failure.
Yet the foolsss continue.  They make othersss.  Finally they will sssuccsseed,
and Ssshe will enter.  Ssshe will become invincible.  Sssshe will rule
Taladassss, and then Ssshe will rule the world.  Curssse them!"

Journal Entry 56
Fable of the Stone

"The god Reorx taught the smart gnomoi art of the fogue and machine, pleased he
be.  He taught them to some humans and not pleased he be.  Stupid they were
with their power so cursed they becamed into the stupid minoi soon.

"But the god was good and gave a gift to King Aldinachru.  A stone he filled
with the light and power of the big moon Luminari.  The Grathanich they were
proud to own.
"Then, the bad god Hiteh tricked some little minoi into letting the stone go.
It drifted and burned, wreaked havoc to the west.  So to punish these minoi, it
was made so they must follow the stone from here to there.  And there was the
big island, far away, where one day the minoi stopped to live under a mountain.

Journal Entry 57
The Rescue

The old woman's eyes light up. "You aren't monsters! You're people! Oh, thank
Paladine! I escaped from the monsters yesterday and fled into these lower
caves, hoping to find a way out.  But the draconians pale in comparison to the
monsters that fill these caverns, and I was afraid to go further.  I found this
wand and necklace on a body I stumbled upon.  With them I was able to send many
of these foul creatures back to the Abyss.  If the draconians are no longer a
threat, I'm sure I can find my way to the mouth of the cave.  There is a small
village not far from here, and I can take refuge there.  Farewell, my friends."
She turns to leave, but then adds, "Oh, here, why don't you take this." She
removes the necklace and hands it to you. "You certainly look like you can
handle yourselves, but you may be able to use this."
Journal Entry 58
Tas' Final Words
Tas grips your arm feebly. "This wasn't supposed to happen! I can't die, I have
too many things to do...places to go." The kender coughs pitifully, and
clutches his chest. "I always thought you could trust gnomes....they're just so
trustworthy.  But....look, I .....I can see Flint sitting under a tree, he's
calling me....  Flint....I'm coming...." The kender's frail body goes limp, and
quickly grows cold.

-- Page 45 --

Journal Entry 59
Captain's Story
"Hundreds of draconians invaded, pillaging the town and impounding the entire
fleet of ships.  Only those who could steer the ships were spared, everyone
else either escaped or was slaughtered.

"Once they took what they wanted, a horde of blue dragons leveled the buildings
and incarcerated anyone trying to take refuge.  The monsters then sailed out to
sea, leaving this village a charred ruin.

"I can wait no longer! I must set sail and follow the loathsome beasts.  My
sister, Crysia, is among those kidnapped!"

Journal Entry 60
Greeting From a Hith Temple Servant

The man with a shaved head and loosely draped robes approaches you, carrying a
large pointed stick in one hand and a basket of flowers in the other. "Hale ye
travelers from afar, would ye care to donate to the Church of Hiddukel in
exchange for a special flower?"

Journal Entry 61
Tasslehoff Explains

"After you guys left, I had the best time with the elves.  But once, when we
were playing hide-and-seek, I hid so well the elves could never find me! Then I
found my new friend.  You'll like him, he's looking for the draconians, too.
He says we need the gnome armies and windships to stop these draconians, but
King Teleman-something or other says he's much too busy to be worrying about

"You see, there are two different kinds of gnomes: the smart Gnomoi, gnomes who
do all the inventing and designing, and the fun Minoi gnomes, like the onles in
Ansalon, who get stuck doing all the work.  Well, the King says he doesn't want
his people to be separated into classes anymore, so he had all the gnomes just
switch jobs.  And, boy, are things crazy in there! And dangerous too!

"Come on, I'll show you where the lift is, or, um.....was, I guess."

Journal Entry 62
I see flames and an egg and a crack and a head,
Then another, and another, and another, and more.
She rises up, the Queen of the Dark,
She conquers and rules leaving only the dead.
Journal Entry 63
Amrocar's Book
"The book is a worthless text written one hundred years ago by the wizard
Amrocar.  Obsessed with the mysteries of the ruins in Blackwater Glade, it is
filled with useless maps and such.

"It had lain undisturbed for scores of years, when suddenly one of our most
trusted librarians, Bovinus, was caught stealing it.  A terrible fight ensued.
In the end, three of our guards lay dead, and the librarian had disappeared
along with the tome.  "That is not all.  I just learned that Bovinus' body has
been found in an alleyway with his throat slit.  But, who killed him, and where
is the book now?"

