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What was Home of the Underdogs?

You may have heard about it... Home of the Underdogs (HotU) was one of the best-known abandonware sites on the internet. HotU was dedicated to highlighting games that deserved attention but never quite received it, hence the name "Underdogs." The focus wasn't strictly on whether a game was abandoned; rather, it was about showcasing lesser-known titles that had been overlooked by the mainstream gaming community. While most of the games featured on HotU were older and no longer widely available on the digital video game market, the site provided a valuable repository for enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, the fate of HotU took a downturn when Sarinee Achavanuntakul stopped maintaining the site. Without active maintenance and updates, the site eventually went offline. The domain expired, and a web squatter took over, marking the end of an era for many nostalgic gamers who had relied on HotU for their retro gaming fix.

Although there have been attempts to recreate the magic of HotU through various clones and mirror sites, none have been able to fully capture the quality, comprehensive library, and passionate community that the original HotU fostered.

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