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Space Quest 5: The next mutation

Sierra On-Line released Space Quest 5: The next mutation in the year 1993; it's an old science fiction adventure game, part of the Space Quest series. Space Quest 5: The next mutation is NOT abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode.
Space Quest 5: The next mutation screenshot
Rating: 3.79
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NOT abandonware (why?)

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The game's copy protection involves the player's being required to input five-digit target navigation coordinates in the warp drive (each coordinate represents a different planet or space station), from a chart in the printed manual. Unusually, there is also a puzzle based around the copy protection system where an undocumented code needs to be discovered via in-game exploration.

This game was the first in the series not designed by the "Two Guys from Andromeda", as only Mark Crowe worked on the project. It was also the first Space Quest game that wasn't developed in-house by Sierra On-Line, but instead by Sierra's sister company, Dynamix, to which Mark Crowe had relocated shortly after the release of Space Quest IV.

Space Quest V was also the only Space Quest game, and the second Sierra title overall (Leisure Suit Larry 5 was the first) to be sponsored by a real-life company. The logo for Sprint would appear following any communications transmissions, appear on a billboard in the Spacebar, and also appear in the ending credits.

players: single player

input: joystick, keyboard, mouse

distribution: 3,5 floppy disk

graphics: EGA, VGA, MCGA

sound: Adlib, PC speaker, Roland, Sound Blaster, Tandy, MIDI, Microsoft Sound System, Pro Audio Spectrum

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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