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Flashback: The Quest for Identity walkthrough


From Start, Pick Up The HOLOCUBE Located 1 Screen Below
Move To Right And Dispose Of The First OGRE
Go Left And Pick Up The Rock And The 10 CREDITS
Move Right, Let The Door Slide Open And Incinerate The Second Ogre
Pick Up PILE
Go Down ( Making Sure You Don't Plunge And Die )
Then Move Right Avoiding The Force Field And Curent Running Through Ground
Recharge Shield And PILE
Move All The Way Left And Place PILE Into Console ( This Opens The Bridge )
Once You Cross, Take The LIFT Up And Go Left
Throw Rock At Sensor So That The LIFT Stays Down
Pick Up TELEPORTER And The 2 Rocks
Take The Bottom LIFT Down
You Must Now Go Back Right ( CAUTION: There Is A Deep Drop Down, Avoid It )
CLIMB Down, Then Again CLIMB Down, Jump Down To The 2 Ogres And Hopefully
They Will Kill Each Other, If Not Dispose Of The Remaining One
Go Right And Disable The Force Field
Pick Up Rock
Kill Another Ogre
Pick Up 100 CREDITS
Pick Up KEY
Pick Up 100 CREDITS
To The Right You'll Face Another Ogre ( Make Sure To Have Your GUN Ready )
Pick Up 500 CREDITS
Go All The Way Left ( CAUTION )
Insert KEY Into Console ( This Opens A Door )
Now You Must Go Back Over The Bridge Again All The Way To The Right Where
You Recharged All Those Items
On Top Go Left, Kill Ogre, Go Up And Play With The Sensors Until You Get
To The Top
Go Right And Talk To The Injured Traveler
Give Him The Teleporter And Pick Up I.D. Card
Now Go Back All The Way Left Over The Bridge ( CAUTION )
Go All The Way Left, Down And And Pass The I.D. Card Through The Console
There's 2 More Ogres Here
CLIMB Down And See If They Obliterate Each Other, If Not Dispose Of The
Remaining One
There Is A Sensor On The Right And If You Try To Walk It Sets Of A Laser
Beam... Duck Down And ROLL Into The Next Screen
There Is An Old Hermit On The Right Who Will Sell You The Anti-G Belt For
Then    J   U   M   P    Down To The Next LEVEL...



Go All The Way Right And Climb Down To Bring Up The LIFT
From Middle Platform, Run And Jump To Get On Top
There You'll Find 2 COPS, Which Will Shoot You So You Must Dispose Of Them
After That, Talk To IAN And Activate The Chair
You'll See A Long Animation After Which You Must Talk To Ian Again
He'll Open The Door
Go Through And CLIMB Down To Kill The Ogre On The Bottom
Pick Up FUSIBLE And Return Up To Insert It Into The Console
Again Activate The Console To Bring Down The Lift
Take The Lift Up Snd Go Left
You Must Talk To MAN, After Which You Must Open The Door, Bring Up The
Lift And Go Down To The Train
Activate Map To Get Familiar With The Subway System
Take The Train To The BAR ( AMERICA )
Talk To The BARMAN, Go All The Way Right And Talk To FAUSSAIRE
Go Back To The Train And Take It To The COUNCIL ( AFRICA )
Talk To Each Moron And Give Your I.D. Card To The GOUVERNEUR
He'll Give You Working Papers
Take The Train To The JOB CENTER ( EUROPA )
Talk To MAN And Insert The WORKING PAPERS To Acccept Misison 1
You May Also Review What The Mission Is About
Take The Ttrain Tto ASIA And Collect A PACKET From WOMAN
Take This PACKET To AFRICA And Give It To MAN
Here He Will Pay You
Take Train To JOB CENTER And Accept Mission 2
You May Also Recharge Your Shield
Pick Up V.I.P
Go All The Way Right
Shoot OGRE
Pick Up And Insert KEY Into Console
Go Left And Kill OGRE
Go Left Again And Dispose Of The 2 Floating Balls
On The Top Platform Collect KEY
Go Right And Insert KEY To Open Door
Get V.I.P. And Proceed Down
Here He Will Pay You And Teleport You To The Mission Room
Insert Working Papers To Accept Mission 3
Take Train To The BAR ( AMERICA )
Talk To Customer
Go Down To Talk To COP
Go Back Behind Bar And Shoot OGRE
Then Talk To MAN And Go Back Down To Shoot The COP
He'll Leave A KEY
Pick It Up And Go Back Behind BAR To Open Floor Trap
Jump In
Go Right And Shoot The 2 TERMINATORS
You'll Get Paid And Teleported Back To Mission Room
Insert WORKING PAPERS To Accept Mission 4
Now This Level Is Not Tough But It's FAST
Step Into Teleporter
RUN To The Right, Open Floor Trap And RUN All The Way Left
Take LIFT Down, Run Right, And Jump On Tp Platform To Activate LIFT
Take LIFT Down And Go Right
In The Right Place, Insert The Correct Card
You'll Get Paid And Teleported To Mission Room
Insert WORKING PAPERS To Accept Mission 5
This Level Is Not That Easy, Make Sure You Take Your Time And Be Patient
Proceed To RESTRICTED AREA 3 ( EUROPA, Same Station )
Shoot OGRE And Go Down
Shoot Second OGRE And Get KEY
Go Down And Shoot Third OGRE
Go Left And Insert KEY
Go Left, Pick Up The ROCK And Throw It
Shoot OGRE 
RUN Left And Jump Down To Shoot Another OGRE
Go To Top Platform And Activate Sensor To Open Door
CLIMB Down And ROLL Right
Go Back Left, Down, Right, And Down
Dispose Of The COP, Open The Door And Incinerate The Flying Ball
Here You'll Get Paid And Teleported Back To Mission Room
Give Him CREDITS And Collect I.D.
Proceed To The DEATH TOWER And Give I.D. To MAN
Go In And Fond Yourself In The NEXT LEVEL...




