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Master of Orion II is a 4X turn-based strategy game set in space. MoO gives the player the chance to design custom races and to control food, production, economic management and research. The player can wage war against other races or use spies and diplomacy to achieve victory.
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Screenshots and video

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Facts and trivia

There has been one sequel, Master of Orion 3. Comments by reviewers and players have mostly been unfavorable. Despite the sequels' more sophisticated graphics, sound and gameplay, some players prefer the original Master of Orion.

The game is still played online, and one group of fans has developed a patch, which fixes some bugs and adds more game set-up options, and a few mods which adjust the game balance.

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More technical details

  • system: DOS
  • view: other, not conventional
  • multiplayer: LAN or Internet, hotseat, same screen (split or single) (1-8 players)
  • input: keyboard, mouse
  • distribution: cd-rom
  • graphics: SuperVGA, Vesa
  • sound: Sound Blaster
  • popularity: 21872 page views

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