Abandonware DOS title

Abandonware DOS statistics

Abandonware DOS went online more than 10 years ago and changed a lot over time. The first game (Jordan VS Bird) was added in January 2008, along with the first screenshots and the first application (PKZip). Abandonware DOS is run by exactly one person and is updated weekly with new games, news, etc. Here are some statistics.

Various statistics

Abandonware games 1641
Abandonware applications 27
Documents 573
Screenshots 10666
Videos 1084
Companies 605
Keywords 141
News 200

Games by status

abandonware 1253
freeware 101
protected 314

Games by viewpoint

- 103
1st person, 2D 154
1st person, 3D 243
3rd person 80
full motion video 9
isometric - 2.5D 114
side view 445
text-based 118
top down 400
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