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Table Of Contents:

Introduction:                                                   Page 1

        General Strategies                                      Page  2
        Combat Strategies                                       Page  3

Episode Hints:
        Episode 1                                               Page  4
        Episode 2                                               Page  4
        Episode 3                                               Page  5
        Episode 4                                               Page  6
        Episode 5                                               Page  7

        Potions                                                 Page  8
        Money                                                   Page  9
        Trage vs. Bribe                                         Page  9
        Magical Items                                           Page  10

        Nineve                                                  Page  11
        Merlin                                                  Page  12
        Lancelot                                                Page  13

Episode Walkthroughs:
        Episode 1                                               Page  14
        Episode 2                                               Page  15
        Episode 3                                               Page  22
        Episode 4                                               Page  25
        Episode 5                                               Page  29


Spirit of Excalibur is Virgin Mastertronic's Fantasy Role Playing Adventure,
based on Arthurian Legend, primarily after the death of King Arthur.  It is
the first of a two- part series in which Sir Constantine, the rightful
successor to Arthur's throne, must use his power and forces to gain overall
control of the land of Britain and defend his lands against the many enemies
who seek to remove him and the Round Table from power.

In Spirit of Excalibur you, the player, are  the controller or mediator of
all actions made by the characters represented.   You command all of the
troops and knights that have allegiance to the Round Table.  When the Round
Table is presented with a problem or an advancing enemy force, it is up to
you to coordinate the actions and movements of the Round Table troops to
successfully vanquish the foes.

The game is divided into five major episodes .  Each episode has one primary
mission goal and a number of smaller additional quests to complete.  Not all
of the smaller sub-quests must be finished to successfully complete the game.
However, by completing the smaller quests you will often gain the support of
kingdoms that are not part of the Round Table allegiance.  These newly
acquired allies will then reward you by lending troops to you and giving you
helpful information or items that will aid you in completing your overall
mission goal.

Throughout the five episodes, your overall goal is to rule the entire land
of Britain.  After each episode is completed, you will see a map that displays
all of the lands that are under the rule of Constantine.   If, at the end of
the game you have successfully gained control of the British domain, then
you truly are worthy to be the King.  Good Luck!


At the beginning of the game, and at the beginning of each episode, you will
be shown the Round Table and all of the knights that are present at the Table,
along with some text that will inform you of problems that are currently
facing the Round Table.  This text gives you a general idea of what type of
problem you are faced with.  This text is rather vague and will not give
you a detailed description of your task.  To obtain the knowledge needed to
complete the episode, you must talk to the inhabitants of the land.  Many of
these people will offer an interesting piece of information, while others may
know little or nothing of the happenings in the realm.  Be wary, though, as some
of the people you encounter will attempt to mislead you with their tales and
others may require a few bits of coin to aid their memory.

If, due to your meager circumstances, you are unable to bribe an honest answer
out of someone, using a charm spell cast by one of the magic users would
certainly guarantee truthful answers.  Use magic with discretion, however, as
you have a limited number of spells you can cast before needing to replenish
your magical abilities.  More powerful spells require ingredients to perform,
such as the shield spell.  Many of the spells are very useful, while others
will serve little purpose for you in your quests.

In episodes where you are faced with a large number of enemy forces moving on
Camelot, look throughout the map for characters whose troops you can use.
Some will not help you at all, while others will lend you themselves and their
troops if you can aid them in some way (for example, by rescuing a kidnapped
maiden for them).  Still, others will not rally behind you until you have gained
the support of others whom they respect.  Once you have a sizable number of
troops to command, join them together and send them to intercept an oncoming
force before they reach Camelot, for without Camelot, you cannot succeed.

Take heed, if a character is killed in a particular episode, you still may be able to
complete that episode, but you may not be able to complete later episodes
without him/her.  A few of the very important characters whom you should
never allow to die are:  Lancelot, Merlin, Nineve, Bedivere and, of course, Sir
Constantine.  If other leaders are killed, you will still be able to complete the
game, but not without some difficulties.  For instance, if Sir Ector was killed in
an early episode, the troops that he would have commanded in a later episode
would no longer be a part of the Round Table's numerous armies.  With a
limited number of troops to work with, your chances of success against a
formidable foe are reduced.

When a normally armed character is to battle a magical foe, use caution.  The
best character to handle a magical beast is a magic user.  Only if a character  is
very well shielded, with magical armor and a magical sword, will they be able
to stand against an evil creature of Satan.  Take note, many helpful and
important items can be found by searching a vanquished enemy's person.  Look
for what the deceased foe has dropped upon the site of his death.


        Single combat:

There are two modes of single combat: Automatic and Manual.  The game will
automatically default to Automatic mode.  Your character will fight the foe
without any interference from you.  To Select Manual mode combat, you must
press the space bar or click on the automatic icon on the left side of the
combat screen.  This will switch you to Manual mode.  In Manual mode, the
commands are different for each type of input device, as follows:  MOUSE:
Left mouse button is a an overhead blow.  Right mouse button is a low thrust.
KEYBOARD:  key is an overhead blow, and the  key is a low thrust.
JOYSTICK: -- Due to the variations in button placement from two-button to
two-button joysticks, you will need to experiment to find out which button
activates which maneuver.  One button will produce an overhead blow and the
other button will provide a thrusting blow.

When in manual mode, the default position is the parry position.  You will not
be wounded in this position.  When attempting to attack, your chances of being
hit are increased.  You increase your chances of being hit when you attempt to
strike your opponent.  An overhead blow produces more damage to the
opponent but leaves you more susceptible to opposing attacks.  A thrust is less
effective, but leaves you in a better position to fend off further attacks. The
most effective way to defeat an attacker is to go immediately into Manual Mode.
When your opponent tries to use an overhead blow,  immediately give him a
couple of quick thrusts.  If you are not able to defeat a foe with this strategy
after  few attempts, you are probably fighting someone who is impossible for you
to defeat with the character you are currently controlling.

        Large scale combat:

There are a few strategies to work with in large scale combat.   The basic
commands of large combat simulation are quite easy to manipulate.  Simply
click on the character you want to move.  This will highlight the action options
available for that particular character.  After selecting one of the available
actions, the force you selected will carry out the action you commanded.

If at all possible, it is best to have your troops awaiting an oncoming force in
a castle or city that has a surrounding wall.  It is much easier to defend a
city from an advancing foe than to do battle with one in the rural areas of
the kingdom. Two good examples of cities which are best to defend are London and
Camelot. If you are defending against a larger force than your own, you will
have a better kill ratio if you stay in the battle for more than a single melee
round.  Unless your troops are suffering severe losses, it is recommended that
you remain in combat for at least two melee rounds.

Another good tactic to utilize during a longer term battle is to have a number
of your knights flank your opponent.  This will reduce your kill ratio during
the flanking procedure, but should greatly increase your kill ratio when your
knights fall on the enemies from the rear.  Although this maneuver may help to
sway the outcome in your favor, it is best to only use the flanking procedure
during a very large battle when you have extra knights to spare.

Although it may seem wise to have your troops divided into two or more groups
when attacking a large foe, do not use this tactic.  Because of the system
design, you can only control one battle at one time.  If you have two groups
trying to attack a single foe, only one of those troops will actually attack at
one time, this will leave you will a greatly reduced number of troops and you
will be defeated rather quickly.  Mass all of your men into one singular
fighting entity, then go and do battle with your enemy.


This first episode is mainly a training episode.  It allows you, the user, to
see how each icon works, how to go between the Scene Level and the Map Level and
how individual and group battles take place.  In Episode One, you are told that
Sir Constantine is to be the king.  However, many knights do not feel he has the
ability to be a great leader and will not follow his commands.  Constantine is
in York when a messenger tells him that he must go at once to Camelot to answer
the challenges to his sovereignty.

You will then automatically be brought to Camelot.  Along the way, you should
stop to talk to the travelers, holy men, and townspeople as they will help
inform you of events taking place in the episode.  On your journey to Camelot,
you will be faced with two major challenges:  first, you will confront an evil
Saxon knight and second, you will have to defend yourself against a small
Saxon force.  By making noble and skilled decisions, you should easily be
able to finish this episode.  Remember to gather as much information as
possible while you travel towards Camelot.


This Episode becomes a bit more difficult.  You learn of a massive gathering
of troops in the north.  These troops, led by the evil Melehan, will soon
march towards Camelot.  Before too long, you will also learn that there is
another large army of Saxon invaders moving towards Camelot.   You are faced
with a difficult task.

When selecting the characters for this quest, it is advised to bring two
knights, the leader of which should be one of the strongest knights at the table.
Bring along the holy man and all of the items that you can. Also, bring along
the magic user and all of the potions that she has available.  Don't forget to
stop by Camelot's treasury upstairs where you can collect several items.  It
is very important that the leader bring an extra shield and extra helm.  The
leader is the best character to wield the powerful Runic Blade.

At the beginning of the episode, you simply do not have enough man power to
stop the advancing armies.  At the Map Level, send the troops that you
command to London.  There, with the aid of Sir Lionel, you can hold off the
Saxon forces.  There are two other armies at Dover and Arundel.  Send two more
Knights from the Round Table to each of these cities.  These knights should be
well selected.  You will need a fast knight to go to Arundel and a knight with
a special potion to go to Dover.  These cities each have problems of their own
and cannot lend any aid to Camelot.  If you can solve their problems, you will
gain the use of the leaders and their troops.  When you gain their fealty, send
the troops to London.  With these troops you should be able to defeat Arcus and
the Saxon invaders.

