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Dungeon Hack, based on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, is a first person dungeon crawl. You can create your one-man party and generate a random the dungeon everytime you start from scratch. Dungeon Hack gameplay is very similar to the Eye of the beholder series.
status: abandonware game abandonware
released: 1993
publisher: SSI Strategic Simulations Inc.
developer: DreamForge Intertainment
designers: Thomas J. Holmes, Christopher L. Straka
keywords: fantasy, fantasy: Dungeons & Dragons, magic, dungeon crawler, procedural generation


Technical details

system: DOS
view: 1st person, 3D
multiplayer: single player only
input: key keyboard, mouse mouse
distribution: floppy3 3,5 floppy disk, cd cd-rom
graphics: VGA
sound: Adlib, Sound Blaster, PC speaker, Roland, Thunderboard
popularity: 3594 page views

Facts and trivia

Like Rogue, dungeons are randomly generated whenever a new game is started. As a result, virtually no two dungeons generated by the game are identical. SSI claimed that billions of different games are possible. That said, players can play identical dungeons by sharing "dungeon seed" codes that are generated by the game.

Dungeon Hack uses the rules mechanics of AD&D 2nd Edition.

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