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Saturday, 29th June 2024

Demo versions: what happened to game demos?

Let's start by emphasizing a crucial point: not every classic game has been "abandoned". With the resurgence of all things "vintage", there's a renewed fascination with retro items, including video games. Consequently, certain companies have acquired entire back catalogs of old games and begun selling them anew. Hence, many captivating games found on Abandonware DOS are labeled as "NOT abandonware" as they are readily available for purchase online.

Now, let's discuss demos. As you may already be aware, game demos, short for demonstrations, are truncated versions of video games released by developers or publishers to offer players a glimpse of the gameplay before committing to the full purchase. These demos are typically unveiled prior to or alongside the official launch of the full game. They serve to showcase a segment of the game, providing players with a taste of the mechanics, graphics, and overall gameplay experience.

Game demo versions represent a relic of the past. While demos for contemporary games are not as prevalent on platforms like Steam or GOG, they were commonplace in the late 80s and 90s. This trend was particularly prominent with the inclusion of floppy disks or CDs in video game magazines, during a time when internet access was limited.

Building upon this foundation, I've embarked on a quest to gather old game demos and make them accessible online through Abandonware DOS, with a specific focus on commercial titles. Enjoy exploring these gaming relics!

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