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Rings of Zilfin manual

R I N G S   O F   Z I L F I N

 The object of this game is to find the two Rings Of Zilfin and destroy the
 evil Necromancer Lord Dragos.


  To go from one location to another you must use the (X)it command.  After
 the save phase,  you are asked to choose from a list of roads.  A blinking
 cross on the map indicates your position.  It's best to mark eack explored
 area on a blank map.  You may want to return to some areas again.
  If there is no road in the  direction you have chosen,  a message will so
 inform you.  The maximum number of roads  leading  away from a location is
 four.  Once a road is chosen you can't go back.  You  must reach  the next
 location before going back.
  While in motion,  you can't issue any commands  until you  (S)top.  While
 walking,you can use the cursor keys to control your speed. The right arrow
 increases your speed, from One to Four.  This is of course fatiguing. Your
 fatigue loss is shown each five miles.  The left arrowslows you down.
  First use the SPACE BAR to stop if you wish to (G)et plants and mushrooms
 (D)rink from a pond, (T)alk to someone, or (R)est at night.
  Beware of Spy Birds of Dragos. If you do not kill all of them,  They will
 will return with more monsters until you defeat them all.
  Take enough food for the journey.   Wandering  monks  may  provide useful
 information and  eating plants may give you  extra powers.   Even drinking
 water form the ponds can have its benefits (And risks).

  At each location, you are typically presented with a set of options.These
 appear in a menu, and you press a key to make a choice.  Let it known how-
 -ever, that all the options are not shown.
  Multi-Level  mazes  will  greet you in two places - In the Dark Tower and
 Castle Graz.   Here you  will move in four  directions.   At time you will
 encounter doors. (E)nter them, and hopefully (X)it.
  At  times  the  power  of darkness will attack.  They can attack from the
 ground or from the air.You will be attacked with magic,such as destructive
 spells, or with physical weapons such as axes, poisionous pins, or muscle.
  You however,  are favored with both the  magic  spells  and  the physical
 weapons of a sword,  bow and arrows.  Armour protects against any physical
 blows, but not spells.

  The  only  way  to  kill  the attackers from the air is with your bow and
 arrows or casting you 'Eevi' class spells.   When firing your arrows,  use
 the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to aim.  One hit  knocks the  enemy from the

  All weapons and spells  can  be used in ground combat,  depending on your
 level and skill.   Here you must specify your direction of attack,   since
 the enemy can come from all sides.   You may fight with (S)word,  (A)rrow,
 or (C)ast an Eevei class spell.  After  issuing the  command you  indicate
 the direction you wish to attack.
  Striking with your sword is a question of Skill  level.  Once the hit has
 landed, two factors determine the damage inflicted:  Your strength and the
 type of sword.  There are ways to  increase your strength,   but these you
 must uncover in your travels.
  An  (A)rrow  scores a hit of  99% of the time.  The damage depends on the
 type of bow,and your strength.There's some randomness in the effectiveness
 of arrows.  The ash bows inflicts less damage,  and eventually will break.
 The Brom bow will serve you indefinitely, and strike harder.

