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Sunday, 31st December 2017

Abandonware DOS in 2017: what's changed

Another year has passed and Abandonware DOS is still here. In 2017 I mainly focused on fixing bugs, enriching features already implemented and uploading lots of games.
I devised an optimal method to speed up the process of adding new (old!) games that means more games for you and less time spent on adding them for me.

Here's a quick list of what was done this year on Abandonware DOS:

  • I remade the homepage to help the user find interesting games more quickly
  • I made a collector's notes page
  • I listed the games available to play online in a play games online page
  • I added a new method of playing games online, implementing a different js library (js-dos, made by Caiiiycuk)
  • I added lots more documets, walkthroughs, manuals and obviously games
  • Someone requested an "order by" functionality to better sort game lists: here you go
  • And a lot of quick fixes, adjustments, etc.
I want to also send you all a big digital hug, expecially the fans that donated a few bucks on PayPal: thank you, thank you, thank you!
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