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Ascendancy is an old DOS science fiction 4x strategy game developed by The Logic Factory in 1995 from an original idea by Jason Templeman - Arthur DiBianca. Ascendancy can be enjoyed in single player mode from a - perspective.
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As of early 2006, The Logic Factory announced work on a sequel had commenced.

Ascendancy, by its very nature, was not capable of multiplayer games and so the focus was on single player against AI opponents. When the game was released, it had such poor AI that the game was almost no challenge to the player. An AI patch was later released online, however since this game was released in 1995 when not many people had access to the internet most players never applied this patch. With the patch the game was much more playable and challenging.

The game has won a handful of awards, including Best Strategy Software in November 1995 by PC Gamer magazine, and the Codie Award for Best Strategy Software in 1996.

players: single player

input: keyboard, mouse

distribution: cd-rom

graphics: SuperVGA, Vesa

sound: Ensoniq soundscape, Sound Blaster, Gravis Ultrasound, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland

popularity: average

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