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List of DOS and Windows video games developers

A loto of modern PC game developers were born in the 80s and the 90s. They created games under different brands and often different companies; we're talking about giants like Lucasarts (now part of the Disney group), Origin (later bought by Electronic Arts). Some of them are now defunct, but were very important in the history of PC video gaming. Think about Sid Meier (the designer of the Civilization series): he worked at Microprose Software unknown to most of the younger players.

Here a list of all the developers featured on Abandonware DOS. Click on a name to view a list of games developed by that company.

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Here's a list of some of the most popular developers:
company founded in games developed
United Kingdom Bullfrog 1987 9
U.S.A. Dynamix 1984 18
U.S.A. Epyx 14
U.S.A. id software 1990 15
U.S.A. Infocom 1979 33
U.S.A. Legend Entertainment 1989 14
United Kingdom Level 9 Computing 1981 7
U.S.A. LucasArts Entertainment Company 1982 20
U.S.A. Origin Systems 1983 29
U.S.A. Sierra On-Line 1979 57
U.S.A. SSI Strategic Simulations Inc. 1979 41
U.S.A. Westwood Studios 1985 22
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