Even with their aid, you will find that you cannot defeat Melehan and his huge
army.  There are just too many troops there to defeat.  While Constantine is a
good leader of knights, you need a leader of Armies.  You must find Lancelot
Du Lac!  Talk to the people and the clergy of Britain, as they will lead you to
Lancelot.  But, be wary when traveling west of Camelot, for there are evil
leaders who will kill you upon your arrival.  Even if you survive an initial
attack, there are still more evil beasts to face.   There is even a Maiden who
desperately needs your help and you must help her or you will suffer a great
loss of nobility. However, in order to help her you will lose valuable time.
Therefore, you must find a way to aid her but still continue on with your
quest for Lancelot.

After finding find Lancelot and defeating his powerful captors, many more
troops will come under your control.  Send them to fight against Melehan.  If
you have found Lancelot in a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to
stop Melehan and defeat his troops and win the episode; if not, you must find
Lancelot faster.   It is a good practice to save the game often in this episode
just before each of the major confrontations.


In Episode Three, you are faced with a giant who is protected by magical armor
who no ordinary knight stands a chance of defeating.  Not even the powerful
Lancelot can defeat the giant.  You must find items that will give Lancelot the
power to vanquish this magical giant.  While the giant is in Camelot, Melehan ,
thought to have been killed in the previous episode,  is gathering a great
army. Along with his blood brother Morgolon, Melehan and his troops plan to
again march on Camelot.  At about this time, King Andred of Cornwall will learn
of the giant and Melehan's  advances, and he too will begin to attempt an
invasion of the lands of Camelot.

Because the giant has challenged the knights of the Round Table, you must
select a knight to go and face him.  Select only one knight from the Round
Table. When the battle begins, you must withdraw that knight or he will most
certainly be killed.  As time passes throughout the episode, other knights will
go out to battle the giant and they too must be withdrawn or will suffer a
horrible defeat. Do not allow your knights to be killed by the giant.

If any of the following characters have been killed in the previous episode, it
is strongly recommended that you replay the previous episode and be sure to
spare the lives of these nobles:  Lancelot, Dinas, Bedivere, and Nineve.

Meanwhile, Sir Lancelot and Nineve will be traveling towards Camelot.  Do not
allow them to reach Camelot or they will be killed.  Intercept them and send
them to the cities of the land to gather information.  Lancelot can kill the
giant, but he needs magical items to do so.  Sir Lancelot and Nineve must find
EXCALIBUR!  Only with this mighty sword will Sir Lancelot have any chance of
defeating the giant.  The sword has been lost for years now and only a few
have clues regarding its whereabouts.  Seek the help of the clergy.

Also at the beginning of the episode, Sir Bedivere and Sir Dinas should be
returning from the treasury at Tintagel.  These two have access to powerful
armor that can aid Lancelot in slaying the giant.  Send them back to Tintagel,
and get the goods found there.  Then, send Sir Bedivere and Sir Dinas to look
for other clues that could help aid Lancelot in defeating the giant.  Again
use care, some folk you may question are sly and deceitful.

As Lancelot and Nineve are traveling the lands, word will spread to rival King
Andred of Exeter that Camelot is besieged by the giant, and he and his army will
begin marching through the lands.  King Andred is very powerful and he carries
the Gauntlets of Power.  His weaponry, combined with his unshakeable faith  in
his abilities as a warrior, make him a tough adversary.  However, if you can
send one of your knights to defeat him in a fight to the death, his army will
cease in its march against Camelot.  Be warned, he truly is a very admirable
fighter, and your knight will need powerful weapons and armor to defeat him.

Only Lancelot can use Excalibur,  but even with this sword he may not be able to
defeat the giant.  If you can aid him by supplying additional armor, then he
will certainly be able to kill the giant.  After the giant has been killed, your
leaders will move out of Camelot to gather their armies and then return.  Be
sure that all of the commandable forces are at Camelot.  If you can get enough
forces to Camelot in time, you should be able to defeat Morgolon and Melehan.


In Episode Four, fear is spreading throughout the land and you are told of many
folk simply disappearing in the night.  You must send Knights to find out just
what is causing these disappearances before you can even find a solution to it.
Among these Knights include Sir Lancelot, Nineve, and Baudwin.

During your travels, you will find some townspeople have been turned to stone
by an enchanted being.  Discover how to return them to life and they will tell
you of a creature who is roaming the lands.  You must then seek the help of the
clergy.  There is only one holyman who has the right resources to tell you of
this creature.  Be sure to get the book that he used to find his information,
as you will need it.   He will then direct you to a scholar who knows of
these creatures and of a man who can defeat them.

As your travelers seek information, you will learn that the last great Saxon
chief is planning to move against Camelot.  Again, send all of your troops to
Camelot to defend it against the Saxon hordes.   Be wary, many of the roads are
filled with evil creatures and knights.  If Sir Lancelot  is not available, you
will have to gather a small army to kill them.  The road from Lincoln to
Camelot is heavily plagued with these evil beings, so it is a good idea to have
Lancelot clear the way before sending your troops down from Lincoln.  With the
support of the Round Table troops, you should have no problem defeating the
last of the Saxon chiefs, thereby gaining control of the last of the lands of

The scholar will tell of an old magician who, in times gone by, was seen in the
lands of Cornwall.  Go to the capital of Cornwall and there, with a bit of
persuasion, you will learn of Merlin's dwelling and that it is he who can kill
the Demons.

Many evils are lurking on the paths to Merlin's cave.  Be sure to have Lancelot
lead your group as it finds its way to the coast where Merlin is.  When you find
Merlin, he won't be of much help; he has unfortunately fallen prey to a magical
prison of sorts.  Nineve will speak of a Fascinum which can be used to free
Merlin.  For Nineve to use this item she will, however, require a number of
ingredients.  Search the map for these items and you will be able to free
Merlin from his bonds.

Once Merlin is free, he will tell you that it was Morgan who cast the spell
which imprisoned him.  Only Merlin can find the point of evil where Morgan's
evil is based.  The resource that you took from the clergyman has the information
needed for Merlin to defeat the evil.  Make sure Merlin has the items required
to cast the necessary spell.

Send your party of Sir Lancelot, Nineve, Merlin and Baudwin to the point of
evil.  Sir Lancelot must defeat various beasts and knights before you can reach
the evil being there.  After each screen, be sure the Sir Lancelot has his full hit
points before continuing on.  You can replenish his health, along with the
health of all the others by the following means:   administering a healing
balm or holy water will regenerate good health as will a healing spell cast from
a magic user.

When you reach the evil  spawn of hell in the upper level of the point of evil,
have Merlin cast one of the spells that he has learned from the book on the
creature and you will complete the episode.


Once again, in this level, you will find that there are evil forces working in
the land.   Be sure to bring only the most powerful of all of your people to
battle the Demons that are plaguing the countryside.  Have Lancelot lead with
Merlin, Nineve and Baudwin following.  Be prepared to meet with many difficult

There is a rogue Priest running freely in the lands whom you should pay no
attention to.  There are many in the land who have been taken away by the
Demons who are roaming about the land.  You must assist the people who are in
need and lead them to their kin.  By helping the distressed people you will gain
their loyalty to the crown and gather information about the other locations
where evil dwells.  After you have defeated a large number of your foes, you
will have to recharge your magic users.  It is wise to gather as many flasks of
Holy Water as you can as these will make defeating the Demons much easier.
Be sure you talk to the leaders after you have rescued their kin.  This is the
only way to ensure their loyalty.

Once you have located the origin of the evil, you will be only halfway through
your quest.  The evil Morgan is far too powerful to defeat without the help God.
You must find the holiest relic in the realm.   There are few in the realm who
know anything about this relic.  Look to the wise and old woman as she may be
able to aid you.  With her help and Merlin's abilities combined you should be
able to find the location of the Holy Grail.  Once you have found the Holy
Grail you now must find the key that will remove it from it's bonds.

With the Grail in hand, you now have the ability to defeat the powerful Morgan.
She is very well guarded by many Demons and beasts.  It is best to save your
leader's magic powers and defeat the beasts without the use of magic as you will
need your magic when you face the powerful Morgan.

When you have reached Morgan, you cannot just use the Holy Grail alone to
defeat her.  You must first Negate all of her power.  Only then, can you rely
on the power of the Grail to help you defeat Morgan Le Fay.


Elixir of Loftus:

A rather rare item to be found in the game.  Only one is absolutely necessary
for completion.  It would be very wise to save one and have Merlin carry it.
The other, when used, will allow any character to convince any person that he
or she is that person's absolute best  friend, thus allowing a player to request
any item from a character and receive it without the need of money or the aid of
a magic user.

Vitality Potion:

Also a rather rare item, by using this potion a character's total number of hit
points will be increased by one.  It is good practice to give these potions to
your lead character which should primarily be Sir Lancelot.  Give these potions
to him and have him use it each time.

Healing Balm:

An abundantly found and very useful item.  Give these to the lead character of
each group.  When this he/she is fighting a formidable foe (i.e. Sir Lancelot
fighting the giant or Sir Bedivere fighting King Andred).  You can select for
the character to use a Healing Balm while in the midst of battle. To do this
when at the single combat screen, select Use Item with your cursor and then
select Healing Balm from the pop-up menu.  Note: you can only select the Use
Item command when you are fighting in Automatic mode!  Using this balm, in some
instances, can effectively double the character's hit points.  Each one of
these potions differs in its actual balm quantity.  Some may only be used once,
while other may be used as many as five times.

Prowess Potions:

By using this potion, you increase a character's combat skills.  This can
become very important when fighting a difficult foe.  Give one of these to
Bedivere early in the game, and all others to Lancelot when you can do so.

Holy Water:

This is a multiple-use item.  Each flask can be used up to four times.  By
using this item on oneself or on a non-clerical magic user character, you will
heal one hit point to that character.  By using Holy Water on an evil or
clerical magic user with low faith, you will reduce that character's health by
one point, which can be very useful when battling evil characters such as
Demons or Morgan Le Fay. This item can only be found in holy places.  Sometimes
a very noble person can simply request this item, while at other times it
requires a charm spell from a magic user to convince the clergy to part with
this item.  Any character can use this potion but a magic user should never use
this on themselves.  Only allow a magic user to use holy water on an evil
creature or another character.


