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Klax is a falling blocks puzzle game developed by Atari in 1990 from an original idea by Mark Stephen Pierce, David Akers. Klax can be enjoyed by 2 players from a 1st person, 3D perspective.
status: abandonware game abandonware
released: 1990
publisher: Domark Software
developer: Atari
designers: Mark Stephen Pierce, David Akers
keywords: coin-op conversion


Technical details

system: DOS
view: 1st person, 3D
multiplayer: same screen (split or single) (1-2 players)
input: joy joystick, key keyboard
distribution: floppy5 5,25 floppy disk
graphics: CGA, EGA, Tandy, VGA
sound: PC speaker
popularity: 1562 page views

Facts and trivia

Atari Games originally released it as a coin-op follow up to Tetris, about which they were tangled in a legal dispute at the time.

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