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That DOS game runs too slow / too fast, how can I speed it up / down?

The cause for a game to run too fast or too slow in DOSBox is probably the CPU cycles. If you are using D-Fend Reloaded, you can easily change the CPU cycles in the game profile to better match the requirements of the game.

You can also adjust the CPU cycles while the game is running by pressing CTRL+F11 to reduce the number of cycles, making the game run slower, or by pressing CTRL+F12 to increase the CPU cycles, making the game run faster. Fine-tuning these settings can help achieve the optimal speed for your game, ensuring it runs smoothly.

Additionally, there are several applications designed to help slow down old software that runs too fast on modern computers. One of the most popular is Mo'Slo. This program can throttle the speed of your system, making it easier to run older games and applications as they were originally intended. Using tools like Mo'Slo in combination with DOSBox can provide a more authentic experience when playing vintage games on contemporary hardware.

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