You will soon learn that each character starts each episode with a certain
amount of gold.  Regardless of how much gold a character finds or seizes in
an episode, he will start the next episode with only his default amount of
gold.   It would be very wise if, when you take gold from your treasury, you
take only what you think you will need so that you don't waste any gold when
switching from one episode to another.  If you find a large quantity of gold
and you would like to be able to access this gold in the future episodes, you
can hide it behind any locked door and the gold will remain safe there until
you unlock and retake the gold.


In this section you will learn how to get the most bang for your buck.
Depending on the number of items you wish to acquire from a non-player
character, you will want to either bribe or trade with the holder.  If the
character has only one item, it is normally cheaper for you to trade gold for it.
However, if you are going to request a number of items, it would be much wiser
to bribe the character for all of the items rather than trade for each
individual item.  Most items in the game can be traded for two or three gold
pieces.  However, if you are going to trade for four different items, this can
become rather expensive.  If you bribe the character, you can receive all of the
items and information available from that character for about 5 gold pieces.
Using this alternative is wise if you are looking for a larger purchase.

How do you tell if a character has more than one item available?  Just select
Action and then select a character.  If there is more than one character
present, select the non-player character.  This will show you a list of items
that the character is holding, then simply  and conclude which method of
transaction you will to use.


Gauntlets of Power:

These are carried by King Andred of Cornwall in Episode Three and, when
used, will double the force a blow carries when striking a foe.  The only way
to get these items would be to defeat King Andred in single combat.  This is not
an easy task, although still possible, for King Andred is rather weak without
the aid of the Gauntlets of Power.  Be sure to save the game before challenging
him to combat.

Crown of Command:

Two of these can be found throughout the game both in Episode Two.  One is
very difficult to acquire; the other is easier to obtain, but still deadly to
the characters involved.  The Crowns of Command are used at a large scale
battle. To utilize the Crown of Command,  simply select the character who is
carrying the item from the left side of the battle scene, then select Use Item
and then select Crown of Command.  This will make the "do round" command
available, allowing you to control the battle by melee round rather than normal
time.  This will give you more time to decide where you would like each party
to move.

Runic Blade:

This sword can be found at the beginning of Episode Two, in the treasury in
Camelot.  Whichever character you select to use this sword will enjoy
dramatically increased combat skills.  It is very wise to use this item as soon
as possible.


The great sword that Arthur wielded proudly in the years before his death.
Lost after his demise, it was returned to its previous holder.  It can only
be found in Episode Three at the lake where the Lady lives.  It is imperative
that you find this sword and use it.  Only Lancelot can use this sword, and he
can only use it once per episode.  Thus, if you select for him to use another
sword, he will not be able to use Excalibur again until the next episode

Arthur's Shield:

This is part of the magical armor that Arthur carried when he ruled the lands.
You can find it at the beginning of Episode Three in the treasury at Tintagel.
This shield will increase a character's defensive abilities when it is used.

Arthur's Helm:

This item is also part of Arthur's magical armor and can be found in Tintagel.
Using these items together make a character's defensive abilities extremely
high, making a successful attack against him very difficult.  Note with
caution, that after using these items, a character will discard his original
armor and use Arthur's shield and helm instead.  If you find yourself in a
position where you would like two different characters to use these items in
two separate occasions, the one who uses them first must have the means of
using another set of armor instead of Arthur's.  For instance, if, after you
have Bedivere defeat King Andred, you want to give the armor to Lancelot to aid
him in defeating the giant, you must select Bedivere to use another shield and
another helm before Bedivere can give them to Lancelot.

Ring of Joseph:

This item can be found in Episode Five at Holyhead.  This magical ring left
behind by Joseph of Arimathea, a noble man who during his life possessed the
Holy Grail, is used to open the magically locked door where the Cup of Christ
is resting.

Holy Grail:

The Holy Grail is found in Anguish in Episode Five and can only be used by the
most pious of holy men who manifest extremely high levels of faith.  Using the
Grail is the most effective way to defeat Morgan Le Fey, although it is not an
easy task by any means.




Casting any spell requires the use of Magic Points.  After Nineve has exhausted
all of her magic points, she can no longer cast any spells.  If you find that
it is necessary for her to cast more spells, you must send her to Stonehenge
alone. Once Nineve has reached Stonehenge, select for her to use the spell of
Repletion and her magical powers will be replenished.

Summon Undine:

Excalibur has been thrown into a lake.  In this lake resides the Lady of the
Lake. She is the current keeper of Arthur's great sword.  The only way to find
the sword is to find the Lady of the Lake.  There are many lakes in England and
once you have reached the lake that contains Excalibur, you must command
Nineve to cast this spell to summon the Lady of the Lake, who will then give
the sword to you.


Casting this spell on a character will increase the character's health by one
hit point.  You can only increase health to that particular characters' maximum
hit point value.


Casting this spell on most characters will convince them that you're their best
friend, which in turn will make them very accommodating.  They will give you
anything they have (except gold) and tell you all that they know.


For Nineve to cast this spell she must have a Bat's Wing.  By casting this spell
on a character, that character's ability to defend themselves against magical
attacks is improved.


Nineve must have a Hell's Bane to cast this spell.  By casting this spell on
a character, that character's ability to defend his or herself against normal
non-magical attacks is increased.


This spell is used in Episode Four when you run into the Stoned people.
Casting this spell on a person who has been turned to stone will return him
to his living flesh state.  Doing this to a Noble man will ensure his loyalty
to the realm.  Seek out all of the Noble people who suffer from this



This spell, similar to Nineve's Shield Spell, will replenish Merlin's magical
power when performed at the place of power, Stonehenge.


Casting this spell on a character will increase the character's health by one
hit point.  You can only increase health to the character's maximum hit point

Point of Evil:

In Episode Four, there is great unrest regarding an evil place in the Forest
Sauvage.  If you search the area, you will not be able to find the actual place
where this evil is stemming from.  However, if Merlin casts the Point of Evil
spell when you return to the Map Level, you will see a castle of ruins in the
midst of the forest.  Only with this spell will you be able to locate the evil
place in Episode Four.

Nomed Nommus:

If Merlin casts this spell in the presence of a Demon,  the Demon will be
killed. If you look carefully you will see that the Nomed Nommus is simply
Summon Demon spelled backwards.  This is the most effective way of defeating
a Demon, although it does require a large amount of Magic and a Belladonna
every time that it is cast.

Negra Potis:

Casting this spell on a magic user will negate all power that magic user has
for ten seconds real time.  It will also negate the power of all other magic
users in the room.  The only type of magic that is not affected by this spell
is clerical magic.  This very powerful spell requires a number of items to
cast: a portion of Holy Water, a Fyrd's Stone, and an Elixir of Loftus.  Use
this spell against Morgan Le Fey as this is the only way you will have a chance
of launching a successful attack against her.

Nostra Portalis:

This spell is a bit of a red herring.  There is no absolute need to cast this
spell anywhere in the game.  However, doing so may bring about some interesting
results.  Casting this spell will open a hole to the dark world.  If a hole like
this is opened there is a chance a Demon may find his way through the hole and into
the lands of Britain.


Lancelot starts each episode with 5 magical points.  Although he has no spell
casting abilities, there is a need for these magic points.  Using Excalibur
requires exactly five magic points.  Thus Sir Lancelot can only use Excalibur
once per Episode.  If you give Excalibur to another character after Lancelot has
used it, Lancelot will not be able to use the sword again until the next episode when his
magic points are naturally regenerated.  It would be wise to reserve the sword
for Lancelot's exclusive use throughout the entire game.


Episode One:

Episode One is rather easy to complete.  To assist the player in future levels,
there are a few items hidden throughout this episode that will become very
valuable for the player in later episodes.  Your primary objective for this
level is to move from York to Camelot without being killed.  On your journey
you must prove yourself a worthy successor of King Arthur by doing noble deeds
and acts.

When you start the game, you will be told of the current status of  Camelot and
its surrounding lands.  Then you will see a graphic of a King Clariance speaking
to Sir Constantine, telling him that he must go to Camelot and claim his
rightful throne.  After reading this text, click past it and you will
automatically go to the Map Level where you will see Sir Constantine again,
automatically moving towards Camelot.  On your way, you will meet with different
characters at towns and on pathways.  It is not necessary to talk to all of
the people you meet, but it is a good idea if you are new to the game.

Upon reaching Lincoln, you will be challenged to a fight to the death against an
evil knight named Lupinus (see Single Combat Strategies).  If you defeat
Lupinus, you will gain the fealty of Sir Villars and his troops in future
episodes. To be considered a worthy King, you must be able to defeat an evil
knight such as Lupinus.

After defeating Lupinus, go to the Map Level and where you will again see Sir
Constantine moving toward Camelot.  Approximately halfway to Leicester, you
will be met by Sir Bellengerus and his troops.  If you join with them, they
will escort you  to Camelot.