-- Page 46 --


-- Page 47 --

Journal Entry 65

Before you lies the smoldering ruins of Caergoth.  Everything is blasted and
burned.  Once sturdy buildings are sagging and melted; their stone runs like
candle wax.  The sickening odor of burnt carrion floats on the gentle breeze as
vultures circle through the smoke.

Then you notice the fuming pots of acid in the streets.  Draconians have been
here.  The only consolation is that some of them paid for this abomination with
their lives.

Journal Entry 66
The Grathanich

You quickly retrieve the small oblong box from behind the mirror.  The box
contains an oddly-shaped piece of gray stone, plain and unadorned, yet seeming
to pulsate with hidden power.

"The Grathanich!" gasps Tasslehoff, reaching out to the stone, "With this
artifact we can end the threat of the Dark Queen right here - we can unmake the
race of draconians forever." He grasps the stone and holds it up to the light.
"But what fun would that be?" he continues with a crooked grin.  Before you can
react, he drops the stone into a pocket and scampers off into the darkness.

Journal Entry 67

The walls of the Tower's inner core flare brightly, but there is no heat.
Whatever mighty spell formed these walls, holds the living flame trapped
inside.  After a moment, you see shapes among the dancing flames! You realize
that the walls, ceiling, and floor swarm with fire creatures, and that they are
watching you.

Journal Entry 68

"Back during the War of the Lance, Takhisis called all her dragon children to
fight the forces of good.  But here on Taladas, many evil dragons refused her
call.  Furious, she cursed each kind of evil dragon with a particular

"When the forces of Takhisis stole the eggs from the good dragons, many
traveled to Taladas to search for them.  When it was discovered that the eggs
were on Ansalon being corrupted into draconians, many of the good dragons
returned to Ansalon to fight in the War of the Lance.  But not all thought it
was wise to join in a human's war.  Those who stayed are shunned, quite
unfairly, by the other good dragons.  Over time, we outcast dragons have
learned to work together against common dangers.  We call ourselves 'othlorx.'"

-- Page 48 --



                 ELVES   ELVES            ELVES     DWARVES   DWARVES
Cleric     Max   Max     Max      Max     10        10        12

Fighter    Max   10      14       9       Max       Max       5

Paladin    Max   12      No       No      No        8         No

Ranger     Max   Max     Max      11      8         No        5

Knight     Max   No      No       10      No        No        No

Magic-user Max   Max     Max      10      No        No        No

Theif      Max   No      Max      Max     10        8         Max

No:  Characters of this race cannot be of this class
Max:  Highest Level Available in THE DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN


ABILITY SCORE      STR       INT       WIS       DEX        CON        CHA
Humans          3-18(00)*    3-18      3-18      3-18       3-18       3-18
(Females)       3-18(50)*    3-18      3-18      3-18       3-18       3-18

  Elves         3-18(75)*   10-18      6-18      7-19       6-18      12-18
(Females)       3-16        10-18      6-18      7-19       6-18      12-18

  Elves         7-18(75)*    8-18      6-18      7-19       7-18       8-18
(Females)       3-16         8-18      6-18      7-19       7-18       8-18

Hill Dwarves    9-18(99)*    3-18      3-18      3-17      14-19       3-12
(Females)       3-17         3-18      3-18      3-17      14-19       3-12

 Dwarves        8-18(99)*    3-18      3-18      3-17      12-19       3-16
(Females)       3-17         3-18      3-18      3-17      12-19       3-16

Half-Elves      3-18(90)*    4-18      3-18      6-18       6-18       3-18
(Females)       3-17         4-18      3-18      6-18       6-18       3-18

Kender(Both)    6-16         6-18      3-16      8-19      10-18       6-18

* Maximum percentage for 18 strength for fighter type classes only (fighter,
paladin, ranger, knight).

-- Page 49 --


Race                  Modifiers

Dwarf, Hill           Constitution+1, Charisma-1
Dwarf, Mountain       Constitution+1, Charisma-1
Elf, Qualinesti       Dexterity+1, Constitution-1
Elf, Silvanesti       Dexterity+1, Constitution-1
Half-Elf              None
Human                 None
Kender                Strength-1, Dexterity+2

                                        Weight Allowance
Ability Score        THC0 Bonus     Damage Adjustment     (in steel pieces)
3                        -3                -1                   -350
4-5                      -2                -1                   -250
6-7                      -1                None                 -150
8-9                    Normal              None                Normal
10-11                  Normal              None                Normal
12-13                  Normal              None                 +100
14-15                  Normal              None                 +200
16                     Normal              +1                   +350
17                       +1                +1                   +500
18                       +1                +2                   +750
18(01-50)*               +1                +3                   +1000
18(51-75)*               +2                +3                   +1250
18(76-90)*               +2                +4                   +1500
18(91-99)*               +2                +5                   +2000
18(00)*                  +3                +6                   +3000

* These bonuses only available to the fighter classes (fighter, paladin,
ranger, knight).

