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Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter is an old vehicular combat racing game released in 1984 by Sega and developed by Bally Midway Manufacturing Co.. Spy Hunter is currently abandonware and runs on DOS. It's available for download.
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Early versions of the game used a James Bond musical theme, but the inability to obtain the rights to use the music forced Midway to change this theme. As a result, an arrangement of the Peter Gunn theme plays throughout as background music.

A version of Spy Hunter is included as an Easter egg in the first release of Microsoft Excel 2000. It requires DirectX to work. The procedure to run it is:
* Open Excel.
* In a blank worksheet, select "Save as" and choose "Save as web page".
* Click on Publish and Add interactivity.
* Save as any name you like.
* Load in the page with MS Internet Explorer, Excel will appear in the web page.
* Go to row 2000, column WC.
* Highlight all of row 2000 and press Tab to make column WC the active column.
* Hold the keys Ctrl, Alt, Shift and click on the Office Icon (It looks like four puzzle pieces put together).
* Use the arrow keys to drive your car, the "O" key to drop oil slicks, the space bar to shoot, and the "H" key for headlights.

players: single player

input: keyboard, joystick

graphics: CGA

sound: PC speaker

Abandonware DOS popularity: very low

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