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True love

True love is an old visual novel adventure game released in 1995 by JAST USA and developed by Spectrum Holobyte. True love is currently abandonware and runs on Windows. It's available for download.
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Rating: 4.17
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"I find it very refreshing to be able to control your character this much, as opposed to the "click and click" syndrome most bishoujo games released in English suffer from. The artwork is pretty good too. The girls look beautiful and their bodily proportions are just perfect. The music is also worth mentioning, each girl even has her own theme. With regards to the sexual content, True Love is on the explicit side. There aren't any hardcore stuff though, as most of the girls are first-timers. The replay value is excellent! The different endings are very amusing, and it took me a few nights to get them all. Although I still haven't found the perfect bishoujo game, True Love comes close." - Animetric review

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Unlike traditional visual novels, True Love incorporates elements reminiscent of a role-playing game,.

True Love was met with lackluster response in Japan. One reason cited for this is that True Love was the fourteenth release by Parsley, a company that had become known for mediocre quality titles at the time of release. The game's localization, however, was generally quite the opposite and is often considered a classic example of the genre.

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  • #1 - 14.05.2015 14:42 Mike Ramiraz
    Great Game!!
  • #2 - 28.08.2016 15:36 yuyu
    my childhood memories!!! lol
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