You should now be able to see another icon moving on the screen.  If you are
unable to see another icon, move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.  This
will force the map to scroll down, the direction in which your characters are
traveling.  This other icon is Andulf, a Saxon leader along with his troops who
are moving against Leicester.  When Andulf and his troops reach Leicester, you
will be prompted to view or ignore a battle about to take place there.  If you
view it, you will not be allowed to control any of the characters moving; thus,
it is recommended that you ignore the battle unless you would like to view how
a large scale battle works.  After joining with Sir Bellengerus, you will
automatically move towards Leicester.  Upon reaching Leicester, your troops
will attack Andulf and you will again be prompted to view the battle.  You
should be able to defeat Andulf rather easily.  If you are prompted to fall back to
the walls due to heavy troop losses, select no and you will continue fighting
until you have defeated Andulf (see also Large Scale Combat Strategies).  Once
you have defeated Andulf, you will gain the fealty of Sir Gahalantine.  These
two acts of Nobility will ensure your position as a worthy successor to King

By returning to the Map Level, you with see that your group will again be
moving towards Camelot.  You should intercept them by selecting the horse
icon.  This will change your pointer to a red arrow.   Place the red arrow over
the shield icon of Sir Constantine and his group (Sir Constantine has a blue
shield with three white chevrons across it).  Doing this will change your
pointer to a red arrow with a the word TO next to the arrow.  Place the icon
over the town of Water Newton (Water Newton is just to the right of Leicester).
This command will send your group to Water Newton.

Once in Water Newton, you will meet with a Healer who has a few items your
future parties may need.  Since the Healer has a number of items that you will
require from him, you should bribe him with five gold pieces and select for
Constantine to request each item from the Healer.  You will not be able to
retrieve the gold you have given him.  Return to the Map Level and send your
characters to Rochester.  Rochester is almost straight south of Water Newton,
approximately in the middle of your map.  Moving these characters will now
require a slightly different command sequence.  Because Sir Constantine is at
a city with another Round Table knight, you must select the "G" or horse icon,
select or click on the city that the characters are in, and select or click on
Sir Constantine from the list of characters.   Next, select or click on the
city you which to send the characters to, which is Rochester.  Now, because Sir
Bellengerus and his troops are followers of Sir Constantine, they will follow
Sir Constantine to their common destination of Rochester.

In Rochester, you will meet another Healer, who, again, will have some items
for you.  Select Constantine to bribe the Healer with five gold pieces and
request each item from the Healer.  Return to the Map Level and send your
characters to Salisbury.  Salisbury is just to the left of Camelot on your
game map.

In Salisbury, Constantine will meet with an Apothecary.   Have Bellengerus give
all of his gold to Constantine.  Why?  Because this will make it easier for one
character to hand out all of the items in forthcoming episodes.  Again, select
Constantine to bribe the Apothecary and request each of the items.  When
finished with this task, feel free to travel the countryside, familiarizing
yourself with all of the different locations on your map.

Now send Constantine to Camelot where he will be met by a guard.  After
speaking with the guard, select the GATE icon to go inside where Sir Bedivere
awaits you to give you the final text of the episode.  If you have successfully
completed the previous instructions, you will have won the episode.  If you
have made a mistake, you will have to repeat the episode from the start until
you have gained a higher level of Nobility.

Episode Two:

NOTE:  This episode may become a bit confusing as different characters arrive
at different locations at nearly the same time.  The movements of characters has
been segmented to avoid a rash of multiple messages which are character
specific or character related.  Depending on your efficiency to initiate commands
which halt time relative to actions, there is a possibility that numerous
different characters will arrive in different locations and that these different
characters will require specific commands that may confuse a novice user.  To
reduce confusion, read ahead through this episode walk-through and familiarize
yourself with each character's starting place, destination and objective.

At the beginning of Episode Two, you will be shown a picture of the Round
Table and a few different knights.  The knights that are present are the only
ones who are following the leadership of King Constantine.  You are told of
great unrest in the northern regions of the realm, and that someone must go
and investigate the problem.  Melehan is moving towards Camelot.  He and his
troops are coming to avenge his father's death.  Not only are these men moving
against you, there is a large group of murderous Saxons moving through the
land as well.  With the number of troops that you now command, you have a
very slim (or nil) chance of defeating both of these foes.  You are going to
require the help of a great leader.  The only man known in the realm who
possesses such a high level of leadership abilities is Lancelot Du Lac.  Once
you have found Lancelot, many of the other leaders and their troops will join
him again in Camelot. This episode is a true test of a player's skills.  It
would be wise to begin saving the game frequently.

Begin by selecting Sir Bedivere to lead a party.  Do not select any other
knights to follow him; we will use them shortly.  After you have selected
Bedivere to lead, select the finished icon on the bottom right area of the
screen (or select 'f' from the keyboard).  You will now be in the main hall
of Camelot.  Go to the chapel where you will meet with a holy man named Baudwin.
He will offer a few items to you.  Select the Holy Water.  He will now ask if you
would like him to join you.  Select Join Party.  After selecting for Baudwin to
Join Party, you will again be in the main hall of Camelot.  Return to the chapel
and have Bedivere pick up the rest of the items there.  Now, click on the left
side of the screen to go back to the main hall.  Next, you shall go to the
Enchanter's Lab.

Click on the staircase in the main hall to go to the Enchanter's Lab.  Here
you will meet with Nineve, who was a pupil of Merlin's before his
disappearance. Select Vitality Potion and Prowess Potion from the items she will
offer you.  She will then ask if she can join you on your quest.  Again, select
for Nineve to Join Party.  Have Nineve pick up the Bat's Wing, Belladonna and
Elixir of Loftus. Select for Bedivere to pick up the Healing Balm.  Do not have
any character pick up the Dragon's Bane; instead, leave it in the lab for now.
Next ,you will go to the Treasury room by clicking on the staircase in the
background of the Enchanter's Lab.  You will now be in the entrance to the
Treasury.  There is a key and a knife here.  The knife is not needed to complete
the game and should be left there.  The key opens the door on the right side of
the room, but leave it here for now.  Nineve has a key already in her inventory,
so you may select  for her to USE the key.    After she has unlocked the door,
click on the area of the open door and you will enter the Treasury.  Once in
the Treasury, have Sir Bedivere pick up the helm, the Runic Blade, the shield
and 30 gold pieces.  Have Sir Bedivere 'USE' the Runic Blade.  This will give
him the added power that the blade holds. Now have Nineve pick up the Fascinum
Terrere ,the Fascinum Laxus and the Fyrd's Stone.  You are now finished with
the first part of character set-up and it is time to select the map icon.
The characters who are led by Sir Bedivere will now automatically travel to
Salisbury where they will meet with a guard.  It is not necessary to stop and
talk to the guard, but if you feel an urge to do so, then so be it.

You must now prepare another character for a different sub-task. Select the
Magnify action and move the cursor over to Camelot.  Use the Gate Icon to go
inside and click on the left side of the screen to go to the Round Table.
Select Ector to lead a new party.  From the main hall, go to the Enchanter's
Lab and have Ector pick up the Dragon's Bane.  From here, go up to the Treasury
entrance and have Sir Ector pick up the key, use the key and then drop the key.
Proceed to enter the Treasury.  Command Sir Ector to pick up 20 gold pieces.
Select the Map Icon and Ector will now go to Salisbury where Bedivere and his
party are.  When Ector arrives, DO NOT join with Sir Bedivere.  Instead, select
to continue on or stop and talk if you would like to view the scene.  If you
continue on past Bedivere, also continue past the townsman.

It is time to start moving some of your characters to more strategic positions
throughout the land.  Use the "G" command (or click on the horse and rider
icon), and send Sir Gahalantine and troops from Leicester to London on your
map.  Again, select "G"  or applicable icon and send Villars and his troops from
Lincoln to London.   Rather than entering Camelot at this point, just use the 'G'
command to send Sir Lavain from Camelot to Arundel.  Sir Baldric has a small
problem which he will inform you of when Lavain reaches Arundel.  Send Sir
Ector, who should by now be in Salisbury, to Dover, which is on the eastern
most side of the map slightly below the middle of the map.  Now, send Sir
Melias, who is in Camelot,  to Dorchester.

The characters you have commanded are going to start arriving in various
locations rather quickly.  If you carried out the directions accurately, they
should arrive in the following order.  Lavain will reach Arundel, where he
will meet with Sir Baldric.  Stop and talk to Sir Baldric.  Sir Baldric explains
that his daughter has been kidnapped and that he cannot help the Round Table
forces until her safe return.  After clicking past this text, you will be
automatically sent back to the Map Level.  There will now be a new icon just
north of Arundel. This is Cynewulf, another Saxon.  Quickly select the GO icon
and then click on Lavain at Arundel.  Next, click on the icon of Cynewulf.
Sir Lavain will now seek Cynewulf.  Choose Lavain to go to Arundel earlier
because Sir Lavain is fast and will catch Cynewulf before he has a chance
to escape.  Now would be a good time to save the game.

Sir Ector will encounter a traveler.  It is not necessary for you to stop and
talk to this traveler as he will only tell you of a group of Saxons that are
gathering in East Anglia.  Be careful when traveling north.  Sir Ector will
now continue on his way to Dover.

Send Baudwin to Almesbury to build his faith, for he has a great task to perform
at the end of the last episode.

Send Sir Bedivere and his followers to Dorchester, now trailing behind Sir
Melias.  We sent these two different groups to the same place for a reason that
will come up soon enough.

Now, Sir Lavain should catch up with Cynewulf.  If, by chance, Sir Ector runs
across Cynewulf prior to Sir Lavain catching him, stop and restore your latest
saved game.  Sir Lavain must be the one who kills Cynewulf.  Go There and
fight Cynewulf.  If you defeat him, Sir Baldric's daughter will say that you
must get word to her father.  If you do not defeat him, you must replay a
previously saved game until you do defeat him.   After reading what the daughter
has said, return to the Map Level where you find the daughter now leading Sir
Lavain to Arundel.

At about this time Sir Gahalantine will be reaching London.  When he does, he
will be met by Sir Lionel.  Do not stop and talk to Sir Lionel.  He will just
speak of his problems and why he cannot help the Round Table forces.