Go Right And Kill TERMINATOR
Open Door, Go Back Right, And Recharge
Go Left, Kill TERMINATOR, And Proceed Left
open door and lift UP


Jump Up And Proceed Left
Open Floor Trap, Go Left, And Kill TERMINATOR
Activate Doors And Kill TERMINATOR
Go Left, CLIMB Up, Go Left And Kill TERMINATOR And The 2 Floating Balls
Proceed Left And SAVE Here
Go Left And Take LIFT Up


Go Right And Open Door
ROLL Left, CLIMB Up And Go Left
Watch Out For Trap Door And Recharge
Proceed Left And Watch Out For Floor Mines
Take LIFT Up


CLIMB Up, ROLL Right And SAVE Here
Go Left, CLIMB Down
From Center Platform Run Left And Jump Up To Proceed Left
Jump Over Pits And Continue Left
Take LIFT Up


Go Right, Release TERMINATOR, And Kill Him
Open Door And Go Right
Recharge And Kill TERMINATOR
On Bottom Platform Go Right And Open Door
On Middle Platform Go Right And Open Floor Trap
On Bottom Platform Go Right And Take LIFT Up


Kill TERMINATOR And Go Right
Kill Middle Floating Ball, Kill TERMINATOR, And SAVE Here
Kill Remaining 3 Balls And Take LIFT Up


Kill TERMINATOR, Open Door, And Kill The Other TERMINATOR
Take LIFT Up



You'll See And Animation Of A TV Studio
You'll Receive Money And Launch On A Space Crusade To The Next LEVEL...



Talk To HOMME And Give Him I.D. Card
Go Left, Kill Cop, And Go Left
Here Kill Socond Cop ( Use The FORCE FIELD, It Really Works )
Go Down, Kill Cop And Floating Ball
From Middle Platform Go Right And Recharge
Go Right And Kill Cop
Proceed Right And Dispose Of All The Cops That Show Their Face
Go Back Left And Recharge If Necessary
Go Right And Inside
Kill 2 Cops And Floating Ball
Move Right And Call Taxi
Climb To Top Platform
Run And Jump All The Way Right And Crack The Crystal
Proceed Inside And Right
Here Dispose Of The TERMINATOR, Take LIFT Up, Crack Crystal, And Get Key
Go All The Way Right, Jump To Middle Platform, Right Again And Recharge
Step Left And Incinerate The Robot ( CAUTION: He Explodes )
Activate Console, Go Right, Oped Door With Key, And LIFT Down
Climb Up And The Wall Will Slide Away
Take LIFT Down And Go Up
On The Right Kill TERMINATOR, Pick Up Key, And Proceed Left
Get Rid Of The 2 Floating Balls And Climb Up
Move Right And Activate Console So That The Wall Slides Out Of The Way
Then Left And Climb Down
Go Right And Deactivate The Force Field
Proceed Down, Open Door, And Recharge
Take The LIFT Up And Go Right
There Are 2 Floor Traps That I Couldn't Figure Out
They Might Be Useful To Recharge And To SAVE, But I Didn't Bother
Go Right And LIFT Down
On Left Run And Jump To Top Platform So You Can Open Door
Go Right, Pick Up Key, LIFT Up, Open Door And Step Inside
Kill Floating Ball, Jump Mine, And Run Like HELL - A Force Field Will
Follow You
Dispose Of The Floating Ball And Proceed Right To The Next LEVEL...