Ability Score          Reaction/Missle Bonus       AC Bonus
 3                              -3                     +4
 4                              -2                     +3
 5                              -1                     +2
 6                               0                     +1
 7                               0                      0
 8                               0                      0
 9                               0                      0
 10                              0                      0
 11                              0                      0
 12                              0                      0
 13                              0                      0
 14                              0                      0
 15                              0                     -1
 16                             +1                     -2
 17                             +2                     -3
 18                             +3                     -4


Ability Score        Hit Point Adjustment        Resurrection Survival
 3                            -2                          40%
 4                            -1                          45%
 5                            -1                          50%
 6                            -1                          55%
 7                             0                          60%
 8                             0                          65%
 9                             0                          70%
 10                            0                          75%
 11                            0                          80%
 12                            0                          85%
 13                            0                          90%
 14                            0                          92%
 15                           +1                          94%
 16                           +2                          96%
 17                           +2(+3)*                     98%
 18                           +2(+4)*                     100%


Class          Max Armor           Shield
Cleric           Any                Any
Fighter          Any                Any
Paladin          Any                Any
Ranger           Any                Any
Knight           Any                Any
Magic-User       None               None
Thief            Leather            None


Class          Level               Attacks Per Round
Fighter         1-6                        1/1
Paladin         1-6                        1/1
Ranger          1-7                        1/1
Knight          1-6                        1/1
Fighter         7-12                       3/2
Paladin         7-12                       3/2
Ranger          8-14                       3/2
Knight          7-12                       3/2
Fighter         13+                        2/1
Paladin         13+                        2/1
Ranger          15+                        2/1
Knight          13+                        2/1

-- Page 50 --


Name                   Damage Vs.   Damage Vs. Larger    Number of      Class
                       Man Sized     Than Man Sized        Hands
Axe, Battle                1-8            1-8               1             f
Axe, Hand                  1-6            1-4               1             f
Bow, Composite Long(1)     1-6            1-6               2             f
Bow, Composite Short(1)    1-6            1-6               2            f,th
Bow, Long(1)               1-6            1-6               2             f
Bow, Short(1)              1-6            1-6               2            f,th
Club                       1-6            1-3               1          f,cl,th
Crossbow, Light(2)         1-4            1-4               2             f
Dagger                     1-4            1-3               1          f,mu,th
Dart                       1-3            1-2               1          f,mu,th
Flail                      2-7            2-8               1            f,cl
Halberd                    1-10           2-12              2             f
Hammer                     2-5            1-4               1            f,cl
Hoopak(Melee)(3)           3-8            3-6               2          Special
Hoopak(Missile)(3)         2-5            2-7               2          Special
Javelin                    1-6            1-6               1             f
Mace                       2-7            1-6               1            f,cl
Morning Star               2-8            2-7               1             f
Pick, Military             2-7            2-8               1             f
Pike, Awl                  1-6            1-12              2             f
Scimitar                   1-8            1-8               1            f,th
Sling                      1-4            1-4               1            f,th
Sling, Staff               1-8            2-8               2            f,cl
SPear                      1-6            1-8               1             f
Staff, Quarter             1-6            1-6               2          f,mu,cl
Sword, Bastard             2-8            2-16              2            f,cl
Sword, Broad               2-8            2-7               1            f,th
Sword, Long                1-8            1-12              1            f,th
Sword, Short               1-6            1-8               1            f,th
Sword, 2-Handed            1-10           3-18              2             f
Trident                    2-7            3-12              1             f

1 - Must have ready arrows to fire.  Two attacks per round.
2 - Must have readu bolts to fire.  one attack per round.
3 - Only usable by kender characters.

( f=fighter(paladin,ranger,knight) ; cl=cleric ; th=thief ; mu=magic-user

Armor Type         Weight in Sp.         Ac          Maximum Movement(1)
None                     0               10            12 Squares
Shield(2)               50                9                 -
Leather                150                8            12 Squares
Padded                 100                8             9 Squares
Studded                200                7             9 Squares
Ring Mail              250                7             9 Squares
Scale Mail             400                6             6 Squares
Chain Mail             300                5             9 Squares
Elfin Chain Mail       150                5            12 Squares
Banded                 350                4             9 Squares
Spling Mail            400                4             6 Squares
Plate                  450                3             6 Squares

1 - A character carrying many objects, including a large number of coins, can
be limited in movement to a minimum of 3 squares per turn.
2 - A shield subtracts 1 AC from any armor it is used with.