Sir Melias should now reach Dorchester where he will be met by a knight who
will challenge him to a contest of arms.  Decline this challenge.  Sir Melias
has a very difficult task ahead of him in which he will need all of his hit
points to survive.  As soon as he arrives, send him to the point between Bath
and Ilchester, at the 'T" in the road that leads to Glastonbury.  We have sent
Sir Melias ahead, because he will meet with a maiden here whom we don't want Sir
Bedivere to meet.

Sir Bedivere will arrive at Dorchester about now and be met by the same knight.
Continue on past the knight and send Sir Bedivere north and just slightly east
to the edge of the tree line.  Be sure to save now.   When Sir Bedivere sights
the Fell Beast and prepares for single combat select Go There.  Sir Bedivere,
with the aid of the Runic Blade, should be able to kill the Fell Beast without
too much trouble. If he dies, restore your saved game and play it until you can
defeat the Fell Beast.  During battle, if Sir Bedivere is taking a large amount
of damage, have him use a Healing Balm during the battle.  You need him fairly
healthy in the near future, so if you are having a very difficult time defeating
this Fell Beast, just continue on through the game.  You do not have to kill
this beast to win the game.  Just be sure that you have a good amount of
distance between Sir Bedivere and Sir Melias and send Sir Bedivere to
Glastonbury following Sir Melias.  After killing the Fell Beast, Select Sir
Bedivere to pick up all he can see. Once you have done this Search the Fell
Beast until you find the Crown of Command, which is useful when in the midst
of a large scene battle.  As soon as you have returned to the Map Level, send
Sir Bedivere to Glastonbury (if you haven't already done so).

When the daughter reaches Arundel, she will meet with her father Sir Baldric.
Stop and talk to him and he will give his fealty to you and the Round Table
forces for saving his daughter.  You will now be automatically returned to the
Map Level.  Select Sir Baldric and send he and his troops to London.

Sir Melias will encounter a maiden and you will automatically be brought to the
Scene Level where she will ask for your aid in rescuing her sister from the
evil knight who is holding her captive.  Select to Assist the maiden and she
will lead Sir Melias to Lyonesse Castle.

When Sir Ector reaches Dover, Magnify in on the castle and go inside.  Once
inside, you will be met by Sir Palomides who will challenge Sir Ector to a
contest of arms.  Decline his challenge.  Sir Palomides will also speak of a
foul beast that is now plaguing the roads leaving Dover.  You will
automatically be returned to the Map Level.  Next send Sir Ector slightly east
of Dover where he will meet with a Fell Beast.  Go there to view the battle.
As soon as the battle begins, select Use Item and have Sir Ector use the
Dragon's Bane on the Fell Beast.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  Once the
beast is dead, return to the Map Level and send Sir Ector back to Dover.  Again
in Dover, go inside and decline the contest of arms.  Sir Palomides will now
give his loyalty to the crown. Send he and his knights to London.  Also, send
Sir Ector to Rochester.  He will be traveling now to seek some more items.

When Sir Villars and Sir Baldric reach London, have them all join together. As
you may have noticed, there is a new icon moving closer to London.  This a
Saxon leader named "Arcaus".  You will soon be in a large scale battle with
these two groups.  Sir Palomides should also be able to reach London before
Arcaus. Again, have him join with all of the others there.

When Sir Bedivere reaches Glastonbury, Magnify on the holy grounds and go
inside.  Once inside, you will meet with a man named Sir Bors who is a holy
man, and also a knight of the Round Table.  He is a difficult man and will not
be willing to give you any good information about Lancelot at this time.  You
are going to have to take more drastic measures.  Have Nineve use her magic to
charm Sir Bors.  He will then be a bit more willing to talk to you.  After
gaining this newly found knowledge, send Sir Bedivere and Nineve to Cardiff.

By now, Arcaus should have reached London.  Go to the battle and take note of
the actions going on there.  Fall back to the walls if you are prompted to do
so.  It may take a couple of rounds, but you will defeat him.  Once you have
fallen back to the walls, be sure to keep moving your characters that are on
the map but not engaged in the battle.  Now would be a good time to read ahead
a couple of pages to know what to do with your characters once they begin
arriving at their various destinations.  Also, keep a close eye on your leaders.  If
one or more of them take more than two hits of damage, be sure and retreat
them from the battle.  By defeating Arcaus, you will gain the fealty of Sir Lionel
who now believes in the power of the Round Table.

Sir Ector will reach Rochester sometime during the battle with Arcaus and his
Saxon hordes, and he will be met by a townsman.  Continue past the townsman
and wait until the battle with the Saxons is over.  Then, send Sir Ector to the
small hut with is due north at the top of the lands of East Anglia.

Once Sir Bedivere reaches Cardiff, he will be met by an old woman who will tell
him that the master is not home and that she does not know when he will return.
Maybe a little monetary compensation would aid her memory.  Bribe her with 5
gold pieces and she will tell you of a man named Grud who is at Caerwent.  This
is the guide that Sir Bors was speaking of.  Send Sir Bedivere to Caerwent.
Once there, stop and talk to Grud.  He will also require a small donation of 5
gold pieces before he gives you some worthwhile information.  Not only will he
be willing to tell you that his master has traveled north, but also that he
himself has a key that you will need.  Have Sir Bedivere request this key and
return to Cardiff.  This would be a good time to save.  Sir Melias is
approaching Lyonesse Castle and you will have a very tough fight ahead of you.

Sir Bedivere will again reach Cardiff.  This time go inside the castle where you
will find a golden chalice and a locked door.  Have Nineve take the chalice, and
command Sir Bedivere to open the door with the gold key that he received from
Grud.  Go inside the room that was locked and you will find a map and the
Livre D'Sangrail, a book which speaks of the many tales of the Grail.  Have
Nineve pick up both of these items.  If you use this map, it will show you where
Lancelot was going, to a destination some distance north of here, which we have
not seen before.   If you return to the Map Level, you will find a new castle
between the castle of Chester and the kingdom of York.  Send Sir Bedivere to
that location which is Morgolon's Castle.

Sir Melias will soon reach Lyonesse castle.  Outside of the Castle is a powerful
and evil knight named Morwick.  You must do battle with Morwick to save the
Damsel whom he is holding.  This is extremely difficult and may take a few
attempts, but is very important that you complete this rescue if you want to
control all of the lands at the end of the game.  If you can kill Morwick, you
are indeed a worthy fighter, for the ignoble Morwick will usually run from
combat when he realizes that he is about to be beaten.  Once you have defeated
him, go inside where the Damsel is.  As your reward, she will give you a flask
of Healing Balm and also control of her lands in the area of Cornwall.  Having
taken the Healing Balm, return to the Map Level and send Sir Melias back to

When Sir Ector reaches the small hut, you should stop and talk to the old crone.
She will have little information for you, but she will have a portion of Bat's
Wing that you will need.  You should trade her two of your gold pieces in
exchange for her Bat's Wing.  After acquiring the Bat's Wing, send Sir Ector
to Water Newton.

Sir Bedivere will arrive at Morgolon's Castle and be met by two guards.  Go
there and kill the two guards.  Continue on inside, where you will be met by
two more guards.  Have Sir Bedivere kill these two guards as well.  If you
haven't saved recently, go back to the Map Level and save the game.  Now, go
upstairs inside Morgolon's Castle where you will find a brass key.  Pick up
this key and again go upstairs.  Next, you will be faced by a difficult opponent,
a Necromancer, who is a powerful magic user.  You should be able to defeat
him if Sir Bedivere can strike the first blow; if not, be prepared for a tough
battle.  Once you have defeated the Necromancer, use the key to open the door.
Inside you will find Lancelot, who has been held captive by the Necromancer.

After saving Sir Lancelot, he will again rejoin the Round Table forces, bringing
with him a large number of his followers.   After reading some of his text, you
will be returned to the Map Level, where you will see a large number of icons
now moving towards Camelot.  Intercept the following knights and send them to
London:  Sir Galihodin, Sir Nerovens, Sir Balamore, and Sir Sadok.  Send all of
the other new icons to Camelot except for Sir Lancelot.  Send Sir Lancelot to
Salisbury, where he will meet a few of the other knights.  You now  have a very
large group of forces going to Camelot, many of whom will meet with travelers
and others on their journey.  Send your forces on to London.  Once your
individual forces begin to arrive in London, have them all join with one

Once you have all of your forces moving in the right direction, send Bedivere to
Cardiff.  When Sir Ector reaches Cardiff, send him on to Carmarthen to acquire
some necessary items.  Pay attention!  You will only be prompted that Sir
Bedivere has reached Cardiff and then you will see many messages coming up
regarding troop movement throughout the lands.  Check to be sure that Ector is
still moving towards Water Newton, as he has a tendency to become lost in the
vast lands of the Round Table.   Once Ector reaches Water Newton, he will be
met by a healer.  Trade two gold pieces for the Healing Balm that she has and
then send Ector to Brough-on-Humber, just north of Water Newton.  Once in
Brough-on-Humber, Sir Ector will meet with an Herbalist.  Again, trade with the
Herbalist for the Healing Balm.  By now, Melehan should be almost to Lincoln,
so be very careful when moving Sir Ector.  If Melehan meets with Sir Ector, he
will have Sir Ector killed.  Sir Ector's journey is now finished and we will
send him to meet with Sir Lancelot and give him the items that he has gotten
on his travels.  Next, send Sir Ector to London and then onward to Salisbury
where he will meet with Sir Lancelot.