Level 5

TERMINATOR Will Open The Door, However You Can't Kill Him Since You Don't
Have The GUN
Run Right And Pick Up The Gun
Kill TERMINATOR And Pick Up Key
Go Right, And Open Both Doors
Proceed Up ( CAUTION: Force Fields All Over ) And Left
Go Down To Recharge
Dispose Of The Bottom TERMINATOR And Pick Up Both TELEPORT Parts
Kill Upper TERMINATOR, RUN And JUMP To Right Screen Avoiding Force Fields
Open Door And Throw Teleport Receiver
Teleport Here
Kill Floating Ball And Pick Up Teleport Receiver
Jump Down And Dispose Of SLIME CREATURE
Go Right And Kill Second SLIME
Proceed Left
Go Left And Fall Into Pit
Kill The Floating Ball In The Next Pit And Proceed Left
CLIMB Down And Enter The Teleport Beam For The Next LEVEL...



Go Right And Kill The Slime
Open Door, Recharge, Go Back Left And Take The LIFT Down
Go Down, Kill Slime, Pick Up Rock, And Go Left
Throw Rock At The Sensor To Open Door And Go Left
Activate Switchg To Open Floor
On Bottom Platform Shoot The Door, Operate Switch And Dispose Of The Slime
Collect Atomic Charge And Proceed Left
Check Out The Journal
Go Down, Open Floor, And Proceed Down
Recharge And Kill Slime
Throw Teleport Receiver Into The Pit And Teleport Down
Kill Slime And Go Down
Kill Mutant Dog And Proceed Left
Open Door And Kill Slime
Go Right, Pick Up KEY, And Step Right Into The Teleporter
Go Right And Up
Take The LIFT Up, Go Right, And Place The KEY... Next LEVEL...



Jump Up And Take LIFT Up
Be Ready To Kill The Slime And Then Collect The 2 Exposive Mice
Proceed Up
Run And Jump To Avoid The Falling Bombs
Throw The Teleport Receiver To The Left And Take The LIFT Up
Activate Switch So That The LIFT Goes Back Down
Move All The Way Left And Recharge
Go Right And Get The Teleporter Ready
Jump Into The Pit With The Slime And Activate Switch
Then Immediately Teleport
Be Ready To Kill The Slime At The Bottom
Pick Up The Teleport Receiver
Move Right, Pick Up KEY, And Open Door
Take LIFT Up
ROLL Right Avoiding The Force Fields
LIFT Down And Insert KEY
Using LIFT, Blow Up The Floor Mines
Throw Teleport Receiver Into The Pit And Teleport Down
At The Bottom Kill Slime
Then Carefully Timing Dispose Of The Organic GUTS Inside The Half-Sphere
Pick Up Teleport Receiver

Follow These Instructions Carefully:

Move Right And Leave The Teleport Receiver
Go All The Way Left And Recharge
Take LIFT Down
Move Right And Shoot 2 Slimes
you Must Dispose Of The GUTS Hanging Down From The Ceiling
To Do That, Shoot Them From The Left Side, Then From The Right
Repeat Until No More Sllime-BAGS Come Out
Go Left
Take LIFT Up And Recharge
Take LIFT Back Down
Go Back Right
Take LIFT Up And Go Right
Pick Up Mouse And Kill Slime
Pick Up KEY, Open Door, And Go Back To Recharge
Return To The Door And Take LIFT Down
Go Right And Dispose Of The 2 Slimes ( You Might Want To Use The
Exploding Mice Here)
Go Right And ROLL Through The Force Field
Leave Atomic Charge And Hit The Switch
Teleport Back
Go Right And Take Lift Up
Here You Will See The Final Animation...

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