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Loom is one of the first adventures of Lucasfilm. It lacks an inventory and the classic commands like "look", "take", etc., but compensates with tunes the player can play to interact with the game world.
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Some drafts can be reversed by playing their notes backwards, so the Dy draft played backwards becomes Bleach, while others, such as Terror, are palindromes and can not be reversed in this manner.

The in-game music consists of excerpts from the Swan Lake ballet by Tchaikovsky.

A character from Loom (Bishop Mandible's assistant, Cob, spelled Cobb in Monkey Island) is inside the Scumm Bar in The Secret of Monkey Island, dressed as a pirate with a badge on his shirt that says "Ask me about Loom", and will happily divulge marketing information when so asked.

A broken record found in the fan remake Maniac Mansion Deluxe is labeled as the "Loom Soundtrack". When the player puts it on, the Weavers' theme music is played.

Originally, Loom was to be the first game of a trilogy. The game contained several other hints pointing toward a sequel. The two sequels planned were titled Forge and The Fold, starring Bobbin's friends Rusty Nailbender and Fleece Firmflanks. These sequels would wrap up open plot-threads and bring closure to the open ending of the original game, with Chaos eventually being defeated.

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  • #1 - 22.12.2014 17:32 magic flute
    One of the best soundtracks ever!
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