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Psi 5 Trading Company manual

Psi 5 trading co

You are about to command your ship through one of the great
edge-of-your seat adventures of the 35th Century. Summon your
management skills and man the bridge. The physical and economic
survival of the Psi 5 Trading Company is in your hands.

You must first choose your cargo and course through the Parvin
Frontier. Then select the best crew possible from a cast of human and
nonhuman characters. As you take command of your space freighter on
its perilous voyage, your challenge will be to command the mission by
successfully managing your resources and allocating task assignments
to your crew.


For Commodore 64/128:
1. Turn off your Commodore 64 or 128 and remove all cartridges.
2. Connect your joystick to port 2.
3. Turn on your Commodore 64 or 128, disk drive and monitor.
4. After the red "busy" light on the disk drive goes off, Insert the
   Psi 5 disk into the disk drive with the label side up and close the
   disk drive door.
5. Type: LOAD "*". 8. 1 and press RETURN.

For Apple II:
1. Insert the Psi 5 disk into the disk drive with the label side up
   and close the disk drive door.
2. Turn on your Apple Computer.


For Commodore 64/128: Press the RUN STOP key.
For Apple II: Press the ESC key.

Press return or fire button to continue.


In general, all game options may be selected by using the joystick or
keyboard. Using the joystick, move the highlighting or cursor to the
appropriate place and press the fire button. You can also (optionally)
make your selection from the keyboard by pressing the key
corresponding to the first letter (or number) of the desired command.

Note: The function keys on the Commodore or direction keys on the
Apple act as joystick control:

            Joystick Equivalent
            fire button
                              up arrow
            move left
                              left arrow
            move right
                              right arrow


The display of possible courses will include their distance, cargo and
reward/payment for completion. The larger rewards indicate greater
risk, difficulty, danger and challenge in nature of your cargo. You
must arrive at your destination within a reasonable length of time.

To select your course, use the joystick and fire button (left = up,
right = down) or enter the course number on the keyboard.


In addition to the control console which you operate as captain, your
space freighter has been retrofitted for five other departments
scattered throughout its creaking hull. These are: Weapons, Scanning,
Navigation, Engineering andRepair.

You must carefully select your crew from thirty potential
candidates-five groups of six individuals trained in each department
specialty. These "assorted beings" consist of humanoids, aliens and
vaccdroids, each with different backgrounds, skills, personalities and
reactions under stress.

The six candidates for a department position will be displayed. To
examine the resume for any individual, type the first letter of the
character's name or move the joystick and select by pressing the fire
button. Once selected, the candidate's resume will be displayed for
your scrutiny. The two options presented at the bottom of the screen
will be "Welcome (name) to theCrew" or "Exit". The options may be
selected by using the Joystick or typing W or E. "Welcome. . . " hires
this person to fill the department position and the candidates for the
next department will be displayed. "Exit" returns to the same
department to allow You to examine the resumes of other candidates.


After the last department crew member is selected, You will be
prompted to remove the disk and flip it over to reinsert with the back
side up. Then press the the RETURN key or fire button to continue.

Play takes place with you (the Captain) sitting at the communications
console. The ship's view of space will be displayed on the left
console screen and the communications screen on the right will display
the department crew member with whom you are interacting at any given
time. There will also be indicators on the console showing weapons,
motion, speed and pending messages.The initial command options (main
menu) may be selected via keyboard orjoystick and include the ability
to acknowledge pending messages(communications) from any department or
interact with any specificdepartment. In general, when you select a
department, you can examine thestatus of department activities or make
(ask assignments/commands by removing, adding, or reprioritizing the
list of functions to be performed by that crew member. Because time is
money and you are in the freight business, we suggest the first
command you give is to tell the Navigator to accelerate the ship to a
given speed.  If you (the Captain) don't issue specific orders, the
crew persons in Repair, Weapons, and Scanning will eventually get
bored and startperforming tasks on their own. The detailed command
options for eachdepartment are described below. Note:  Selecting "?"
on any department command line will display pending messages.

Note: A quick exit out of any department can be taken by pressing the
CLR/HOME key for Commodore or =+ key for Apple.


Status: Display statistics of past performance (i.e., number of shots
and kills). Through this you can learn how effective the weapons
specialist (crew member) is with each weapon.