-- Page 51 --


This is a listing of spells available to player characters as they gain in
level.  The following are abbreviations used in the list.

Cmbt = Combat only spell                        r = combat rounds
Camp = Camp only spell                          t = turns
Both = Camp or Combat spell                  /lvl = per level of caster
   T = Touch Range                        targets = aim at each target
 dia = diameter                          ROBE(Magic-user spells only):
   s = squares                              WHITE = White Robe Mages
   c = cone                                   RED = Red Robe Mages
 All = All characters in combat              BOTH = Can be cast by both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Bless                   Both     6     5 dia.    6r
Cure Light Wounds       Both     T       1       -
Detect Magic            Both     0       1       1t
Protection from Evil    Both     T       1       3r/lvl
Resist Cold             Both     T       1       1t/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Find Traps              Camp     3      1       3t
Hold Person             Cmbt     6      1-3     4r+1/lvl
Resist Fire             Both     T      1       1t/lvl
Silence 15' Radius      Cmbt     12     3 dia   2r/lvl
Slow Poison             Both     T      1       1 hour/lvl
Snake Charm             Cmbt     3      All     5-8r
Spiritual Hammer        Cmbt     3      1       1r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Blindness          Both     T      1       -
Cure Disease            Camp     T      1       -
Dispel Magic            Both     6      3x3s    -
Prayer                  Both     0      All     1r/lvl
Remove Curse            Both     T      1       -

-- Page 51 --


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Serious Wounds     Both     T      1       -
Neutralize Poison       Both     T      1       -
Protection from
  Evil 10' Radius       Both     T      2dia    1t/lvl
Sticks to Snakes        Cmbt     3      1       2r/lvl


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Critical Wounds    Both     T      1        -
Dispel Evil             Cmbt     T      1        1t/lvl
Flame Strike            Cmbt     6      1        -
Raise Dead              Camp     3      1        -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Blade Barrier           Cmbt     3    Special   3t/lcl
Heal                    Both     T      1       -


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Resurrection            Camp     T      1       -
Restoration             Camp     T      1       -

-- Page 52 --

For High-Level Rangers

Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Detect Magic            Both     0      1       12r
Entagle                 Cmbt     8      4dia    1t
Faerie Fire             Cmbt     8      8dia    4r/lvl
Invisibility to Animals Both     T      1       1t+1r/lvl

For High-Level Rangers

Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Barkskin                Both     T      1       4r+1r/lvl
Charm Person/Mammal     Cmbt     8      1       Special
Cure Light Wounds       Both     T      1       -

For High-Level Rangers

Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration
Cure Disease            Camp     T      1       -
Hold Animal             Cmbt     8      1-4     2r/lvl
Neutralize Poison       Both     T      1       -
Protection from Fire    Both     T      1       Special


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Burning Hands           Cmbt     T      3s      -         Both
Charm Person            Cmbt     12     1       -         Both
Detect Magic            Both     6      1       2r/lvl    Both
Enlarge                 Both   .5/lvl   1       1t/lvl    Both
Reduce                  Both   .5/lvl   1       -         Both
Friends                 Cmbt     0      All     1r/lvl    Both
Magic Missile           Cmbt    6+lvl   1       -         Both
Protection from Evil    Both     T      1       2r/lvl    Both
Read Magic              Camp     0      1       2r/lvl    Both
Shield                  Cmbt     0      1       5r/lvl    Both
Shocking Grasp          Cmbt     T      1       -         Both
Sleep                   Cmbt    3+lvl  1-16     5r/lvl    Both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Detect Invisibility     Both   1/lvl    1       5r/lvl    Both
Invisibility            Both     T      1       Special   Red
Knock                   Camp     6     1s/lvl   -         Red
Mirror Image            Both     0      1       2r/lvl    Red
Ray of Enfeeblement     Cmbt 1+.25/lvl  1       1r/lvl    White
Stinking Cloud          Cmbt     3     2x2s     1r/lvl    Both
Strength                Both     T      1       6t/lvl    Red


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Blink                   Both     0      1       1r/lvl    Red
Dispel Magic            Both     12    3x3s      -        White
Fireball                Cmbt   10+lvl  5/7dia    -        Both
Haste                   Both     6     4x4s     3r+1/lvl  Red
Hold Person             Cmbt     12    1-4      2r/vl     White
  10' Radius            Both     T     2dia     Special   Red
Lightning Bolt          Cmbt    4+lvl  4,8       -        Both
Pretection from Evil
  10' Radius            Both     T     2dia     2r/lvl    White
Protection from
  Normal Missiles       Both     T      1       1t/lvl    White
Slow                    Cmbt    9+lvl  4x4s     3r+1/lvl  Red

