20 years ago in retro gaming: DreamWeb

Cyberpunk video games are receiving a lot of attention lately. The upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 and the tactical RPG Shadowrun Returns are two of the most...
20 years ago in retro gaming: DreamWeb

Another World giveaway on Amazon

Amazon is giving away some apps for free. Yes, it's correct: no costs whatsoever. Among them there are some well known old games, remade for...
Another World giveaway on Amazon

Text-only games: roguelikes and interactive fiction

In the past, lots of home computer games (PC, C64, Speccy, etc.) used ascii characters (simple text) to represent the game world, the interface......
Text-only games: roguelikes and interactive fiction

Abandonware DOS is a DOS (and some Windows) old PC games database run and constantly updated by only one person.

Some features:

  • browse by genre, title, year, keyword, etc.
  • lots of screenshots and videos
  • no registration required
  • every game has been tested

Once in a while I add a recent game with a strong retro flavor (sorry, no download in that case). That's all, enjoy!

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Latest abandonware PC retro games added



abandonware for DOS
shooter - shooting gallery
Westphaser abandonware


recent retro game for Windows
rpg - top-down perspective
Driftmoon recent retro game


abandonware for DOS
shooter - shoot 'em up
Raiden abandonware

Ace of Aces

abandonware for DOS
vehicle simulation - combat flight
Ace of Aces abandonware

Pinball Dreams 2

protected for DOS
action - pinball
Pinball Dreams 2 protected


recent retro game for Windows
rpg - isometric perspective
Inquisitor recent retro game

The games listed on this site are no longer supported by anyone we know of.
If you find that a game is still on sale or protected, please let us know and we will remove it from Abandonware DOS ASAP.

Where does the love for PC abandonware games comes from? Our childhood perhaps. What's left of that age? What do we miss so much? The hours spent playing at Civilization, Ultima, or Duke Nukem. Here we are now, aged, ready to pay tribute to all those wonderful DOS games.

- The web master -

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