 STRENGTH - Determines the damage you can wreck on the foe.  Maximum effec-
	    -tiveness depends both on your strength and on having a  weapon
	    of an appropriate level. Your Maximum strength is 99.
 ENDURANCE- Measures to pain you can tolerate yet survive. Each strike from
 	    a foe reduces this rating, depending on their strength and your
	    armour.  If this falls below zero, you die.  You start with 200
	    points; maximum is 9000.
 FATIGUE  - The  embodiment  of  your  physical  condition.  Throughout the
	    adventure you will discover many ways this can be increased.  A
	    long climb,  a restless night, or more importantly, the casting
	    of spells,  all  affect  the  fatigue.  Combat also reduces the
	    fatigue rating. This must also be kept above zero if you are to
	    survive.  You start with 50 fatigue points; maximum is 9000.
 SWORD KILL-The chance that your blows will land home with effect.  There's
	    some chance your skill wil increase when you slay an enemy with
	    your sword.  This becomes more likely as your skill grows. Your
	    skill will not grow if you kill with magic or arrows. the skill
	    level begins at 25 and can build to 66.
 MAGICSKILL-Determines the spells you can cast.  You start with no skill in
	    this area and builds to 99.
 A = Arrow Attack -Fires an arrow. Requires a direction of attack in ground
 C = Cast a spell -The (P)repare command must be used beforw a spell can be
     		   cast.The status screen shows the spell you have prepared
 		   and is ready to use.
 D = Drink	  -To  drink water and other liquids.  Requires a direction
		   during travel.
 E = Enter	  -To  go  through  doors  and other entrances.  Usually an
 F = Flee	  -To flee from combat. Low chance of success.A last resort
 G = Get	  -To pick up visible objects, plants, mushrooms, etc. Must
		   be followed by a direction  when you are in travel mode.
 L = Look	  -To search for and pick up hidden objects.  No direction.
 O = Offer	  -To make an offer to other inhabitants of this land.  The
		   program will respond,  'Offer What?'   Reply with single
		   alphabet that represents the object.
 P = Prepare	  -To prepare a spell. The program will respond with 'Which
 		   Spell?' Type the letter of the spell you wish to use.
 R = Rest 	  -Allows you to set up camp and rest at night.
 S = Sword Attack -Uses your current sword.  After pressing  (S)  you  must
		   choose a direction or nothing will happen.
 T = Talk 	  -For  conversation.  Requires  a  direction  if  you  are
 U = Use	  -The program will respond  'Use what?'  you type a letter
		   or number.
 X = Exit	  -For leaving a location.  Cannot be used during combat.
 W = Word	  -This switches you to word  input  mode.  You can type in
		   words,  one  at  a time then press  [RETURN].  Useful in
		   single prayers or speaking to another character.
  = Status   -Always works,displaying your status and putting the game
		   on hold.
 Space = 	  -Walk/Stop-Will stop you if you are walking and vice-versa.


 FOOD: Starvation is not known in Batiniq.  Each day that passes, your food
 supply is one unit less.  When your supplh falls to zero the warning beeps
 are sounded,and you must find food before the end of the day if you are to
 GOLD: Basic currency of Batiniq.  You begin with 20, and need more.
 WEAPONS: Another  basic  currency  of social  exchange.  Bows are require
 arrows.  Ash bows can break; Brom bows cannot.  Five types of sword can be
 had. Each beginning adventurer gets a short sword,you need a better sword.
 ARMOUR: Reduces the blow of your enemies:Light Armour,5; Medium Armour,15;
 	 Heavy Armour,30.
 MUSHROOMS: Eating  the  mushrooms  of Bantiq can be rewarding.  The  'Use' 
	    command enables him to eat,  and  you  indicate  your choice by
	    entering these numbers:
 1. YURPIN MUSHROOM - Increases your endurance.
 2. TERGIN MUSHROOM - Strengthens your fatigue factor.
 3. PARZIN MUSHROOM - Gives you the greatest sword skill for one blow.
 4. FUHYIN MUSHROOM - Nourishment equal to one food unit.

 PLANTS: Some plants are healthful.
 2. PURLET-Chewing these leaves will temporarily grant you immense strength 
	   good for one sword attack. Don't miss.  One hit will reduce your
	   enemy's endurance by 200
 3. MIFT  -Rubbing  these  leaves  on  your  body  leaves you immune to any
	   physical attack for one blow.  Unless aginst magic.
 4. IOLA  -An antidote for poison.
 5. JINN  -Like MIFT but stronger.  You are  invincible for five blows, but
	   your fatigue is drained by 50 points.

 OBJECTS: These  can be traded, eaten, planted, offered, ignored,  etc.  To
	  refer to them, use the letter associated with each.
A. Elvish Boots
S. Seed
I. Tobacco
B. Torch 
T. Amulet
K. Flute
C. Match
U. Pearl
L. Gem 
D. Cloak
M. Riddle Book
V. Chewba
E. Nukh
N. Staff
W. Spice
F. Prihny Powder
O. Harp
X. Elixir
G. Key
P. Toy
Y. Tea
H. Horn
Q. Ring
Z. Cookie
I. Rope
R. Silk


  Without magic, this enchanted realm can be barren.  Fortunately, you have
 the talent.   With effort you can progress from  level 1 (Apprentice),  to
 level 2 (Master),to level 3 (Grand Master) wizard. You will be able to use
 more and more powerful spells.   Cast spells with caution - They wear down
 your fatigue, and when your fatigue falls below zero you expire.