-- Page 53 --


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Bestow Curse            Cmbt     T      1       1t/lvl    White
Charm Monster           Cmbt     6      1       Special   White
Confusion               Cmbt     12    2-16     2r+1/lvl  White
Dimension Door          Cmbt     0      1        -        Red
Fear                    Cmbt     0     6x3c     1r/lvl    Red
Fire Shield(2 types)    Both     0      1       2r+1/lvl  Both
Fumble                  Cmbt    1/lvl   1       1r/lvl    White
Ice Storm(Dmg only)     Cmbt    1/lvl  4dia      -        Both
Minor Globe
  of Invulnerability    Both     0      1       1r/lvl    White
Remove Curse            Both     T      1        -        White


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Cloud Kill              Cmbt     1     3x3s     1r/lvl    White
Cone of Cold            Cmbt     0    .5/lvl c  -         Both
Feeblemind              Cmbt    1/lvl   1       -         White
Fire Touch              Both     T     Special  1r/lvl    Red
Hold Monster            Cmbt   .5/lvl   1-4     1r/lvl    White
Iron Skin               Both     0     Special  1r/lvl    Red


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Death Spell             Cmbt     1     .5/lvl   -         Both
Disintegrate            Cmbt   .5/lvl  Special  -         Red
Flesh to Stone          Cmbt    1/lvl   1       -         Red
Globe of
  Invulnerability       Both     0      1       1r/lvl    White
Stone to Flesh          Both    1/lvl   1       -         Red


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Delayed Blast
  Fire Ball             Cmbt  10+1/lvl 5/7dia   Special   Both
Mass Invisibility       Both    1/lvl  Special  Special   Red
Power Word, Stun        Cmbt   .5/lvl   1       Special   Both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Mass Charm              Cmbt   .5/lvl Special   Special   White
Mind Blank              Both     3      1       1 day     White
Otto's Irresistable
  Dance                 Cmbt     T      1       2-5r      White
Power Word, Blind       Cmbt   .5/lvl  3dia     Special   Both


Spell Name              When    Rng    Area    Duration   Robe
Meteor Swarm            Cmbt  4+1/lvl Special   -         Both
Monster Summoning       Cmbt     0    Special   Special   Both
Power Word, Kill        Cmbt  .25/lvl Special   -         Both

-- Page 54 --


The following charts show the amount of experience a character must earn in
order to gain a level in his character class.  The charts also list the number
of spells that a character can have memorized at one time.  Fighters and
Thieves can never memorize spells.

Remember that all experience earned by a non-human, multiple-class character
is divided by the number of classes the character has.  The experience is
divided even after the character has reached his maximum level in a particular


Level       Experience        Dice
 1          2,000-3,999        2d8
 2          4,000-7,499        3d8
 3          7,500-15,249       4d8
 4          15,250-24,999      5d8
 5          25,000-39,999      6d8
 6          40,000-89,999      7d8
 7          90,000-159,999     8d8
 8          160,000-249,999    9d8

Each level after 8th requires 250,000 experience points and the character
gains 1 hit point.


Level       1   2   3   4   5   6   7
 1          1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 2          2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 3          2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 4          2   2   -   -   -   -   -
 5          3   3   1   -   -   -   -
 6          3   3   2   -   -   -   -
 7          3   3   2   1   -   -   -
 8          3   3   3   2   -   -   -
 9          4   4   3   2   1   -   -
10          4   4   3   3   2   -   -
11          5   4   4   3   2   1(1)-
12          6   5   5   3   2   2   -
13          6   6   6   4   2   2   -
14          6   6   6   5   3   2   -
15          7   7   7   5   4   2   -
16          7   7   7   6   5   3   1(2)
17          8   8   8   6   5   3   1
18          8   8   8   7   6   4   2
19          9   9   9   7   6   4   2
20          9   9   9   8   7   5   2
21          9   9   9   9   8   6   2
22          9   9   9   9   9   6   3
23          9   9   9   9   9   7   3
24          9   9   9   9   9   8   3
25          9   9   9   9   9   8   4
26          9   9   9   9   9   9   4
27          9   9   9   9   9   9   5
28          9   9   9   9   9   9   6
29          9   9   9   9   9   9   7

   1 - Usable only with 17+ wisdom.
   2 - Usable only with 18+ wisdom.