Sir Melias should now have reached Dorchester.  You may have him fight with
the guard now if you so please, but, when he has finished with his squirmish,
move him on to Salisbury where Lancelot should be awaiting him.  Once Melias
reaches Salisbury, do not join him with Sir Lancelot.  Instead, stop and talk
to Sir Lancelot.  On the Scene Level, have Sir Melias give the Healing Balm
he acquired from the damsel to Sir Lancelot and then send Sir Melias on to

When Sir Bedivere reaches Carmarthen, he will be met by an Apothecary, stop
and talk to the Apothecary and bribe him for the items that he has.  After
acquiring these three items, send him to Cardiff and then on to the second small
hut on the trail to Salisbury.  Once at the hut, trade with the old crone for
the Belladonna and send Sir Bedivere to Salisbury to meet with Sir Lancelot.
When Sir Bedivere arrives in Salisbury have him give the following items to Sir
Lancelot: Vitality Potion, Prowess potion, all of the Healing Balms and Holy
Water.  Now have Sir Bedivere give to Nineve the Belladona, the Mandrake, and
the Hellsbane.  These items will be required for Nineve to cast certain spells
in the future.

King Constantine should now be sent to Salisbury to meet with Sir Lancelot.
Upon the King's arrival, select for him give to Lancelot both of his Vitality
Potions and both of his Healing Balms.  Now, have King Constantine give
Nineve both of the Hellsbanes, the Bat's Wing and the Belladonna.  When you
have completed the above actions have Sir Lancelot use all three of the Vitality
Potions and the Prowress Potion.  After having completed this, send all of the
members of the group to Camelot.

You should now be awaiting the arrival of Melehan, along with a large group of
evil knights he is commanding.  Check to be sure that each of the following
knights and their troops are in London:  Sir Nerovens, Sir Balamoure, Sir
Galihodin, Sir Palomides, Sir Gahalantine, Sir Baldric, Sir Villars, Sir Lionel
and finally, Sir Sadok.  If any of these knights are not present ,find them on
the map and send them to London.  However, if all of these knights as present,
simply wait until Melehan and his troops arrive.  With this sizable group, you
should be able to defeat him in just a couple of Rounds.  After doing so, you
will have completed this episode.  Congratulations, you have just completed the
most difficult episode of the game.

Episode Three:

Before the start of Episode Three, you will see a cliff hanger of a giant
outside of Camelot.  This giant has magical armor and can not be killed by
feeble non-magical attacks.  Lancelot alone cannot defeat this foe.  He will
need to use a magical item which allows him to defeat magical beings.  Lancelot
must find Excalibur.  Only then will he stand a chance of defeating the giant.
By doing so, he will release all of the knights that are now held in Camelot.
At the start of this episode, you must choose a character to meet with the
giant.  You can select any one of the characters displayed.  Once you have done
so, go to the Map Level where you will be prompted to view the battle.  Always
view the battles with the giant.   As soon as the fighting begins at the battle
scene, select for the character to withdraw from the combat, as only Lancelot
can defeat this creature. If you let other knights do battle with the Giant,
they will all be killed. Therefore, be sure to have them all withdraw until
Sir Lancelot brings Excalibur to slay the beast with.

At the start of the episode, select Lionel to face the foe.  Again, go straight
to the Map Level.  Immediately withdraw from the combat when you meet with the
Giant.  Withdrawing will make Sir Lionel suffer a loss of nobility, but this way
he will keep his life.

Meanwhile, back at the Map Level, you will find that Sir Bedivere and Sir Dinas
are in the Dorchester area and that there are Bandits close by.  Send Bedivere
north about a inch on the map until the Bandits have passed and then send he
and Sir Dinas to Tintagel.

Just north of Camelot, you will also find Sir Lancelot and Nineve traveling
towards Camelot.  You must not allow them to reach Camelot.  They must be
intercepted and sent to St. Albans.

Soon, you will learn that Melehan is again moving towards Camelot starting in
York, forcing King Clariance to flee from his realm.  This is yet another reason
why you must defeat the giant, so that you can free your knights and get them
organized to defeat Melehan before he can reach Camelot.  There are also many
groups of Bandits running across the lands but, at this point, they do not
present a direct problem to the Round Table forces.  Although these vermin can
kill any traveler and destroy many towns, they will not attack Camelot.

Sir Lancelot should reach St. Albans where he will meet with a townsman who
will inform him that the Friar is not in and that he is at Canterbury visiting
the Arch Bishop.  Send Sir Lancelot to Canterbury.  Do not send Nineve with him.
Once Sir Lancelot's icon begins to move, intercept it and send Nineve back to St.
Albans.  She will again meet with the townsman who only has the same
information as before.  Thus, it is recommended that you continue past him and
wait for Sir Lancelot to reach Canterbury.

Once Sir Lancelot reaches Canterbury, he will meet with the Archbishop Dubric.
Dubric will inform you that although the church holds many relics of power, he
has none that could be used against a giant.  He also tells you that Friar
Albert has just left to return to St. Albans.  Go back to the Map Level and
send Sir Lancelot to Cambridge.

Now Magnify on St. Albans.  Nineve, who is still there, will meet and talk with
Friar Albert.  At this time, the Friar does not find Nineve noble enough to go
find the sword of Excalibur, let alone wield it.  A bit of magical persuasian
would make him much more willing to give you all of his information.
However, as much as the Friar is respected as a knowledgeable person, this time
his information is not exactly correct.  Send Nineve directly to rendezvous with
Sir Lancelot at Cambridge.

By now, Sir Bedivere and Sir Dinas should have arrived at the Treasury at
Tintagel.  Go inside of Tintagel, where you will see a locked door.  It just so
happens that Sir Bedivere now has a new iron key in his inventory.  Have Sir
Bedivere use this key and then go in to the Treasury room.  Inside, you will
find Arthur's Shield and Arthur's Helm.  Have Sir Bedivere pick up and use
both of these.  Once you have completed these actions, send Sir Bedivere to
Exeter to await Kind Andred's attack against the Round Table forces.

If Sir Lancelot reaches Cardiff first, he will be challenged to a contest of arms by
the guard there.  Do not accept this challenge unless you have a recent saved
game.  It is very easy to kill this guard, but if you do you cannot get the very
important information that he has.  The guard will tell you of a few places that
would be a fitting resting place for the magical blade.  Once you have this
information, wait for the other character to arrive and join with him/her.  Now
send Sir Lancelot and his companion to the east edge of the small lake, which is
just north of Oxford.  Be sure that they do not actually reach the lake itself.

On your way out of Cambridge, your characters will meet with a traveler.  This
traveler will tell of Kind Andred, who is now beginning to move against the
Round Table.  If Sir Bedivere has not yet reached Exeter, you will have to
select for him to seek King Andred.  Be sure and save before you do battle
with King Andred.  He carries a pair of the Gauntlets of Power, which make
every attack twice as powerful as normal.  With these gloves, he will be a
worthy opponent for Sir Bedivere, even if Bedivere is wearing Arthur's magical
armor.  Once you have caught and defeated King Andred, his troops, who hold
little respect for the ignoble king, will stop their advance and allow King
Constantine to rule their lands.  Now, search the body of King Andred until
you find both the Gauntlets of Power and a brass key.

Once you have the key and the Guantlets, go to Exeter.  Inside the back of the
castle, you will find a locked door.  Use the brass key to gain access to the
room and get the Dragon's Bane, the gold, and the Fryd's Stone, which are
locked in the Treasury there.  Once you have these, send Sir Bedivere to the
small lake where Nineve and Lancelot are waiting.  Be wary of the Bandits
that are moving across the lands in that area.  If you are caught by the
Bandits, both Sir Dinas and Sir Bedivere will be killed, making the completion
of this episode virtually

Upon reaching the small lake, Sir Bedivere will encounter a Fell Beast.  Go
there and use the Dragon's Bane to defeat the beast.  Return to the Map Level
and have Sir Lancelot and Nineve go to the small lake and meet with the others.
When Sir Lancelot and Sir Bedivere meet, you will be prompted to join, continue
or stop and talk to them.  Stop and talk so that you can go to the Scene Level
and recover the lost sword, Excalibur.  At the Scene Level, select for Nineve
to use magic and cast the Sumon Undine spell.  This will awaken the Lady of
the Lake, who will give the sword to you.  After the animation of the sword
coming out of the water, Magnify on the small lake and have Sir Bedivere use
the shield and the helm that are in his inventory.  Now, have Sir Bedivere give
the following to Sir Lancelot:  Excalibur, Arthur's Shield, Arthur's Helm, and
the Guants D'Poeir. Lancelot should now use each of the items to increase his
attack and defense abilities to a level high enough to defeat the giant.  Next,
have Sir Bedivere give 20 gold pieces and the Fryd's Stone to Nineve.  Once you
have completed this task, send Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Camelot to battle
with the giant.  Also, send Sir Bedivere along with Sir Dinas to Cardiff.  Again,
be careful of the Bandits that are traveling the lands.

Once you have defeated the giant, all of the people that are trapped inside
Camelot are going to begin to move to their respective castles to gather troops to
defend Camelot against the forces of Melehan and Morgolon, who are slowly
moving closer to Camelot.  Once again, there will be a large number of people
moving at the same time, so be sure that you get all of the troops to their
correct locations and back.  As each knight reaches his castle, he will meet
with several knights or soldiers.  Join with the soldiers and send each Round
Table knight and his troops to London.  This is where you will again stand
against Melehan's army.  Some of your knights will meet with one another on
their way to each castle.  Do not allow them to join with one another, or you
will not have the total number of forces needed to defeat Melehan.

Also at this time, send King Constantine to London where he must meet with
King Clairance.  Be sure King Constantine meets with King Clairance and stops
to talk to him.  He has a very important subject to speak about.  Sir Galihodin
and his men are now also able to move.  Send them to Glouchester.  Just to the
west of Glouchester is a group of soldiers who do not at this time have a
leader. Send them to Glouchester to meet and join with Sir Galihodin.  After
they have joined, send them to London.  The forces gathered there will probably
need their aid.

While all of these troops are moving about, start to collect some more items.
Sir Bedivere will reach Cardiff.  After he and Dinas arrive, send them on to
Carmarthen, where they will meet with an Apothecary who has a number of
items that will come in handy.  Bribe the Apothecary for all of the items that
he has.

