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A mind forever voyaging

A mind forever voyaging is an old DOS science fiction interactive fiction, text only adventure game developed by Infocom in 1985 from an original idea by Steve Eric Meretzky. A mind forever voyaging can be enjoyed in single player mode from a text-based perspective. It's available for download.
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Additional info

AMFV was not a conventional Infocom adventure, having only a single puzzle near the end of the game.

Meretzky's intent that the game be received as a polemic succeeded insofar as players and reviewers noticed the game's critiques of both right-wing and populist political prescriptions.

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  • #1 - 16.03.2016 23:18 Matt R
    There is a package required for this game. This package includes a map, magazine, and other physical components. Sadly, Abandonware does not supply those materials.

    Here is a website which contains everything that would come with the game as if you bought it in 1985. http://gallery.guetech.org/amfv/amfv.html
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