 The General Cast Of Characters:
 YOUR CHARACTER - A youth from the village of Sham in Deloria.
 LORD DRAGOS    - Evil necromancer who holds Batiniq in his grasp.
 ROLAN		- King of Deloria.
 HULKI		- Nobleman of Deloria.
 RUFUS		- King of Begonia.
 HAMDI		- King of Sumaria.
 DZOMON 	- Vicious Demon, strong right arm of Lord Dragos.
 EKLUN		- Wizard of light.
 ZIHTEN		- Another wizard of light.
 LUTFEN		- Third wizard of light.
 ZARA		- Eternal sorceress of Zaradim.
 SAM		- Halfling.
 ELA		- Elf.
 ELOMIN		- King of the elves.
 HAYRUSH	- Witch
 BOGUM		- Dragon of the legends.
 DARMAG		- Ancient guard of the enterance to Castle Graz.
 ANKHA		- Giant bird.


 HUMANS	- Youngest and now dominant race in Batiniq.  More numerous than
	  all other races.     
 HALFLINGS - A little people great appetites.Known for their furry feet and
	     peaceful outlook on life. Halflings eat four meals a day,enjoy
	     all kind of stories, love riddles,and insist on smoking a good
	     bowful of Delorian tobacco at the close of each meal.Not known
	     for combat or magic.Excellent traders and conversationalist. 
 DWARVES   - An ancient race of  short stocky people.  They mostly dwell in
	     mazes  beneath  mountains.  Excellent  trackers  and  hunters,
	     skilled at working at metals and stone, they see better in the
 ELVES	   - An enchanted and mischevious race.  They love to  play tricks,
	     are fond of music and dance.  Known for singing in the forest.
	     They do not mix with  the other beings,  and live in the  more
	     remote forest such as Tiveron and Shakamoz. The forces of Lord
	     Dragos have even driven them further into the forests. In Fact
	     the usual traces of Elves have  nearly disappeared altogether
 ZILFINS   - A great race from the past,  it  is reported that the  Zilfins
	     became extinct after the Battle  of Bihun,  many years ago.  It
	     was they who freed  Batiniq,   pushing the dark  forces to the
	     Realm of  Gurtex.  Civilization   reached its apex under their
	     leadership.   The exact reason  for their disappearance is not
	     known, but it is believed that their magic is superior to that
	     of Lord Dragos.


 DRAGON BIRDS - Spy birds.  These birds sleep in the day and roam the skies
		at night. They possess no destructive capabilities.
 BARVILS      - Being  mutated from bats by  Lord Dragos.  They attack with
		Jazzip spells.
 DENZILS      - Covered with slimey tentacles, able to cast devilish spells
 ILLETS       - Eyeless, netheless they find their prey and cast Jazzip.
 GUZUS        - Relasted to  Barvils but lack magical powers.  Fast, deadly
		their  shape  changes  as they attack and hurtle toward the
		victim,   ready  to  strike  with  their  poisonous  pins.
		Eliminating them takes patience, because they have the power
		to resurrect themselves.
 BASURS       - Flying  skulls  that  can dive at great speed to bite their
		prey.  They also have the power to resurrect themselves.
 DRA-HINNS    - Most deadly of fliers. Their spirits leave their bodies only
		after many deaths. 
 GOBLINS      - The backbone of the dark forces of  Lord Dragos.  Unskilled
		in magic, they carry large axes.
 WORSHIPPERS  - Humans who have fallen under the sway of Lord Dragos.Mostlt
		thieves, bandits and outlaws.
 SHAPE SHIFTERS-A race which long ago  elected to serve the forces of evil.
		Their physical form can be changed to any shape whatsoever.
		Their true shape resembles a human form.
 TROLLS       - A race of few brains and much brawn. Huge powerful creatures
		which kill to eat.
 GIANT SPIDERS- Formerly they were large beautiful  butterflies that lived 
		in the  forests of Batiniq.  Lord Dragos was so repelled by
		their beauty which transformed them into giant ugly spiders	
		and can only  return to their  original  shape  by  sucking
		human blood. 
 GORGONS      - Having  evolved from the same biological branch as Dragons,
		gorgons are large beasts with powerful jaws. Their metallic
		skin  is  almost impossible to pierce.  Their basic food is
		rocks and stones. They also enjoy humans....
 K-PLANTS     - The  favorite plant of Lord Dragos.  This  semi-intelligent
		beings can wait days for their prey.  They shoot poisonous
		pins and watch the person die. They kill for pleasure.
 BARG	      - A  creature with  tentacles.  On the tip of them is charged
		with high voltage electricity.
 MINA	      - Also known as the Man Eating Spider. They feed on the blood
		of humans.
 IBLIS        - Demons of darkness. Can cast deadly spells.
 ZUMAGIN      - The death ray demon.Their eye shines with a light and burns
		everything it touches.
 ZAMIR	      - A lesser demon.
 SLIME 	      - Marsh dwellers.They squeeze the life out of the unwary with
		their octopus like arms. Their slipper skin makes them hard
		to catch and kill.
 SAND-GUS     - Live in deserts. Small, fast, and large claws.
 ZORLIMS      - Also known as goblin monks. They burn city and even castles.
 DEMONDI      - Demons who carry the poison  fork  said to be washed in the
		dark streams of Gurtex.
 BAZYLRUN     - Demons with poison breath.
 HRRULS       - Singers of the dark song, indestructible by usual means. Only
		a  special  spell, with  the aid of the staff of Grumm, can 
		affect them.  The Zilfins  resorted to locking them up in a
		Dark Tower. There they remained till Lord Dragos freed them. 
		Now Dzomon is their peer,and they roam the Castle of Graz 
		and the Dark Tower as guards. 
 FERMIGONS    - Perhaps the most vicious of the Dark Forces. So fierce that
		even  Lord Dragos  fears them.  They are locked in the Dark
		Tower and Castle Graz.

