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SimTower is an old Windows 3.x (1994) building and business simulation game where the player is tasked with the management of a skyscraper nonetheless. Raise floors, build apartments, shops, offices and try to avoid bankrupcy if you can. SimTower spawned some similar games for mobile devices, most notably the wonderful Tiny Tower, It's surprisingly good even after all these years.
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Rating: 3.59
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Additional info

SimTower was originally titled The Tower.

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  • #1 - 23.02.2015 10:02 LukeSky
    I played SimTower a lot. I didn't like Yoot Tower very much.
  • #2 - 06.03.2015 09:25 Lucy in the skyscraper with diamonds
    Perfect game for a mobile version! I loved Tiny Towers!
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