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Wishbringer (1985)

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Wishbringer 1
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Wishbringer is a old DOS fantasy interactive fiction adventure game developed by Infocom in 1985 from an original idea by Brian Moriarty. Wishbringer can be enjoyed by up to 1 player from a text only perspective. Wishbringer can be described by the keywords: fantasy, ascii, text only. Wishbringer is available for download.

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Trivia, facts, etc.

In aiming the game at a younger audience, Infocom diffused the game's sense of danger with many humorous elements, such as Mr. Crisp's impatience at the beginning ("Take the stupid envelope and scram, chowderbrain!") and the "Boot Patrol" that enforces the curfew in the town, consisting of disembodied gigantic army boots. Other whimsical touches include a small mailbox that lovingly follows the player around and a fridge found in a grue's lair, where the internal light goes out when the door is opened.

Included in the Wishbringer package are several items, which Infocom called feelies:
- A book, The Legend of Wishbringer, that explains how the magic stone came to be (in the Solid Gold release, an in-game object included in the player's starting inventory instead of the packaging)
- The envelope and letter to be delivered to Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
- A "postal zone map" of Festeron
- A plastic glow-in-the-dark replica of the stone

The fictional town of Festeron is, according to the game's documentation, in Antharia, a region connected to the Zork series of games. Wishbringer can be seen as loosely connected to the Zork series.

Infocom gave Wishbringer a difficulty rating of "Introductory".

Craig Shaw Gardner novelized Wishbringer in the Infocom Book line.

Facts, trivia and collector's notes are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. These texts use material from this Wikipedia article.

  • multiplayer:
    single player only
  • input:
  • distribution:
    3,5 floppy disk, 5,25 floppy disk
  • graphics:
    80 columns text
  • popularity: 3286 page views
  • DOSBox compatibility:
    • v 0.63
      80% - supported
    • v 0.60
      100% - fully supported


Tell others what you think about Wishbringer: did you play it? Did you like it or hate it? If you have problems running Wishbringer, please read the F.A.Q. first.

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