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Cobra Mission

Cobra Mission is an old DOS JRPG rpg game developed by MegaTech Software in 1992 from an original idea by Erwin Mab. Cobra Mission can be enjoyed in single player mode from a top down perspective. It's available for download.
Cobra Mission splash screen
Rating: 3.71
(24 votes)
"The best part is the combat itself. Instead of merely selecting "Attack", guide the mouse to a certain location on the opponent and ferociously CLICK. Armored guards are vulnerable at the unprotected neck — well-endowed female bodybuilders are resistant to attack at their iron breasts." - Honest Gamers review

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Additional info

The game had many problems in localization in terms of translation and dialog. Metaphors for genitals were used for virtually every sex scene and misspellings and bad grammar were very common.

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