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Abandonware and retro gaming links

A (not) comprehensive list of abandonware and retro gaming sites of all kinds: abandonware games to download, old applications, newsfeeds, forums and blogs dedicated to the retro gaming world. If you want to exchange a link or a banner, contact me.

Abandonware web directories

Squakenet The best abandonware web directory on the web. Squakenet
The Abandonware Ring The One Ring to rule them all... The Abandonware Ring
Abandoned Places Another frequently updated abandonware web directory. Abandoned Places
OldGamesFinder Old and rare games search engine. OldGamesFinder
Abandonmarch Abandonmarch
Robot Ring Robot Ring
AbandonGames AbandonGames
Free Oldies

Useful resources for collectors

The Infocom Cornershop
Infocom Master Storytellers Everything you want to know about Infocom's text adventures.
The Infocom Gallery The entire catalogue of Infocom text adventures.
The Notable Ultima A comprehensive collection of informations about Ultima games.
Infocom Master Storytellers An online memorial dedicated to developer Magnetic Scrolls.
Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles Another website dedicated to Magnetic Scrolls.
The Level 9 memorial In memory of now defunct adventure games developer Level 9.

Abandonware sites

Abandonia One of the leading abandonware sites Abandonia
XTC abandonware
GamesWin GamesWin
Free Game Empire
Old Free Games Old Free Games
Lost games An italian abandonware site: both in english and italian language.
RetroGames.cz RetroGames.cz
Classic Trash Classic Trash
The DOS Spirit The DOS Spirit

Retro gaming utilities

D-Fend reloaded A valid front end for DOSBOX. D-Fend reloaded
DOSBOX This is what you need to run DOS games on modern systems.

Other sites

Von Blubba A blog about retro gaming and retro collecting.
The Vintage Computer Forums
Retro Gamer forum Forums of the popular UK retro gaming magazine.
Retro Game forum
Reddit abandonware channel
Doctor DOS Betamax Everything you wanted to know about the DOS Operating System.
Board games based on video games
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