Display: Show the activity list (assignments) for the weapons
specialist to perform. The information includes the type of weapon,
number of shots, target (indicated by scanning ID). priority and
status of weapons/target.

Cancel: Removes a weapons command from the list.
Rank: Reprioritizes the weapons list.
Fire: Adds a command to the weapons list.


The general function is to identify and keep track of other vehicles
in space.

Status: Assigns ID letter to a new object in space and adds it to the
end of the list. As time progresses. more of the following information
is gathered regarding a target:

Blinking Activity Character
 o)) blinking symbol appears if this object is being examined.
 (o) blinking bullseye appears if Weapons Department has outstanding
     orders for this target.

     the class (of people)
     type (friend or foe)
     locked on to continue tracking (L)
     position of object in space (P. O.)

 Position (PO)
               In Range
                        Out of Range
 Fore (in front)
 Port (left)
 Starboard (right)

Display:This is a prioritized list of what the scanner crew person Is
to do (examine). The Information shows damage to the target ship and
recommended weapon to use.Cancel:Flemoves an action Item from the
list.Rank:Reprioritlzes the list.Examine:Adds a target to the list to
be examined. Note: Before the Weapons Dep;rtment can fire upon a
target. the Scanning Department must examine the target long determine
class and damage and suggest a weapon. This is enough to get a lock on
It. Continued examination will done by adding the target to the
scanning list at a high priority and waiting to give the scanning crew
member enough lime lo fill in the appropriate data.


In this department, the crew member can fly a specific course/speed
and control evasive maneuvering.Status:This displays course
description which Includes shortest path. medium deviation to
Porl/starboard, and full Port/starboard circumvention. it also shows
estimated time of arrival (ETA). risk factor, requested speed, Current
speed and evasive maneuvering. INF (information) scanner must be
operational for PSK (Risk) column to operate. For RETA (relative
estimated time of arrival):  means early. Means late.Display:Shows
prioritized list of possible courses.Cancel:Eliminates evasive
maneuvering.Rank:Selects course,Accel:Sets speed and allows selection
of standard or evasive maneuvering, ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT

This department is responsible for managing and allocating power
oriented devices that can be controlled. Different sections of the
ship can be shut down to conserve energy (i.e.. the port shields can
be turned off it the pirates are on the starboard side).  Defensive
weapons such as shields require a set amount of energy just to be
turned on (in operation). They can deflect an enemy shot 5by
countering it with an equal amount of energy which is drawn from
reserve battery power (it the charge is sufficient). Note that engine
power consumption is variable, depending on actual speed.Status,This
displays the Device ID, a description of It, and Its enabled state.
The ' idevice types include shields, weapons. Information Scanner and
two batteries.Display:Show classes of power, power drain, level of
activation (yes, no, partial).Rank:Prioritizes devices in relationship
to available power and thus determines which devices are on, partially
on (subject to "Brown Outs") and off. As an example, if in Navigation
the speed requested = 5 but the current speed = 4. it Is because the
engines are only partially on (at a lower priority on the list).Cancel
Unlike corresponding commands In other departments which and act upon
the "Display" list, these cancel or enable devices on theEnable:status
list. This will cause a corresponding change of status to RqC (Request
cancel) or RqE (Request enable) for pending requests.

This department is responsible for repairing damaged devices on the
ship. There are three forms of damage to a device:

1. It can still operate (at a higher power consumption),

2.The damage can be repaired.

3.The device is destroyed/dead and cannot be repaired.

The repair person is assisted by a number of robodroids. When one of
them is re-allocated or completes a task, they won't be immediately
available. It will take some time for them to return to the
department, get tools. assignments and instructions before they can
begin their next task. The robodrolds can have the following status:

1.Active - available to work.
2.Damaged - will become an item to be repaired.
3.Dead - Can never be reactivated.

Looting Note: It your ship is helpless (where engines. shields and
weapons are not functioning), the pirates can board your vessel and
start looting. You will slowly lose your cargo until one of the above
items is repaired.

Status:The first number on the first line indicates the number of
robodroids ready for assignment. The second number indicates total
robodroids available, although some may be broken, in transit. or
working on a job. This lists up to the first 16 items to be repaired
and includes I/D, description, ETFI (estimated time of repair) and
items being worked on currently (indicated by '). A blinking check
mark ( N/ ) appears before the item ID it a repair order has been
given to fix the device. 6Display@Shows what is currently being
repaired (up to 8 items) and how many robodrolds are working on it
(and the number of them assigned to work on 11).

