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God of Thunder

God of Thunder is an old DOS JRPG rpg game developed by Adept Software in 1993 from an original idea by Ron David. God of Thunder can be enjoyed in single player mode from a top down perspective. It's available for download.
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Additional info

The game features tongue-in-cheek humor. A bridge repairman parodies Star Trek when he responds to a request for a dental bridge with "Dammit, Thor! I'm a bridge and TV repairman, not a dentist!" Other examples of humor include countless references to sliding and non-stick surfaces in the second chapter, Non-Stick Nognir. The joke comes from Nognir's use of all of the male citizens in his area as slaves to mine Teflor (A take on teflon). Stores also feature catchy slogans, such as "Andy's Armor Repair. You scuff 'em, We buff 'em."

The game also features several references to the Marvel Comics book character Thor. These include the idea of the Odinsleep, Loki's costume, and a mention at the end that Thor should have his own comic book.

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