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The hobbit

Addison - Wesley Publishing Company released The hobbit in the year 1983; it's an old fantasy adventure game, part of the Tolkien software adventures series. The hobbit is abandonware, runs on DOS and can be played in single player mode. It's available for download.
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All screenshots were taken by Abandonware DOS.
YouTube video courtesy of Squakenet.com.

Additional info

A bug in the game allowed the player to climb into a chest, close the lid, and continue to walk around.

Entering "DO" into the parser caused it to generate odd (nonsense) messages. Trying to open unopenable objects or characters, followed repeatedly by the command "BREAK DO" allowed you to kill or break them.

At one point in the game, it was possible to drink wine, getting the player (temporarily) drunk. The game would then substitute "sh" for "s" in its responses (e.g. "You drink shome wine"). This caused extra amusement if the player entered the command "sit".

To conserve memory, in the tape-based versions scene graphics were not stored as bitmaps, but redrawn every time using a stored series of commands. The slow CPU speed and lack of a graphics chip meant that it would take up to several seconds for each scene to draw. The disk-based versions used prerendered and higher-quality images.

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  • #1 - 26.12.2014 20:02 BOB
    no way to mount game - if, you are probably using DOS BOX & have mounted the HOBBIT folder - there is NO .exe to start game - the files within folder are both titled HOBBIT but, when you enter HOBBIT, it says illegal command -- no way to start game as the .exe is missing
  • #2 - 27.12.2014 10:29 AbandonwareDOS
    Hi Bob, the screenshots you see on this page were taken using the game in the zip you downloaded. You should see two files, one named hobbit.com, the other hobbit.dat. There is NO exe, and that's normal for a game so old: the .com is the executable. I played The Hobbit using D-Fend, it saves a lot of DOSBOX tweaking. Try it, you should be able to run it without problems.
  • #3 - 11.07.2016 18:57 AndyDunn
    If I type SAVE, I get the prompt ENTER DISK POSITION [ 1-20 ]: After entering a number in the suggested range, nothing happens (just a flashing cursor). The game freezes and I have to reboot the computer. Anyone know what's going on here? The game isn't really playable unless you can save.
  • #4 - 11.07.2016 21:17 AndyDunn
    The reason is that it doesn't work with FreeDOS. It's fine with MSDOS.
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