Before Melehan reaches London, be sure to save your game.  You should now be
able to defeat him with the number of troops you have there.  If you seem to be
losing a large number of troops, fall back to the walls and wait for the large
group of forces coming with Sir Galihodin.  Once you have defeated Melehan
and Morgolon, you will have won the episode, and prevented these two from
ever moving against Camelot again.

Episode Four:

At the begining of Episode Four, you are told about strange disappearances
occuring thoughout the realm.  Many townspeople and a number of Knights
have strangely vanished in the Forest Savauge.  Someone must go and find the
cause of these disappearances.   Select Lancelot to lead, with no other knights to
follow him.  You do not have to have Baudwin join with you at this time, so just
continue straight up to the Enchanter's lab where you will meet with Nineve
again.  When you greet Nineve, request the Dragon's Bane and the Prowess
Potion from her.  Now have Sir Lancelot pick up the healing balm and Nineve
pick the Fascinum Tererre there.  Go to the treasury and pick up another 30 gold
pieces to help persuade some of the characters you will soon come across.  Once
you have done this, you are ready to go to the Map Level and start shuffling
some troops around.

First order of business is to send Baudwin to Almesbury to continue his studies
of the Lord.  Now, hearing rumors of another Saxon force readying to move
against Camelot, it is recommended that you move a number of troops to
Camelot to defend it against an upcoming attack.  You must defend Camelot
directly because there are a number of random attack routines built into the
system for the last Saxon battle.  Send the following groups to Camelot:  Sir
Baldric from Arundel, Sir Palomides from Dover and Sir Lionel from London.
Once again, send Sir Galihodin to Gloucester to meet with the leaderless knights
from Carlion.  There are also a number of troops with Sir Villars in Leicester,
but the road from Camelot to Leicester is heavily plagued with beasts that must
be cleared away before Sir Villars and his men can move down it.  Along with
Nineve, send Sir Lancelot north to Leicester via London route to help clear the
way for Sir Villars and his troops.  You will meet with many different foes who
will challenge you to a fight to the death on the way.  Sir Lancelot should be
able to defeat these opponents without much difficulity.   Once Sir Lancelot
reaches Leicester do not join with Sir Villars.  Instead, send Sir Villars to
Camelot to help defend against the soon to be moving Saxon force.

Now send Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Water Newton to meet with an
unfortunate townsman who has been turned to stone.  Select Nineve to
disenchant the townsman.  The townsman will now tell you of a Demon who
came to him and with a wave of his clawed hand turned him to stone.  You will
have to visit Arch Bishop Dubric again in Canterbury to gain more information
about Demons and how to defeat them.  Before returning to Canterbury, stop by
the hut just to the northeast and stop to speak with the old crone.  Now, have
Sir Lancelot bribe the old crone and collect the three items she is holding.
Give the Hellsbane and the Belladonna to Nineve, and have Sir Lancelot keep
the Dragon's Bane for his own use.

Send Sir Lancelot and Nineve south to Canterbury via London.  You must
Magnify and go inside of Canterbury to meet with the Arch Bishop, who will
tell you about a book that he has taken from the libraries of the church
which contains information of Demons.  However, no holy man can use the tools
of evil.  He has no relics in the Cathedral which are known to defeat Demons,
but he does tell you of a scholar who lives in Rochster who has knowledge of
matters such as these.  Before sending Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Rochester to
meet with the scholar, have Sir Lancelot request the book from Dubric.  Only
Lancelot and Constantine have enough Nobility and Faith to receive this book
from Dubric.  Have Sir Lancelot give the book to Nineve and then send them
both to Rochester.

Soon, you are going to notice the Icon of Sygebright moving across the land.
Use great care when you move each of your characters.  The Saxons are now
moving freely across the land.  Be sure that Sir Lancelot and Nineve stay a
good distance away from the Sygebright armies.  If they were to accidently
come across the Saxon army, Sir Lancelot and Nineve would be captured and
killed. Now, to reduce the difficulty of the impending battle soon to come
against the Saxons, send all of the unnecessary Knights at Camelot to
Stonehenge. Doing this with make the large scale battle much easier to
control.  When you see that Sygebright is getting close to Camelot, move
Baudwin to Stonehenge.  He has a very important task ahead of him and you
must make sure that no harm comes to him.

Once you have reached Rochester, stop and talk to the scholar who will tell you
that only a powerful magician can defeat a Demon.  Now, this information is not
entirely true; it is also possible to kill a Demon with holy water.  Having a
powerful magican around helps greatly.  In fact, you are going to need a
powerful Magician to even locate the place where the Demons reside.  The
scholar speaks of the old Magican Merlin.  Merlin has not been seen lately.
However, he has been known to spend much of his time in the area of Cornwall.
There is a man in Exeter that has knowledge of Merlin's whereabouts.  You will
be going there soon enough, but first you have a few items to collect again.

Send Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Cambridge to talk to the Friar there.  The
Friar has possession of some Holy Water that he will not part with easily.
Have Nineve cast the Charm spell on him and retrieve the holy water from him.
Now, send Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Chichester.  Once in Chichester, have Sir
Lancelot bribe the Apothecary and get all of the items that she has.  Have Sir
Lancelot give the Hellsbane and the Mandrake to Nineve and have Lancelot
keep the Healing Balm for himself.  Now send Sir Lancelot to Dorchester, in
Dorchester you will meet with another Apothecary.  You should again have Sir
Lancelot bribe the Apothecary and give all of the items to Nineve.  Continuing
the quest for potions and items, send Sir Lancelot along with Nineve to Bath.
In Bath, you will meet with a goodwife.  This goodwife has a very important
item that you will need to free Merlin once we have found him.  Bribe the
goodwife and give all of her items to Nineve.

Sometime during your quest for items, Sygebright should have reached Camelot.
With the number of troops you have in Camelot you should be able to crush him
quite easily.  Once you have defeated him, you should send the characters
gathered from Stonehenge to Camelot, as there will be a couple of magic users
that will be needing the use of the stones.  Also, if Sygebright did get to
Camelot by way of Almsbury and you have moved Baudwin to Stonehenge, you
should now move Baudwin to Glastonbury where he can continue his following
of the book.

Now that you have gathered all of the necessary items, there are a few noblemen
that have been turned to stone in northeastern regions of the Cambrian
Mountains.  Send Sir Lancelot to Llandbardan, which is just to the north of
Cardigan.  Watch Sir Lancelot carefully as he may get lost.  It is a good policy
to let him go there city by city rather than by traveling the whole distance at
once. In Llandbardan, you will meet with King Gywnedd, who has been turned to
stone.  Have Nineve cast the Disenchant spell on King Gywnedd and he will
pledge his fealty to the Round Table forces.  Having done this again, send Sir
Lancelot north to White Tower to meet with King Hyfaiid who is suffering from
the same affliction as the others..  Have Nineve cast the Disenchent spell on
the King and then he too will give his fealty to the realm.

With that done, send Sir Lancelot and Nineve back to Stonehenge.  She is going
have to recharge her magic powers after disenchanting all of the nobility in
the land.  Once Sir Lancelot and Nineve arrive, Select for Lancelot to go to
the Church of Almesbury.  If the church has been destroyed by Sygebright, you
can still send Sir Lancelot to the church but you won't be able to view the
location until it is rebuilt.  Nineve will automatically follow Sir Lancelot
to the church. You must intercept her and send her to Stonehenge alone.  With
Nineve in Stonehenge, Magnify on the magical stones and you will see her
standing among the stones.  Have Nineve cast the Repletion spell which will
not only display a nice graphic, but will also replenish her magical powers.
With this done, send her back to Almesbury and join forces with Sir Lancelot.

You will now go questing for Merlin.  Send Sir Lancelot and Nineve to Exeter
where there is a townman who has knowledge of Merlin.  This is a very greedy
townsman.  If Sir Lancelot doesn't have enough gold left to persuade him to
talk, have Nineve bribe him or cast the charm spell on him to gain his
knowledge. The townsman will reluctantly tell you that Merlin has a cave just
to the northwest of Exeter.  If you return to the Map Level, there should now
be a small icon on the coast which represents Merlin's cave.  Send Sir
Lancelot to the cave. Along the way he will encounter a number of beasts,
created by the evil Morgan. Sir Lancelot should have no trouble clearing the
path to the cave.  Once you are at Merlin's cave, go inside where you will find
Merlin locked solid in a chamber of ice.   A spell cast by Morgan has put him
there.  Nineve knows of a spell that can release him.  Have Nineve use the
Fascinum Laxus.  Once he is thawed, he can be added to the Round Table's arsenal
of forces.

Next, you will need to recharge Merlin's powers.  Send Sir Lancelot, along with
his noble followers, to Stonehenge where you will prepare the characters for an
upcoming battle with the Demon.  With all the characters in Stonghenge, give
each of the following items to Merlin:  all of the Belladonas, Heyle's Book, all of
the Fyrd's stones, all of the Fascinum Tereree's, the Elixer of Loftus, one holy
water, and the Livre D'Sangrail (Lancelots book found on his quests for the Holy
Grail).  Now have Nineve give any Holy Water she has in her possession to Sir
Lancelot, who will be able to use it more quickly against evil foes than Nineve
would.  Have Merlin Use Heyle's book.   If you look into Merlin's spell casting
inventory, you will find that he now has three new spells, two of which you will
need to use.  The third is a dangerous spell that should never be used
throughout the entire game.  Merlin now has all of the spells and items that he
will need to complete the game.  Have him cast the Point Of Evil spell, which
will show you where the evil powers in the forest are when you return to the
Map Level.   Now have Nineve cast the Shield spell on Sir Lancelot as many
times as she can until she runs out of magical power doing so.  Send Sir
Lancelot and Nineve to the church and have Merlin remain at Stonehenge and cast
the spell of Repletion.  Now that Merlin has his full magic powers restored,
send him to the church and have Nineve return to Stonehenge.  After she has
replenished her magical powers, send her back to the church. Have Nineve stop
and talk with Sir Lancelot, but do not have her join Sir Lancelot at this time.
Instead, have her continue to cast the Shield spell on Sir Lancelot until she
has run out of the items needed to cast the spell.   Again, send Nineve back to
Stonehenge to replenish her powers, and then send her to the church to meet
with Sir Lancelot and Merlin.  Now have her cast the Defend spell on Sir
Lancelot until she has run out of the item needed to cast the spell.  You have
now completed the character preparation needed to defend almost any being.
Both Merlin and Sir Lancelot should have very high attack and defense abilities.

