Abandonware DOS title

List of DOS and Windows video games publishers

Historically, video game publishers never had much weight in the first creative process of a video game. Publishers are often criticized for making the designer ilfe difficult once the project has begun. Marketing decisions can influence the developement of a video game (often in a negative way), but they are obviously needed for manufacturing, advertising and marketing the final product.

Here a list of all the publishers featured on Abandonware DOS. Click on a name to view a list of games published by the company.

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Here's a list of publishers beginning with letter m:
company founded in games published
United Kingdom Machination 1
Macrocom 1
Magicom Multimedia 12
Magnetic images 1
Mandarin Software 1
Masterplay Publishing Corporation 2
United Kingdom Mastertronic 1984 10
U.S.A. Mattel 1977 1
Austria Max Design GesMBH 2
U.S.A. Maxis 1987 7
U.S.A. Medalist International 2
U.S.A. MegaTech Software 3
Australia Melbourne House 1977 3
U.S.A. Merit Software 2
Micro Revelations 1
France Microids 1985 2
MicroIllusions 1
U.S.A. MicroLeague Multimedia 1989 4
U.S.A. Microplay 5
MicroPro International 1
U.S.A. MicroProse Software 1982 45
U.S.A. Microsoft 1975 8
United Kingdom Microstyle 3
United Kingdom MicroValue / Flair Software 5
MiG Outpost 1
U.S.A. Miles computing 1981 1
United Kingdom Millennium 5
U.S.A. Mindcraft Software 5
U.S.A. Mindscape 42
Mirror Images Software 2
Mirrorsoft 2
U.S.A. Monarch developement 1
Mosaic Publishing 1
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