  Batiniq consits of three kingdoms,  separated by mountain ranges.  To the
 south is Deloria,  to the west Sumaria,  and east is Begonia.  The  barren
 northern reaches are known as Dragonai and are inhabited onlt by the giant
 Ankha birds.  The mountains are close to impassable, except through passes
 that were  well known to  traders  in the  Zilfin times,  but now known to
 almost no one.
 DELORIA - The kingdom most free of Dragos. The current ruler is King Rolan
 who lives in the  Castle Durheim in East Deloria,  on the Aximon plain.
 TOWNS OF DELORIA: Telbiz, Ziad, Tumriz, Shaktir, Axitraz.
 VILLAGES: Sham, Perimon, Finduk, Tol-Bin, Belmonti.
 FORESTS : Feldor, Ergon, Harlosh.
 PLAINS  : Aximon, Deloria.
 DESERTS : Sysvol, Hele
 MARSHES : Irmak.
 BEGONIA - Land of King Rufus, a knowledgeable and just ruler. A place that
 suffers much from  Dragos.  Rufus lives in  Castle Razag  on the Burgol Plain.
 TOWNS OF BEGONIA: Cullarat, Tar-Im, Llorrim, Nedharm, Derymin.
 VILLAGES: Shentill, Maerdom, Faerlot, Karadum.
 FORESTS : Tiveron, Demion, Pylin.
 PLAINS  : Burgol.
 DESERTS : Eredrim.
 MARSHES : Denize, Byludd.
 SUMARIA - Here  King Hamdi lives in  Castle Rimline  deep in the forest of
 Shakamoz.  Stronghold of Dragos.
 TOWNS OF SUMARIA: Zax, Treil-Om, Shakamin, Lork.
 VILLAGES: Safines, Waylong, Varanlim, Elmo.
 FORESTS : Shakamoz, Feylong, Shimerr.
 PLAINS  : Metsny, Sara.
 DESERTS : Darizmag, Ahbap, Sharkynn.
 MARSHES : Fetren, Zaxit.


  The large and small forests of Batiniq are now very unsafe due to Dragos.
 Most  humans live on plains in  towns and  villages.  Deserts are hostile,
 full of danger and some rewards.  Most difficult of all for travel are the
 marshes, where death is as likely an outcome as life.


