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Amnesia is an old DOS crime and mystery interactive fiction, text only adventure game developed by Cognetics corporation in 1986 from an original idea by Thomas M. Disch. Amnesia can be enjoyed in single player mode from a text-based perspective. It's available for download.
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The game's major innovation was that in addition to being a text adventure it was also a sim game: the action took place in a model of the streets of Disch's Manhattan that covered every block and street corner south of 110th Street.

A hard-copy map of the streets and subways of Manhattan was included in the packaging.

Players moved from place to place on foot, and had to reach destinations at the correct time of day to initiate plot developments. Stores opened and closed at the correct times, street lights went on, and other aspects of New York life were simulated. Almost 4000 separate Manhattan locations, including 650 streets, were part of the game.

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