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First Star Software released Boulder dash in the year 1984. It's a very good arcade game, part of the Boulder dash series. Boulder dash is protected, runs on DOS and can be played by 1 player.
Awards and accolades:
  • 1984 - Game of the Year, GOTY (Omni) (for Atari 8-bit).


Technical details

  • system: DOS
  • view: 3rd person, side view
  • multiplayer: single player only
  • input: keyboard, joystick
  • distribution: 5,25 floppy disk
  • graphics: CGA
  • sound: PC speaker, Tandy
  • popularity: 3164 page views

Facts and trivia

Boulder Dash is one of the very few computer games ever to be ported from home computers to arcades (contrary to the other way around).

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