Next, return to the Map Level and send Sir Lancelot and Merlin to the ruins in
the Forest Savuage.  While Sir Lancelot and Merlin are travelling to the forest,
check to see if Baudwin at Glastonbury has a faith level of at least 19.  If he
does not have a faith level this high, stop Sir Lancelot and Merlin from
reaching the ruins until Baudwin has a faith level of 19.  He is going to need a
faith level this high to be able to complete the next episode, and you will not
have time to allow him to increase his faith in the next episode.  When Sir
Lancelot and Merlin reach the ruins, Sir Lancelot will be met by a very evil,
blue-colored Fell Beast and a number of powerful evil knights.  Sir Lancelot
should be able to defeat each of his opponents without too much trouble; after
all, he is now the most powerful knight the Round Table has ever seen.  After
Sir Lancelot has defeated all of the knights, he will need to track down the
Demon in the upper level of the ruined castle.  When you meet with the Demon,
Sir Lancelot will automatically prepare for single combat.   When the battle
begins, have Merlin cast the Nomed Nommus spell on the Demon by selecting
Merlin, selecting Magic, and then selecting Nomed Nummus.

The Demon will be killed by the spell and you will have won the episode.  The
Round Table forces will now control the majority of the lands of Britain.

        Episode Five:

At the start of Episode Five, you are again informed of  evil occurences in the
realm.  Select Lancelot to lead a party, but do not have any other knights of
the Round Table follow him.  In the main hall, you will meet with Nineve.
Have Nineve join with Sir Lancelot and continue into the Holy Chapel within.
In the Chapel, you will meet with Baudwin.  Select for Baudwin to Join with
Sir Lancelot and Nineve.  Make sure that Baudwin has a faith level of at least
19; if he does not, you must replay the previously save Episode Four game and
for his faith to rise to 19.  Next, go upstairs to the Enchanter's Lab where
you will meet with Merlin.   Select for Merlin to join your party.  Continue on
by going to the Treasury where you will select for Sir Lancelot to gather up all
of the gold that remains there.  Next, go to the Map Level, where the first order
of business is to send Sir Bors from Glastonbury to Turnance.  When he arrives,
he will find a key.  Take this key and send Sir Bors to Holyhead, which is
straight north of Turnance.  The best route for Sir Bors to follow would be
by water, as this route is much faster than traveling through the rugged lands
of Estregales.

While Sir Bors is traveling, send Sir Lancelot and his party to Almsbury to meet
with the Friar there.  Do not stop and talk to any travelers on the way because
they will only request that you aid them in a quest, and you have more
important tasks at hand.  Also, beware of a rouge masquerading as a Holy Man
who is near Camelot.  When Sir Lancelot meets the Friar at Almsbury, select
Nineve to charm the Friar and request the Holy Water from him.  Now,
command Nineve to give the Holy Water to Sir Lancelot.

After he has received the Holy Water, send Sir Lancelot and his party to the
second hut just to the northwest of Almsbury.  When the party arrives, have Sir
Lancelot bribe the old woman and request the Belladonna from her.  When Sir
Lancelot has the Belladonna, have Sir Lancelot give the Belladonna to Merlin.
You are now ready to go and do battle with the first set of Demons.  Send Sir
Lancelot to the ruins you were just at in the end of Episode Four.

When Sir Lancelot reaches the ruins he will be met by a very powerful Grey Fell
Beast.  However, Sir Lancelot should be able to defeat the beast without the use
of a Dragon's Bane.  If Sir Lancelot is wounded in combat during this episode,
have him use a Healing Balm to regenerate his health.  Next, continue through
the gate.  Sir Lancelot will now be challenged by a number of Fey Knight.
Again, Sir Lancelot should have no troubles defeating the evil foes.  Next, go
into the castle where Sir Lancelot will meet with a Demon.  Again, have Merlin
cast the Nomed Nommus spell to defeat the Demon.   Go upstairs where you
will meet with a large group of ladies that were captured by the Demon and his
vermin followers.  One of the ladies will ask for Sir Lancelot's assistance in
escorting her to her husband's castle in Wroxeter.  Have Sir Lancelot assist the

When the lady reaches Wroxeter, have Sir Lancelot talk to Sir Peredur a number
of times.   Sir Peredur will not only pledge his kingdom to the Round Table, he
will also give Sir Lancelot some important information regarding the evil
Morgan.  When you return to the Map Level, you will see another castle in the
northern region of Estregales.  This is Morgan's castle.  Do not go there yet!  You
are not yet ready to do battle with such a powerful foe.

Send Sir Lancelot and party to Tsuroc.  Sir Owain is in Tsuroc and he has lost
his son to an evil Demon.  Once Sir Lancelot reaches Tsuroc, Sir Owain will
tell you of the disappearance of his son.  When you return to the Map Level, you
will see that another new set of ruins has appeared on the map in the mountains
to the west of the first set of ruins.  Send Sir Lancelot and his party to the
new set of ruins.

Sometime during Sir Lancelot's travels, Sir Bors will reach Holyhead.  Send Sir
Bors inside of Holyhead where you will find a locked door.  Open the door with
the key that Sir Bors collected in Turnance.  In the room, you will find a ring.
Command Sir Bors to take the ring and send him to Castle Anguish.  In Castle
Anguish, Sir Bors will find the Holy Grail.  With the Holy Grail in Sir Bors'
possession, send him to back to Holyhead and from there on to Tsuroc.  In
Tsuroc, have Sir Bors go in the castle and talk to Sir Owain.  This will secure Sir
Owain's loyalty to the Round Table.

Sir Lancelot will meet with a Demon just outside of the ruins.  Have Merlin
again use the spell and kill the Demon, which will free Sir Owain's son.  Now,
continue inside of the ruins where a woman's scream has been heard.  You will
again meet with another Demon inside the ruins.  Once again, have Merlin use
the Nomed Nommus spell on the Demon.  The Maiden who was to be sacrificed
by the Demon, will now automatically lead Sir Lancelot and the party though
numerous towns and then finally to Cardigan.  When she has reached Cardigan,
Magnify on the city and go into the castle there.  Inside the castle, Sir
Lancelot will meet and speak with Sir Selises who will proclaim that he is
pledging his fealty to the realm.  With this action perfomed, you have now
secured all of the lands of Britain.  All that is left to do is defeat Morgan

Send the party to Stonehenge and let Merlin recharge his powers.  Merlin will
need all the help he can get, so send Sir Lancelot and his party back north to
Tsuroc where Sir Bors is.  There are going to be some Demons traveling the
lands now.  However, as long as none of the Demons reach Camelot, you will
not lose the game.  Unfortunately, you will lose some of your lesser characters,
but you can still complete the game without them.  When Sir Lancelot meets
with Sir Bors, have Sir Lancelot stop and talk to Sir Bors.  At the Scene Level,
have Sir Bors give the Holy Grail to Baudwin.

Now, you are prepared for the final battle.  Send Sir Lancelot to Morgan's
Castle. Be absolutely sure to save your game.  Before you reach the castle,
you are going to meet with a number of challenges (six to be exact).  The first
three will be Fell Beasts.  You can have Sir Lancelot use three Dragon's Banes
to defeat these foes quickly.  If you do not have three Dragon's Banes to use
against the Fell Beasts, Lancelot should be able to defeat them without the
exotic item.  Sir Lancelot is now powerful enough to defeat even the most
powerful black Fell Beast.  The next three Demons that Sir Lancelot will
encounter are a bit more powerful.

Merlin should only have two Belladonnas, which is going to make killing the
third beast a bit more difficult.  Have Merlin quickly dispose of the first two
Demons with the Nomed Nommus spell.  When you reach the third Demon
have Sir Lancelot use Holy Water on it five times.  This should kill the Demon.
You will need two separate flasks of Holy Water to kill this one Demon.
Lancelot should have at least two of these flasks; if not, Merlin has one.
Be sure not to use Merlin's flask of Holy Water more than three times.
He is going to need one portion to help defeat Morgan in the very near
future.  If you do not have enough Holy Water to defeat this last Demon, you
must restore a previously saved game and collect one or two extra Holy Waters
that you neglected to gather previously.

With the third Demon defeated, you are now going to meet with Morgan herself.
During your first contact with her, she will tell you that you have come to meet
your deaths.  Sir Lancelot will quickly jump into battle with her.  Before Sir
Lancelot becomes gravely wounded, have Merlin cast the spell Negra Potis.
This will defeat all the magic in the room.  This spell only lasts for 10 seconds in
real time, so you must act fast now.  Have Baudwin use the Holy Grail on
Morgan.  With the power of God, you will have defeated the evil, beautiful
Morgan Le Fey.

Contratulations, you have completed the entire game!  If you have followed the
directions carefully, you should now have all of the lands of Britian under your

You have proven yourself worthy to be a ruler of the realm and all of the
Knights of the Round Table have pledged their allegiance to you.  Long live the
Noble King.

Back to the game