-- Page 55 --


Level       Experience        Dice
 1          1,500-2,999        1d8
 2          3,000-5,999        2d8
 3          6,000-12,999       3d8
 4          13,000-27,999      4d8
 5          27,500-54,999      5d8
 6          55,000-109,999     6d8
 7          110,000-224,999    7d8
 8          225,000-449,999    8d8
 9          450,000-674,999    9d8

Each level after 9th requires 225,000 experience points and the character
gains 1 hit point.


Level       1   2   3   4   5   6   7
 1          2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 2          2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 3          2   2   1   -   -   -   -
 4          4   2   2   -   -   -   -
 5          4   3   2   -   -   -   -
 6          4   3   2   1   -   -   -
 7          4   4   3   1   -   -   -
 8          4   4   3   2   -   -   -
 9          5   4   3   2   1   -   -
10          5   4   3   3   2   -   -
11          5   5   3   3   2   1(1)-
12          5   5   4   4   3   2   1(2)
13          6   5   5   4   3   2   1
14          6   6   6   6   4   2   1
15          6   6   6   6   4   3   1
16          6   6   6   6   5   4   1
17          7   6   6   6   5   4   2
18          7   6   6   6   5   4   3
19          7   7   6   6   5   5   3
20          7   7   6   7   6   5   3
21          8   7   7   7   6   5   4
22          8   8   7   7   7   5   4
23          8   8   7   7   7   6   4
24          8   8   7   7   7   7   4
25          8   8   8   8   7   7   5
26          8   8   8   8   8   8   5
27          8   8   8   8   8   8   6
28          8   8   8   8   8   8   7
29          8   8   8   8   8   8   8

   1 - Usable only with 17+ wisdom.
   2 - Usable only with 18+ wisdom


Wisdom      1   2   3   4
 9-12       -   -   -   -
 13         1   -   -   -
 14         2   -   -   -
 15         2   1   -   -
 16         2   2   -   -
 17         2   2   1   -
 18         2   2   1   1

Note that these bonus spells are only available when the cleric is entitled to
spells of the applicable level.  Thus a 12th level cleric with a Wisdom of 18
can memorize the following spells:

                              Number of Spells
                          1   2   3   4   5   6   7
12th level Cleric
of Good with 18 Wisdom    8   7   6   4   2   2   -


Level       Experience         Hit Dice
 1          0-2,000             1d10
 2          2,001-4,000         2d10
 3          4,001-8,000         3d10
 4          8,001-18,000        4d10
 5          18,001-35,000       5d10
 6          35,001-70,000       6d10
 7          70,001-125,000      7d10
 8          125,001-250,000     8d10
 9          250,001-500,000     9d10

Each level after 9th requires 250,000 experience points, and the character
gains 3 hit points.

-- Page 56 --


Level       Experience         Hit Dice
  1         0-1,250             1d6
  2         1,251-2,500         2d6
  3         2,501-5,000         3d6
  4         5,001-10,000        4d6
  5         10,001-20,000       5d6
  6         20,001-42,500       6d6
  7         42,501-70,000       7d6
  8         70,001-110,000      8d6
  9         110,000-160,000     9d6
 10         160,001-220,000     10d6

Each level after 10th requires 220,000 experience points and the character
gains 2 hit points.

                                               Number of
PALADIN                                      Clerical Spells

Level   Experience             Hit Dice       1   2   3   4
  1     0-2,750                 1d10          -   -   -   -
  2     2,751-5,500             2d10          -   -   -   -
  3     5,501-12,000            3d10          -   -   -   -
  4     12,001-24,000           4d10          -   -   -   -
  5     24,001-45,000           5d10          -   -   -   -
  6     45,001-95,000           6d10          -   -   -   -
  7     95,001-175,000          7d10          -   -   -   -
  8     175,001-350,000         8d10          -   -   -   -
  9     350,001-700,000         9d10          1   -   -   -
 10     700,001-1,050,000       9d10+3        2   -   -   -
 11     1,050,001-1,400,000     9d10+6        2   1   -   -
 12     1,400,001-1,750,000     9d10+9        2   2   -   -
 13     1,750,001-2,100,000     9d10+12       2   2   1   -
 14     2,100,001-2,450,000     9d10+15       3   2   1   -
 15     2,450,001-2,800,000     9d10+18       3   2   1   1
 16     2,800,001-3,150,000     9d10+21       3   3   1   1
 17     3,150,001-3,500,000     9d10+24       3   3   2   1
 18     3,500,001-3,850,000     9d10+27       3   3   3   1
 19     3,850,001-4,200,000     9d10+30       3   3   3   2
 20     4,200,001-4,550,000     9d10+33       3   3   3   3

Each level after 20th requires 350,000 experience points and the character
gains 3 hit points.

