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Anacreon: reconstruction 4021

Thinking Machine Associates developed the DOS science fiction strategy game Anacreon: reconstruction 4021 in 1987. Anacreon: reconstruction 4021 is currently freeware, runs on DOS and can be played in a text-based perspective in single player, multiplayer (hotseat) modes. It's available for download.
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Unlike many games in similar genres, combat is almost entirely a matter of numbers. Though movement between orbits and the kind of ships targeted are left up to the attacker, combat is resolved automatically with very little chance involved. The player with the more powerful fleet will almost certainly win, though if the odds are close enough, it is possible for an attacker to lose to mismanagement.

Many features now commonplace in science-fiction 4X games - Master of Orion, Pax Imperia, Galactic Civilizations - can be found, arguably originally, in Anacreon.

Anacreon is perhaps most noteworthy for the wide variety of space megastructures that can be built, ranging from minefields and simple space stations to star gates and artificial planets.

players: single player, multiplayer (hotseat)

input: keyboard

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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