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How can I find original boxed old PC games?

The most obvious source is e-bay: there are dozens of old games on sale, some good, some not. Let me give you a few tips about game-hunting on ebay:

  • always check if the box content is present, expecially for Infocom adventures
  • ask for pictures that shows how well the box is preserved
  • check if the game has been tested or not, you don't want to buy a defective product, do you?
  • pay attention to the game version! It's easy to buy an Amiga game while you were looking for the PC version

Another good source of games for sale are abandonware specific forums. Most often than not, you will not find them searching the "abandonware forum" keywords. Look for "old games" or "vintage gaming" instead.

Off the Internet, you can check the video games shops in your city, flea markets, thrift shops, garage sales: these are all good places to look for old games.

Last but not least, your childhood friends (well, it depends how old you are) may still have a few boxed games in their garage. Just ask!

Where did I found the games in my collection? A few of them I owned from the 80s and the 90s. I bought the rest on eBay, on retro gaming forums and I was lucky enough to find some old game boxes in flea markets where I live (in Northern Italy). 

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