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Atomic Bomberman

Interplay Productions released Atomic Bomberman in the year 1997; it's an old action game, part of the Bomberman series. Atomic Bomberman is NOT abandonware, runs on Windows and can be played in single player mode. Atomic Bomberman includes a level editor.
Atomic Bomberman splash screen
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NOT abandonware (why?)

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All screenshots were taken by Abandonware DOS.
YouTube video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info

Atomic Bomberman was the first original Bomberman game to be developed for Windows, and the second game of the series made for the PC, following 1992's Bomberman.

The voice clips are by well-known voice actors Charlie Adler and Billy West.

Unique options and voice packs were left very well hidden in the game. In an example, it appears as though TCP LAN and online play were being developed but were never completed. Additional options are available through modifying a specific set of Game System files.

Facts, trivia and collector's notes are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. These texts use material from this Wikipedia article.


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