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Star Wars: Dark Forces

LucasArts Entertainment Company released Star Wars: Dark Forces in the year 1995; it's an old science fiction shooter game, part of the Dark Forces series. Star Wars: Dark Forces is NOT abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode.
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The storyline of Dark Forces is set in the Star Wars fictional universe and follows the character Kyle Katarn, a mercenary working on behalf of the Rebel Alliance.

Dark Forces uses the Jedi game engine, which was developed specifically for the game. The engine adds gameplay features to the first-person shooter genre which were uncommon at the time of release.

Dark Forces became LucasArts' highest sell-in with more than 300,000 copies accounted for at launch.

The popularity of characters from Dark Forces resulted in LucasArts licensing toys based on the game. Hasbro produced Kyle Katarn and Dark Trooper toys, which are among the few Expanded Universe items to be turned into action figures.

players: single player

input: joystick, keyboard, gamepad, mouse

distribution: cd-rom

graphics: MCGA, VGA

sound: Ensoniq soundscape, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland, Sound Blaster, MIDI, Adlib, Gravis Ultrasound

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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