Cancel:Removes an item from the repair list.

Rank:Reprioritizes the repair list.Assign:Adds an Item to be repaired
(and number of robodrolds to work on it) to the repair list.TO RESTAR

Selecting the QUIT function from the main menu allows you to restart
the game with the existing course and crew selection.

SUGGESTED TRAINING MISSION.-As an introduction to the game to gain
familiarity with the functions and better understand the
interrelationship between departments, try the following procedure for
your first mission. 1)Select the

ENGINEERING department and prioritize the ships power classes to
shields, weapons, charge shield battery, scanners.  engines. and
charge emergency battery using DISPLAY and several RANK commands.

2)Select the NAVIGATION department and accelerate the ship to speed 1
using the ACCELERATE command.

3)Select the SCANNING department and get a status report by using the
STATUS command.

4)Watch scanning status until the first unknown vehicle Is detected.

5)Select NAVIGATION and use ACCELERATE to stop the ship.

6)Select SCANNING and use EXAMINE to get detailed Information on the
first vehicle.

7)Use scanning DISPLAY to watch for class of vehicle, damage,. and'
suggested weapon to be filled in.

8)Do a STATUS command.

9)Select WEAPONS and FIRE AT-WILL at the target using the suggested

10)Experiment with STATUS and DISPLAY functions within both the
SCANNING and WEAPONS departments.

11) After the target is destroyed, repeat steps 2 through 7 and
remember: use the run/stop key to pause the game so you can catch your
breath and gather your thoughts. To continue playing. any key will
start up the game

12)Select ENGINEERING and turn some shields off using STATUS and

13)Select WEAPONS and FIRE one shot at a target, This will make them
mad, even if they are normally friendly,

14)Select REPAIR and get a STATUS report. Observe entries being added
as hostile targets shoot at your ship.

15)ASSIGN one robodroid each to fix several items. Flip back and forth
between STATUS and DISPLAY.

16)When you have had enough, select ENGINEERING and use STATUS and
several ENABLE commands to turn the shields back on.

17)Complete the repairs, start the ship moving. experiment, and enjoy!

Of course,being Captain on a space frieghter full of unknow equipment
can be intimidating. The best way to be is to Imagine yourself
actually as the captain andYour duties as captain require you to
investigate and monitor the different crew members and departments
often. Working too long in one department, while ignoring some others
can lead to your downfall. A wise strategy is to load up your repair,
scanning, and weapons officers with several tasks. This will insure
they will stay productive while you are busy elsewhere; One powerful
capability of the ship's computer is to monitor one department's

DISPLAY while giving commands In another.  Here are some playing hints
on a department basis: Weapons:Confirm targets to be hostile (foes) or
known enemies before shooting normally peaceful ships.
Scanning:Examine any new targets as quickly as possible. Navigation:Be
sure to monitor the

RISK column on the STATUS report. Change course to avoid overwhelming
odds, but not as often to delay reaching your destination.

Engineering:Pick power priorities to match your strategy. Consider
turning off (CANCEL) power to individual items to increase your power
management options.

Repair:Be sure to fix mission critical components as soon as possible.
(such as cargo support devices, life support systems, and power
reactors). Fix other items as to best serve your strategy. If damage
seems out of your control, it is often wise to stop the ship, divert
power to shields and weapons, and fight between many actions depend on
the Psi 5 ship to be in working order. If something appears not to be
working, check the Engineering STATUS and DISPLAY, the Repair STATUS,

ACKNOWLEDGE messages to gain clues to possible causes.We have given
you enough information to be well on your way.

We have purposely not given you every gruesome detail, because there
Is fun In learning by using your mind, Imagination.  common sense, and
by experimenting.

I wish you the best of luck on your perilous mission and may the winds
of Xaldur be In your favorite was not easy to fit the entire 35th
Century on two sides of a floppy disk.

Please let me know how you like the Psi 5 Trading Company and what
aspects you enjoy the most, You can write to me at

Accolade, Inc.,
20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., B-5/E.
Cupertino, CA 95014.

Sincerely, OaAdmiral Mike Lo en [Star Base 27 Command]

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