  It was  long ago,  some say before the Toros Mountains had thrust up from
 mother earth.  In  that day,  great wars raged between the forces of light
 and the forces of evil.  The Zilfin wizards wrought two rings,  which were
 worn by the  first speaker  at the  Battle of Bihun.  Each ring alone  was
 ordinary.   But the two rings together,  on the hand of one being, were to
 give supernatural force.  After the forces of evil  were  beaten  back  at
 Bihun, the First Speakers of Zilfin wore the rings as badge of their rank.
 This natural order,  with its peace and prosperity,  lasted even after the
 Zilfin mysteriously vanished.
  Then came Lord Dragos.  His scroll declared the perversity of his purpose
 and the strrngth of his hand was soon felt. His demons he placed under the
 command of Dzomon,  himself a tower of demonic darkness.  Suffering spread
 through  Bantiniq.   There was now no trace of the Zilfins,  as though the
 foul  incantations of  Dragos had swept then from the land.   Night-flying
 Dragon Birds,  Illets, Guzus,  Dra-Hinns and others plagued once  peaceful
 forests.  Those caught in the open had no chance. Even the industrious and
 merry  elves  fled to  more  remote  forests for safety.  Travel and trade
 virtually ceased.  If the next village could not be reach by daylight,  it
 could not be reached alive.  Even during the day,goblins raided and robbed
  However, even Dragos was not able to  subdue the  monks  of  Batiniq.  An
 ancient  spell  perserved  them.  So some news was carried from kingdom to
 kingdom by the monks.  They were the only segment  of  society not totally
  Administration of the  provinces came under the Zorlims who extorted gold
 from the helpless populace.  Any  town  that was too slow to cooperate was
 left in a smoldering pile.
 Beseiged within their castles, the former kings of the  three realms were
 defenseless, hardly able to keep themselves, much less help the peaseantry
  The beatings wore on,  until it seemed  the people were almost senseless.
 Few lights shone in this dark age, like flickering torches on a  windswept
 moor.  The forces of evil neared their final victory.


  Two prizes still eluded Lord Dragos, however:The Rings of Zilfin, and the
 Treasure of Fulgarsh. Aside from these, the paltry resistance of the monks
 and the rumors of the zilfins, naught marred the ascendency of Dragos.
  As to the rings,when Dragos first arrived at Castle Graz, hiding place of
 the rings, he had not even been able to gain entrance.First,the castle was
 placed high atop Moun Grazdreng.  There secluded from the world, connected
 with no road or trail,  it  could only be reached by flying on the back of
 the giant Ankha birds. How the  Zilfins  had traveled there was not known.
 Flying  on the Ankha was not only dangerous but difficult to arrange.  The
 elves only knew how to summon these birds. 


  After the first speaker,  the next best known inhabitant of the place had
 been Darmag, the guard. Darmag resembled a large pupmkin,his root dug deep
 into the soil, and he was more like a vegatable then a human or a  Zilfin.
 His skin was  like a bark of a tree, hard and durable.  Though he appeared
 to be a plant, he possesed intelligence and magic.  He could also surround
 himself with a wall of energy that no one could penetrate.
  When Lord Dragos and his followers appeared,  Darmag refused to give way.
 Despites  all the efforts of Dragos,  Darmag held firm.   Then the cunning
 Dragos ordered chewba, the narcotic to be brought.  The chewba leaves were
 squeezed and their juice poured into the grounds near Darmag.Since he took
 his nourishment from the earth, his roots absorbed the drug.  His defenses
 failed and he fell into a deep sleep. So Dragos penetrated the Castle.
 Thereafter chewba juice was regularly poured into the soil,and Darmag was
 reduced into a drug slave.  He would follow any  order of Dragos,  begging
 for more chewba juice.


  Once inside, Dragos searched for the Rings He opened a door which was not
 opened for centuries, inside he found a little  black chest on a low stone
 altar. Inside was ONE ring, ONLY ONE.


  The second prizr that had eluded Dragos was the Treasuse of Fulgarsh.  Of
 all the kings of this land, Fulgarsh was the most cruel.
  As his time grew near, Fulgarsh  feared that his  gold would surely  pass
 into the hands of  another.  As  he grew deathly ill,  a giant dragon flew
 down from the sky.  Bogum, Dragon of legend.  Through a window he spoke to
 the dying king.  Then astounding all,Fulgarsh arose and led the beast into
 his treasure room.
  Moments later the great chest was chained to the Dragons back and he flew
 away.  Where did the treasure go? Dragos never found it.


  Of all the witches, only one,  Zara claims to have found a eternal source
 of life.  Zara, the eternal sorceress, lives in a temple in  Begonia.  She
 does nothing without the expectation of payment.


1. Yurpin Mushroom:  Increases your endurance
3. Tergin Mushroom:  Increases your fatigue factor
5. Parzin Mushroom:  Gives you maximum sword kill for one blow
7. Fuhyin Mushroom:  Provides one unit of nourishment
2. Purlet Flower  :  Gives strength of 200 for one blow
4. Mift Flower    :  Provides immunity from the blow of the enemy
6. Iola Flower    :  Cure for poison. Restores your endurance and Fatigue
8. Jinn Flower    :  Protection from the next five blows
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