                                          Number of Spells Per Level
RANGER                                         Druid    Magic-User

Level   Experience             Hit Dice       1  2  3     1  2
 1      0-2,250                 2d8           -  -  -     -  -
 2      2,251-4,500             3d8           -  -  -     -  -
 3      4,501-10,000            4d8           -  -  -     -  -
 4      10,001-20,000           5d8           -  -  -     -  -
 5      20,001-40,000           6d8           -  -  -     -  -
 6      40,001-90,000           7d8           -  -  -     -  -
 7      90,001-150,000          8d8           -  -  -     -  -
 8      150,001-225,000         9d8           1  -  -     -  -
 9      225,001-325,000         10d8          1  -  -     1  -
 10     325,001-650,000         11d8          2  -  -     1  -
 11     650,001-975,000         11d8+2        2  -  -     2  -
 12     975,001-1,300,000       11d8+4        2  1  -     2  -
 13     1,300,001-1,625,000     11d8+6        2  1  -     2  1
 14     1,625,001-1,950,000     11d8+8        2  2  -     2  1
 15     1,950,001-2,275,000     11d8+10       2  2  -     2  2
 16     2,275,001-2,600,000     11d8+12       2  2  1     2  2
 17     2,600,001-2,925,000     11d8+14       2  2  2     2  2

Each level after 17th requires 325,000 experience points and the character
gains 2 hit points.


Level   Experience             Hit Dice
 1      2,500-4,999             2d10
 2      5,000-9,999             3d10
 3      10,000-18,499           4d10
 4      18,500-36,999           5d10
 5      37,000-84,999           6d10
 6      85,000-139,999          7d10
 7      140,000-219,999         8d10
 8      220,000-299,999         9d10
 9      300,000-599,999         10d10
 10     600,000-899,999         10d10+2
 11     900,000-1,199,999       10d10+4
 12     1,200,000-1,499,999     10d10+6
 13     1,500,000-1,799,999     10d10+8
 14     1,800,000-2,099,999     10d10+10
 15     2,100,000-2,399,999     10d10+12
 16     2,400,000-2,699,999     10d10+14
 17     2,700,000-2,999,999     10d10+16
 18     3,000,000+              10d10+18

-- Page 57 --

KNIGHT OF THE SWORD                         Number of Clerical Spells
                                                    Per Level
Level   Experience             Hit Dice     1   2   3   4   5   6   7
 3      12,000-23,999           4d10        -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 4      24,000-44,999           5d10        -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 5      45,000-94,999           6d10        -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 6      95,000-174,999          7d10        1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 7      175,000-349,999         8d10        2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 8      350,000-699,999         9d10        2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 9      700,000-1,049,999       10d10       3   2   -   -   -   -   -
 10     1,050,000-1,399,999     10d10+2     4   2   -   -   -   -   -
 11     1,400,000-1,749,999     10d10+4     4   2   1   -   -   -   -
 12     1,750,000-2,099,999     10d10+6     5   3   1   1   -   -   -
 13     2,100,000-2,449,999     10d10+8     6   4   1   1   1   -   -
 14     2,450,000-2,799,999     10d10+10    7   5   2   1   1   1   -
 15     2,800,000-3,149,999     10d10+12    8   6   3   2   1   1   1
 16     3,150,000-3,499,999     10d10+14    9   7   3   2   2   1   1
 17     3,500,000-3,749,999     10d10+16    9   8   4   3   3   2   1
 18     4,850,000+              10d10+18    9   9   5   4   3   2   1

KNIGHT OF THE ROSE                          Number of Clerical Spells
                                                    Per Level
Level   Experience             Hit Dice     1   2   3   4   5   6   7
 4      27,000-59,999           5d10        -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 5      60,000-124,999          6d10        -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 6      125,000-199,999         7d10        1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 7      200,000-424,999         8d10        2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 8      425,000-799,999         9d10        2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 9      800,000-1,499,999       10d10       3   2   -   -   -   -   -
 10     1,500,000-1,999,999     10d10+2     4   2   -   -   -   -   -
 11     2,000,000-2,499,999     10d10+4     4   2   1   -   -   -   -
 12     2,500,000-2,999,999     10d10+6     5   3   1   1   -   -   -
 13     3,000,000-3,499,999     10d10+8     6   4   1   1   1   -   -
 14     3,500,000-3,999,999     10d10+10    7   5   2   1   1   1   -
 15     4,000,000-4,499,999     10d10+12    8   6   3   2   1   1   1
 16     4,500,000-4,999,999     10d10+14    9   7   3   2   2   1   1
 17     5,000,000-5,499,999     10d10+16    9   8   4   3   3   2   1
 18     5,500,000-5,999,999     10d10+18    9   9   5   4   3   2   1

Each level after 18th requires 500,000 experience points and the character
gains 2 hit points.

