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Rogue is an old DOS fantasy roguelike rpg game developed by Artificial Intelligence Design in 1983 from an original idea by Glenn Wichman - Michael Toy. Rogue can be enjoyed in single player mode from a top down perspective. It's available for download.
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Rogue proved extremely popular on college Unix systems in the early to mid-1980s and inspired a class of derivatives known collectively as "roguelikes".

Because the input and output of the original game is over a terminal interface, it is relatively easy in Unix to redirect output to another program. One such program, Rog-O-Matic, was developed to play and win the game. It remains an interesting study in expert system design (Ken Arnold intentionally added a new feature to each release of Rogue that would break Rog-O-Matic to see how its authors would compensate).

Rogue are Michael Toy, Glenn Wichman, and Ken Arnold.

The basic movement keys (h, left; j, down; k, up; and l, right) are the same as the cursor control keys in the Unix vi editor.

players: single player

input: keyboard

graphics: 80 columns text

sound: PC speaker

Abandonware DOS popularity: low

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