-- Page 58 --


Level    Experience            Hit Dice
 1       2,500-4,999           1d4
 2       5,000-9,999           2d4
 3       10,000-19,999         3d4
 4       20,000-37,999         4d4
 5       38,999-54,999         5d4
 6       55,000-99,999         6d4
 7       100,000-199,999       7d4
 8       200,000-399,999       8d4
 9       400,000-599,999       9d4
 10      600,000-799,999       10d4
 11      800,000-999,999       11d4

Each level after 11th requires 250,000 experience points and the character
gains 1 hit point.


Level   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
 1      1   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 2      2   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 3      2   1   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 4      3   2   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 5      4   2   1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 6      4   2   2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 7      4   3   2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 8      4   3   3   2   -   -   -   -   -
 9      4   3   3   2   1(1)-   -   -   -
 10     4   4   3   2   2   1(2)-   -   -
 11     4   4   4   3   3   2   1(3)-   -
 12     4   4   4   4   4   3   2   1(4)-
 13     5   5   5   4   4   3   2   1   -
 14     5   5   5   4   4   3   2   1   -
 15     5   5   5   5   5   3   2   2   1(5)
 16     5   5   5   5   5   4   2   2   1
 17     5   5   5   5   5   4   3   3   2
 18     5   5   5   5   5   4   3   3   3
 19     5   5   5   5   5   5   3   3   3
 20     5   5   5   5   5   5   4   3   3
 21     5   5   5   5   5   5   4   4   3
 22     5   5   5   5   5   5   5   4   3
 23     5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   3
 24     5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   4
 25     5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5   5
 26     6   6   6   6   5   5   5   5   5
 27     6   6   6   6   6   6   6   5   5
 28     6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6   6
 29     7   7   7   7   6   6   6   6   6

 1 - Usable only with 10+ intelligence.
 2 - Usable only with 12+ intelligence.
 3 - Usable only with 14+ intelligence.
 4 - Usable only with 16+ intelligence.
 5 - Usable only with 18+ intelligence.


Level    Experience            Hit Dice
 1       2,500-4,999           1d4
 2       5,000-9,999           2d4
 3       10,000-17,999         3d4
 4       18,000-35,999         4d4
 5       36,000-49,999         5d4
 6       50,000-89,999         6d4
 7       90,000-179,999        7d4
 8       180,000-349,999       8d4
 9       350,000-499,999       9d4
 10      500,000-699,999       10d4
 11      700,000-899,999       11d4

Each level after 11th requires 200,000 experience points and the character
gains 1 hit point.


Level   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
 1      1   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 2      2   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 3      2   1   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
 4      3   2   1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 5      4   3   1   -   -   -   -   -   -
 6      4   3   2   -   -   -   -   -   -
 7      4   3   2   1   -   -   -   -   -
 8      4   3   3   2   -   -   -   -   -
 9      4   3   3   2   1(1)-   -   -   -
 10     5   4   3   2   2   1(2)-   -   -
 11     5   4   4   3   3   2   -   -   -
 12     5   4   4   4   4   2   1(3)-   -
 13     5   5   5   4   4   2   1   1(4)-
 14     5   5   5   4   4   2   2   1   -
 15     5   5   5   4   5   2   2   1   1(5)
 16     6   5   5   5   5   3   2   1   1
 17     6   5   5   5   5   3   3   2   1
 18     6   6   5   5   5   3   3   2   2
 19     6   6   5   5   5   3   3   3   2
 20     6   6   5   5   5   4   3   3   2
 21     6   6   5   5   5   4   4   3   2
 22     6   6   5   5   5   4   4   4   2
 23     6   6   6   5   5   5   4   4   2
 24     7   6   6   5   5   5   5   4   2
 25     7   7   6   6   5   5   5   4   2
 26     7   7   6   6   6   6   5   4   3
 27     7   7   6   6   6   6   5   5   4
 28     8   7   7   6   6   6   6   5   5
 29     8   8   8   7   6   6   6   6   5

 1 - Usable only with 10+ intelligence.
 2 - Usable only with 12+ intelligence.
 3 - Usable only with 14+ intelligence.
 4 - Usable only with 16+ intelligence.
 5 - Usable only with 18+ intelligence.

-- Page 59 --

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